These twain ephem’ral lives were fraught with woes
When they, a boy and girl in morn of life,
Defied their due inheritance as foes
And chased a star-crossed love as man and wife.
Belovéd by their family, kin and friends,
To honest, faithful vow of love they swore;
Walked fortune’s path to meet their self-willed ends
That ended ancient hate and true peace bore.
Each fain would drink the pois’nous sip of death
Or by the sting of dagger sharp depart,
For entering the grave’s eternal rest
Proved better than to live with broken heart.
The sword of fatal love spared neither child,
But through their deaths were households reconciled.


Victor Tyne is a high school junior at St. Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City, NJ, where he writes for the school newspaper, the Petroc. With an interest in classical languages, he hopes to pursue his passion for classics in the future. He currently resides with his family in Caldwell, NJ.

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7 Responses

  1. E. V.

    This is beautiful. I enjoyed reading it. You have a lot of talent and skill, especially for someone so young. Congratulations!

  2. J. Simon Harris

    I couldn’t believe this was written by a junior in high school! It’s really good work. I am not typically a fan of archaisms, unusual contractions, and such, but I suppose as an homage to Shakespeare it kind of works. Keep writing! I hope to read more of your work in the future.

  3. David Watt

    Victor, I hope to see more of your work. This is a noteworthy sonnet which belies your age.

  4. Monty

    This is rich and powerful poetry for such a tender-aged author . . one suspects that poetry is gonna play an integral part in your adult life.


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