The Society of Classical Poets is holding its first Poetry and Culture Symposium at the Princeton Club in Manhattan, on Monday, June 17, 4 to 8 p.m. Register here.

The Symposium will feature prominent poets speaking on the revival of classical poetry and arts, a chance to meet and network with like-minded appreciators of good poetry, including the creators of the Society, and, of course, drinks. Featured speakers tentatively include leading formalist poet Professor Joseph S. Salemi, leading British poet James Sale, cultural vanguard Michael Maibach, U.S. World War I Monument Sculptor Sabin Howard, and 2019 SCP Poetry Competition First Place Winner Adam Sedia.


Earlier on the day of the Symposium, the Society will lead a reading (with audience participation) of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” at Bryant Park, a short walk from the Princeton Club, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The event will also feature the reading of poems by American greats such as William Cullen Bryant and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as recently departed greats Dick Allen and Leo Yankevich. There will also be an open mic. This is a free event. Email the Bryant Park SCP Reading host and featured poet James Sale to register:


Sponsorships available for individuals or organizations. Email to inquire about becoming a Sponsor:



James Wilson Institute

National Civic Art Society

James Sale

Michael C. Maibach



Note: SCP Membership and Sponsorship contributions are tax deductible.


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  1. James Sale

    I have been a member of the SCP for over 5 years now and this is so exciting for me: to go over to New York, be involved in an SCP event on the 17th, and at last – at last – to meet some of the fabulous poets and contributors to these pages. Please do consider whether you can come along to the Bryant Park event or the more formal Princeton Club symposium – both will be superb – and there is an opportunity for everyone with the open mic. My wife and I are staying in New York for a ten day break (with a couple of days out for a trip to Mohonks in the Hudson Valley) so we can’t wait to meet the great people, experience the great art galleries, taste some of the huge variety of cuisines that make up NY – and the pleasure of meeting some of you! As somebody on Star Trek once said: Make it so! PS. As I am coordinating Bryant Park, let me know if you would like to be involved as a poet.

  2. James Sale

    I see from the SCP current newsletter the following statement: “As announced previously, we will hold our first SCP Poetry and Culture Symposium at the Princeton Club in Manhattan on Monday, June 17. For poetry, culture, and the arts, this event will be the equivalent of the First Continental Congress, which first launched the thirteen colonies into becoming the United States of America—except this time the British are very much on our side!” So true – proud to be the Brit representative in NY – but would love for any other SCP Brits who can to be there too!!


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