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  1. James Sale

    Theresa has a wonderfully expressive voice and these are extremely powerful poems; I shall be reviewing two collections of her work for SCP shortly and I look forward to sharing the joys I find on these pages. Of course, I was there with her at Bryant Park that day and she is a great person to work with too: a real professional. I hope she gets more recognition for her important work in the coming years.

    • Theresa Rodriguez

      Thank you very much James, and many thanks to Evan for posting this! Bach and everything! I am very honored indeed!

      • Joe Tessitore

        In addition to your powerful poetry, I have to mention your courage.
        To read an anti-abortion poem in Bryant Park is truly no small matter.

        Bravo, Theresa!

  2. C.B. Anderson


    It’s only a matter of time before you are canonized. In the hearts of your auditors, this event has already happened.

  3. Carol Smallwood

    Wonderful, Theresa. A pleasure to see and hear you like this! Congratulations.


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