Armed with Imagination

Imagination armed this youthful knight—
a plywood shield and sword of sapling wood
created echoes in the neighborhood
of backyard battles fought in fading light.

Envision how we must have been a sight
to see—a panorama understood
by only we who fought each chance we could
while lacking rhyme or reason for a fight.

The best of memories those days remain:
each noble quest and faux chivalric deed.
Forever will they be accompanied
with yearning for just one last grand campaign.


Artisans & Fools

The sparks of protest fly as hammer pounds
To make a stubborn ingot sharper steel.
In pummeling, perfection will reveal
Its shifting shape with banging clanging sounds.
This repetition lasts for several rounds;
As smithy molds, the metal does appeal
For mercy from relentless hammer’s zeal;
The artisan, in answer, only frowns.

When flames are duly doused and metal cools,
The finished product’s polish is applied;
And, only then, the maker will decide
If labor’s love was worthy of his tools.
Its quality has thus identified
The difference in artisans and fools.


Blue Spacious Skies

Blue spacious skies meet greener pastures’ hue,
Where sleepy woodland creatures rendezvous.
The fragrances of lilac and of fir
Are pungent in the air and would confer
A feeling of tranquility on you.

Your present rather dismal point of view
Is neither flexible nor even true.
You bring the rain; your outlook does defer
Blue spacious skies.

So part the curtains wide; let sunshine through.
Find shooting stars at night with someone new.
Our lives go by in such a hasty blur.
You’ll see things better than they ever were.
And cloudy days might suddenly incur
Blue spacious skies.


Randal A. Burd, Jr. is an educator, freelance editor, writer, and poet. His freelance writing includes assignments on the paid writing team for and multiple online blogs, newsletters, and publications.  Randal received his Master’s Degree in English Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri. He currently works on the site of a residential treatment facility for juveniles in rural Missouri. He lives in southeast Missouri with his wife and two children.

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12 Responses

  1. Fred McIlmoyle

    I rarely comment on other poet`s work but these poems are of a very high standard and, particularly the first two, capture the atmosphere of their theme admirably

  2. C.B. Anderson


    These poems are very sharp, without wasted words or blunders. No fool, you are indeed an accomplished artisan.

  3. Jeff Nicholson

    Thank you for sharing your fine poetry. Your wonderful word choices and construction effectively activates the senses and draws the reader in. Very good work!

  4. Monty

    High-class stuff, Randal: all 3 pieces were meaningful, and concisely written; containing stylish diction . . and good poetic discipline.

    You’re in possession of a natural talent . .


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