Pale would be the water
____Reflecting only skies,
Gracing not the splendor
____Of your enchanting eyes.

Pale would be the moon
____That only marks its pace
And fails to see the boon
____Of your much fairer face.

Yet paler is the poet
____Whose words cannot express
One word that makes you know it:
____That you deserve no less.



Born in Walton-on-Thames, England in 1945, Clinton Van Inman graduated from San Diego State University in 1977 and is now a retired high school English teacher in Tampa Bay where he lives with his wife, Elba.

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5 Responses

  1. Satyananda Sarangi

    Hello Mr. Inman!

    This poem is crisp and deep. I would murmur the lines on a rainy evening.

    Looking forward to more from you.


  2. David Watt

    The metrical variation within the poem adds to its appeal. I find this poem smooth to read and well written.


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