Salesman of Salesmen

Infectious spirit, everybody’s friend,
Hypnotic and fascinating, a force
Of pushy power, broiling to transcend
Objections fully, only to endorse
Positions he defends until the end.

A dragon slayer (real or fancy free),
Dynamic challenge underfoot emblazed,
Through every turn of life’s calliope,
Perfecting imperfections freshly glazed.

Impulsive danger feeds charisma’s fire—
Creative vision sold out by the pound,
Conquest, adventure, danger by desire,
Bad Temper, selfish chauvinism wound
So tight he feels he must retire.

Emotion holds with weakened bonds and kings
Prosperity will not divert his goal.
He shapes his world to match his dream of things,
Improving life in search of his hero’s role.

Feeling Blue

Your gloom has marked your face with sadness stains.
Avoiding hurt has left you far from glee
As well. The blues have colored life’s domains,
Depressing hope in listless lethargy.

To keep your head above the edge of doubt
And slog on through the day, you toil, no rest,
Nor pause, to think about your pleasure drought,
Performing tasks at yields less than your best.

With damage done and pain now mollified,
Your health returns in force with spirits high.
You start to smile and cope as tears have dried
And faith returns to give you peace hereby.

Your frame of mind improves and now the coop
Around your life should change as well—A trip
Will alter life’s perspective, loop the loop,
Emotions whirl you back within the script.

Steve Cooke has lived in Kearney Nebraska for over 5 years with his wife and two of his three kids.  He currently manages the Kearney Goodwill (Store of the Year) and am a Creative Writing, Poetry, and Microsoft Application instructor at Central Community College. He is a past president of the Kearney Area Arts Council, a member of Kearney Cultural Partners and a board member of the Kearney Children’s Museum. 

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