Vermont in April doesn’t seem to know
quite how to dress. She thinks she ought to wear
bright, flowery things, and yet, she cannot tear
herself away from all the clothes that go
with winter. Browns and grays become her so,
those short, dark days. She knows she must prepare
a different wardrobe, and she’s trying: there
a green skirt, here a yellow shawl to throw
around her shoulders. But she’s very slow
to put away her leggings, and she dare
not set her gloves or boots somewhere
she can’t get to them—just in case of snow.
__We want to say, “Vermont! Make up your mind!”
__But rushing her would only be unkind.



T.M. and Susie Moore make their home in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. He is Principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, and the author of 8 books of poetry. He and Susie have collaborated on more than 30 books, which may be found, together with their many other writings and resources, including the daily teaching letter Scriptorium, at

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10 Responses

  1. Sally Cook

    Love your poem. It is restrained yet romantic; personified but not silly.
    This is just what we need – a good dose of resurgence and personification in a strong spring tonic! Let us wake up and sing; they cannot keep us locked up forever !

  2. David O'Neil

    This is delightful. It reminds of the time I spent in the North Country, New York, just across the river from Vermont. What crazy seasons.

  3. Jan Darling

    I saw every line of this lovely sonnet. I smelt the coolness of the earth and felt the impatience of buds on greening branches above. It is deliciously evocative. Thank you, TM, you took me to a slow spring place I haven’t been for sixty years.

  4. C.B. Anderson


    Yep, it’s been the coldest, rainiest spring I can ever remember. My peas are struggling to get past the 1″ mark. Where is global warming when we need it?

  5. T.M.

    Thanks to you all. Have a blessed spring. I’m sure it will make it to Vermont in time for summer.

  6. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    I admire how you’ve turned strict form into a conversational piece that grabs the attention with its quirky humor and imagery. I love it!

  7. David Watt

    I have heard that Vermont is beautiful in the Spring. Your personification really works to bring this picture to life.

  8. T.M.

    Vermont is beautiful in spring. And all the other seasons as well. Thanks to you both for your comments.


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