Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood
Moloch: ancient Canaanite god of child sacrifice

Is there one in your neighborhood?
The place I call Planned Barrenhood?
A Margaret Sanger shrine, a place
where Moloch laughs, straight in the face
of once-long held propriety,
now comes to immorality.

“We welcome you!” they say with pride
as they bring you and babe inside.
“We want you to have many choices.”
Moloch on his throne rejoices.
“For what you have is this you see:
a blob of tissue, not baby!”

“And don’t you worry, blob won’t feel it!
Sign away right here, and seal it!
Not a person, after all,
no matter here how very small!
It really is a simple thing
what this procedure thus will bring!”

“And when you pay us, it’s not funny,
for it is, after all, blood money—
paying us to service you,
and rid you of your ‘problem,’ too!
For when it all is said and done
there will be no more ‘little one’!”

“For that is just what ‘fetus’ means,
and embryo, in our routines
is as we’ve said, a little blob:
but we will ‘help’ you— it’s our job!
So do not think of keeping ‘it’—
our ‘terminations’ are legit!”

“It doesn’t matter from the start
if where this blob is has a heart
or beating beats inside of you:
just wait until we all are through!
For we will take it out, you see,
and then from motherhood you’re free!”

Don’t worry about your heart’s desires!
Moloch’s on the waiting fires
and wants your baby for his own
so he can rule upon his throne.
(He is the god of this, you see,
the god of this perversity!)

Lie down, and see your baby die
or feel it as they strive and try
to tear it from your very womb.
A safe place has become a tomb.
“No guilt for what you’ve gone and done;
someday you’ll have another one!”

“For this is really no big deal,
this baby stuff, it is not real!
Just put away your guilt and shame,
for life and death, it’s all the same!
And when you’re done and out of here
you do not have to shed a tear!”

And so this place where you can go
to rid your body thus, is so
distorted, twisted and unreal,
it deadens and kills all you feel
until you don’t feel any more:
and then they show you to the door!



Theresa Rodriguez is the author of Jesus and Eros: Sonnets, Poems and Songs, a chapbook of thirty-seven sonnets, and Longer Thoughts (Shanti Arts, 2020). She is a retired classical singer and voice teacher who has written for Classical Singer magazine. She recently released an album entitled Lullabies: Traditional American and International Songs which is available on all streaming services.

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8 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    This is a heart-wrenching piece, Ms. Rodriguez. The mass murder of unborn infants here in the United States has now surpassed the holocausts of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

    Most persons blissfully forget that Margaret Sanger was was a eugenicist-racist, who openly called for the elimination of blacks and certain “undesirable” Europeans (Italians, for instance) from the gene pool. And like all eugenicist members of the Progressive Movement, she was totally in favor of the forced sterilization of the disabled, the indolent, those with incurable diseases, and the mentally retarded.

    As for Planned Parenthood today, it has been proven that the organization makes a vast profit from the sale of body parts harvested from aborted babies. The brave persons who went undercover to reveal this have been savagely persecuted and prosecuted.

    Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez.

    • Theresa Rodriguez

      I appreciate so much the perspective you provided on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, Dr. Salemi. Thank you!

    • Chris

      What is also really a total moral collapse is any politician who votes to fund PP & the presidents refusal to veto a spending bill that has PP funding. I pray that our society redemption is near at hand.

  2. Sally Cook

    Theresa –
    This is such an important issue in so many ways; religious, sociological, moral, humane. Newborn babies who survive the abortion .are cut up and human parts SOLD. The people who exposed this, whom Joseph Salemi mentions have been silenced; legally, of course. Thank you for shining a light on such an atrocity.

    • Theresa Rodriguez

      Thank you for your comments Sally, I am so glad this poem is achieving the goal of “shining a light” on the atrocity of abortion and Planned Parenthood!

  3. James Sale

    Well done, Theresa, this is a hard-hitting and powerful poem; it is a great evil you expose, and the comparison with Moloch is just. Indeed, the world is awash with people worshipping false gods, just as they fawn over false poetry – they no longer strive for excellence, but search for what suits themselves and then conform themselves more fully to its low image. However, we remember those salutary lines that begin: ‘God is not mocked’ and ‘it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of living God’. Sadly, just as their imaginations are so stunted, they cannot feel for the life they destroy, so they cannot conceive the pure terror that awaits – in His time, not ours.

    • Theresa Rodriguez

      Thank you for your kind comments, James, as well as your admonitions and reflections!

  4. Ben Colder

    This should be read by everyone.Make no mistake this describes what abortion is all about .Kill it


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