Winter’s Breath

The sudden chill of winter’s sigh
Caresses me when autumn flees.
My meager warmth she tries to pry,
While planting kisses cold and dry;
With icy breath she starts to tease.

I’m bundled as I walk along,
But still can feel her hands on me.
She whispers near my ears, a song,
Her wintry hold upon me strong;
A frosty kiss she plants with glee.

But shortly I will see the one
Who warms my soul with her embrace.
As frigid winter ends her run,
Her icy tears will be undone,
When spring begins to kiss my face.



Spring’s Promise

Her softest kiss she offered me today,
As gentle warmth embraced my longing heart.
But winter’s frosty grip pulled us apart,
When cold and icy snow the day turned gray.
I begged for spring to stay and share her glow,
Instead a glancing peck she placed on me.
She took her leave to let her sister be,
And pranced away to yield to wintry snow.

But as she left, I sensed a parting kiss,
As if with words, to set my mind at ease:
“Do wait, fear not my sister’s cold embrace,
For days she has before I take my place.”
And so as winter rides a gelid breeze,
I pine for lady spring, whose touch I miss.




O, stunning fall in saffron gown,
Of crimson shades without compare,
The leaves have turned a scarlet brown,
The tears you’ll shed at winter’s glare.

She’s garbed in pearly, downy white,
And spreads her dress across the land.
Your splendid art will suffer blight,
When you depart at her command.

But even she to spring will cede,
When flowers rise to warming days.
For winter’s dress cannot impede
The seeds that raise their arms in praise.

And still beyond the days of spring,
Of blossoms blushed in colors grand,
Her sister, summer, longs to bring,
Her dress of jade and ocean sand.



Angel L. Villanueva is a religious man who resides in Massachusetts, enjoying a simple life with his lovely wife, Nina.

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4 Responses

  1. Sally Cook

    Nice imagery and descriptive language. A truly romantic poem. Some few lines seemed awkward, but could easily be corrected. How refreshing to see the seasons compared to graceful and affectionate women — I cannot imagine any of them with a degree in business administration, or playing hockey ! Thanks for that.
    Beautiful illustration, too.

  2. Margaret Coats

    What a lovely walk through the seasons, with vibrant music modulating as you choose a different form for each poem! Reminds me to give some careful appreciation to where I am in the seasons–and that happens to be the pleasant point where you conclude.

  3. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    I like the seductive personification throughout this series – thank you for my Spring smile.


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