Dirty Hands

on Communism’s evil specter

The evil specter’s dirty hands
Have soiled the windows to the world.
It’s smeared them with the blood and tears
Of millions killed throughout the years.

The evil specter’s vicious lies
Have spoiled the children of the world.
It’s pierced their brains, destroying faiths
And rendering them hollow wraiths.

The evil specter’s crumbling house
Is such an eyesore in the world,
It’s harboring a discontent
That shelters hate and ill intent.

Communism’s evil ghost
Still lives, and morphs throughout the world.
From socialist to modernist
Mankind’s traditions are dismissed.

The evil specter’s usurped God
And wants control of all the world.
To lure pure hearts is its desire,
And burn their souls in demon fire.

The evil specter’s twisted face
Will be exposed for all the world,
And windows all will be washed clean—
A retribution never seen.


Be Free

“I need,” “I want,” “I wish”… desire —
The hunger burns inside, like fire.
To profit, gain, amass, acquire:
This seems to be all we require.

God gives us each just what we need
To live the life we’re meant to lead—
No competition, sans the greed.
If we have faith, we can succeed.

Have patience, kindness, honesty,
And give to others lovingly.
Compassion truly is life’s key:
Unlock your heart, and you’ll be free.


Connie Phillips is a former English teacher and editor living in Massachusetts.

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14 Responses

  1. James Sale

    Thanks Connie: yes, I agree, compassion is the key, or at least one of them, that breaks down the emotional and mental strait-jackets of false ideologies. Really enjoyed your poems.

  2. David Watt

    These poems each convey a forceful message very well. “Be Free” sums up the essence of what is actually important in life.

  3. Monty

    My feelings for these poems, Connie, have been adequately summed-up in two words from an above commenter: two poems of conviction and strength.

    I’ve just donned a bullet-proof vest before writing the following sentence . . . Given my own personal view on world-history in the last 500-odd years, the mischief in me couldn’t help noticing that if one were to subtract all the ‘evil specter’ terms from the 1st poem; and swap the word ‘communism’ for ‘capitalism’ . . the poem could easily refer to the combination of Britain and America.

    Fire away, everyone . .

  4. Joseph S. Salemi

    The problem (here in the United States, at least) is that too many stupid people are still voting Democratic. And today, the Democrat party is essentially Communism with a Smiley-face button.


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