Owe no one anything but to love one another. —Romans 13.8

What shallowness, what an impoverished view
of human life, that reckons men to be
machines that will dispense whatever we
desire if only we are careful to
insert the right amount of cash. That peace
and justice can be purchased like a soft
drink or a bag of chips should well be scoffed
at. Do we really think the rage will cease
once reparations checks have been received?
Do we so little understand the soul
that we think this new version of the dole
will satisfy those who have been aggrieved?
__The currency we need to satisfy
__this debt is sadly in too short supply.



T.M. Moore’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals, and he has published five volumes of verse through his ministry’s imprint, Waxed Tablet Publications. He is Principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, he and his wife, Susie, reside in Essex Junction, VT.

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