To fight a fight on ground of your own choosing,
To force the foe to battle at your pleasure
Is feasible so long as you’re not losing—
And so you have, so long as you remember.
The Right alone as straight as sword to wield
And spurn the arms and stratagems of sin:
“Muh principles!” and all that in the field
Are shot to shit by men who fight to win.
To make a fine, free speech (before deaf list’ners)—
Replete with Founding Fathers’ wit and fame
(Whilst they move out to kill and take no pris’ners)—
Is what you call “discourse”—I call insane.
The war you lost, at last, will you realize,
Was not for an “Idea”—but for your very lives?



Carl Hildebrand is a Latin Old Calendarist. His poetry has also been published on Social Matter and the Sydney Traditionalist Forum. Under another name, he is a scholar and teacher of ancient and medieval history, specializing in the history of the Church.

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2 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    Mr. Hildebrand realizes what too many polite and decorous “conservatives” have failed to understand: We are IN A WAR. And in combat, niceties and etiquette and fine speeches don’t count for anything.

    My only criticism is of line 5, which is not completely clear in its syntax.

  2. Dave Whippman

    Neat work with a telling point. Sometimes right is useless without a bit of might.


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