The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is a traditional holiday that celebrates the Harvest Moon (the full moon nearest the Fall Equinox). 


Through Mists of Tears

The moon shines sharp through mists of tears,
Gas, thick bullets, shields en masse.
Socialist police bring fears:
A preview that may come to pass.

A moon cake crumbles on a plate.
A seismic knife cleaves a crevasse.
Two systems meshed in one net fate.
A wider view fills Heaven’s glass.



Party Terrorists

Disguised and tooled-up army terrorists
Floor trapped citizens and lash their wrists.

Police in protest clothes mash down the young:
Trojan houseflies on a honeyed tongue.

Wild triad sticks swish tee-shirts wet with cries,
Innocents in subways caught by spies.

At pressure points sit Hong Kong socialists
Ticking wishes on the Party list.



We Watch the Chinese Communist Party Watch Hong Kong

The Party lines up troops
Who itch and sweat.
They know that armed-up numbers
Are no threat.
They can’t hold promises
Unless they’re yours.
To break your laser spirits
They break laws.
A fifty year change-over
Was the quote
To keep your currency
And let you vote.
They’ve strung up candidates
With Party spam,
Hold puppets miming sheep
Led by a Lam.
The commerce you create
They syphon off
And force-import their damp
And sicking cough.
You put your bodies
On the border line—
Draw blood between the beast
And what will shine—
Between democracy
And dullard hate—
Between old decency
And dragon state.
Your voluntary, focused
Breaks through the teeth
Of dragon slavery.
The good are charged inside
With saving souls
That will extinguish
All the dragon’s coals.
Our eyes and bones are far
From Hong Kong streets,
But mentally our shoulders
Feel your beats
Defending freedom of
The civil mind,
Protecting both yourselves
And Human Kind.


Damian Robin is a writer and editor living in the United Kingdom.

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  1. C.B. Anderson

    These escape me. Hit closer to the bone, lest I despair of meaning, home alone.

    • D Robin

      Hi CB — the three pieces above link strongly to the deception and brute force being applied to pro-autonomy protesters by the authorities in Hong Kong. And also to the muscle-flexing by the Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) near Shenzhen about thirty miles from HK on the Mainland.

      The demonstrators are mostly young and all have smart phones that they use to video and photo huge swathes of activity on the streets. As the demonstrations have been going on for over three months now and the images are posted mainly in Chinese to mainly Chinese language sites, the volume and confusion of the images is vast and overwhelming. Hard to filter but easy to get the impression of blood and injury on young people in tee shirts defending themselves with umbrellas against marshalled squadrons with batons, tear gas, heavy-duty shields, body armour used as weapons, water cannons, and even revolvers pulled out of holsters and pointed at protesters, as well as longer hefty guns that I don’t know the names of, and tear gas canisters shot straight in people’s faces.

      There is a lot of incriminating footage and reporting on the police in riot armour as well as black uniforms and blue shirt uniforms. The police also dress in the attire of the protesters that was, at one point, made distinct by thousands wearing black tee shirts.

      Through photos, the faces of individuals in the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army have been matched with those in HK Police uniforms and also in disguise as protesters.

      CB, I wont go further at present as I don’t know if you have ticked the box to get replies to this post (or others on this SCP site). I’ll wait your nudge to tell me if
      you want to get more of this riff .


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