“Winner: Humanitarian Award”
Mugabe’s universally adored.
He made his people multi-millionaires—
Zim dollars are the answer to their prayers.
Champion of the poor, the sick, the old;
A veritable knight of legends bold.
The worn war-vets (of sixteen years and over)
Provided for and landed in the clover.
With bulldozers remodelling shanty towns,
And educating voters ‘midst the mounds,
Law-keeping a priority, of course,
The military vehicles out in force,
And to the end that unemployment cease
He graciously employs his own police.
Not only a bright star of fine morality,
He’s also blessed with certain immortality!



Sheri-Ann O’Shea is a South African-born teacher, now living in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and three lively boys.

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6 Responses

  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    This is a fine and very powerful poem. So much is said beneath the polished veneer of mockery. With the world as it is today, we should all take heed. Thank you for your craft and insight – your poem is a privilege to read.

  2. Dave Whippman

    Well said. That evil old man ruined his country, and few people have the nerve to call him out. You did it with skill and wit.

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    Read “The Great Betrayal, the memoirs by Ian Douglas Smith (leader of independent Rhodesia), on how Left-Liberal-Labourite vermin in the U.K. made possible the ascendancy of this creep Mugabe, and the destruction of a once-thriving colony.

  4. O'Shea Sheri-Ann

    He was the parasite that destroyed the host. But no one lives forever.


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