Happy Holidaze

Our holidays we sanitize.
They don’t offend or stigmatize.
In fact we made them squeaky clean,
but what, by jingle, do they mean?


The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers *

A dewdrop sparkles on the rose
__but for a moment, this she knows.
Breathtaking poise transcending time—
__brief is her dance, yet so sublime!

* “Dewdrop” is the lead ballerina in the Waltz of the Flowers



Abandon Ship

Do not presume
to hold the door
the fairer sex
exists no more.

The women and
the children first
a practice that
is now accursed.

This culture of
for all to see.

A trend that just
might loose its grip,
next time we hear
“Abandon ship!”


Across The Aisle

Each one of us sees deep inside
to where your hatred cannot hide.
Relentlessly our gaze does sweep;
no secret from us can you keep.

Both laser-like and broad in scope
there’s no escape; there is no hope
in thinking that you might conceal
what we are driven to reveal.

Comrades-in-arms; like-minded souls;
as one do we pursue our goals.
A monolith of pure intent
on your destruction we are bent…

…they never laugh; they never smile
the enemies across the aisle.


Joe Tessitore is a retired New York City resident and poet.

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7 Responses

  1. benjamen grinberg

    jingle means money
    nice second poem!
    nice third poem. seems to relate to the last.

    • Joseph Tessitore

      Actually, I just realized that the only one that isn’t connected (by ideology) is the “Nutcracker” one.

      In fact the ballet itself has been infected by ideology – one of the dances was changed because it was deemed offensive.

  2. Amy Foreman

    Lovely little verses, each one, Joe! I especially enjoyed “Abandon Ship.” Funny how women have fought so hard for the right to be treated exactly like men, even to the point of being sent to the front lines in combat. But all the “liberation” in the world can’t make them content, when they are fundamentally at odds with the fact that God made them women. The feminist mindset has never produced a woman who is happy.

    • James Sale

      Yes, lovely verses, Joe. Made me smile. And I agree with Amy. I certainly think any discrimination against women is wrong, and I detest patronising them as well; but in the UK, for example, we now have them, or are about to have them, as killers in our Special Forces. As if we haven’t got enough men to do that kind of dark work, we need to corrupt the other half of the population to do it; and all in the name of a phoney ‘equality’, which as Amy observes fails to recognise the essential physical and psychological differences between typical men and typical women.

  3. David Watt

    Joe, I enjoyed your poems. I particularly liked the assonance of the final couplet in “Across The Aisle”. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happiness in the forthcoming New Year.


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