Destined for the Mount Rushmore of Radio

Triumphal times are on the way,
America’s Anchor Man.
We Dittoheads will toast the day
when all is Right again.

You cover what they won’t discuss.
Your devotion to truth is supreme.
You work so every one of us
can live the American dream.

Our loyalty, we freely pledge.
There is no substitution.
We must be on the cutting edge
of societal evolution.

With half your brain behind your back,
just to make it fair,
you counter every crass attack
from the Attila the Hun Chair.

Two phrases, since your fame unfurled,
adorn your introduction:
A Household Name Around the World,
A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

I call on everyone who cares
for you, here and abroad,
to pray, since thirty million prayers
may touch the hand of God.

Your upswing’s coming down the pike.
We’ll revel when we see
you firmly ensconced behind the mic.
That’s the way things ought to be.

[June 7, 2020]



Mark F. Stone grew up near Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Brandeis University and Stanford Law School, he worked as an attorney for the United States Air Force for 33 years (as an active duty Air Force JAG attorney, as a Reservist, and as a civilian attorney).  He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel.  He began writing poems in 2005, as a way to woo his bride-to-be into wedlock.  He tied for third place in SCP’s Best Poems of 2019 contest. He has had poems published at SCP and at Light. He is retired and lives in Ohio.

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15 Responses

    • Mark F. Stone

      Joe, I have been a Rush fan since 1986, when I was living near Sacramento and he was still broadcasting on a local Sacramento radio station. Mark

      • Joe Tessitore

        Well done, you!
        Mrs. T and I can trace it back to 27 years (to the Hanta Virus, believe it or not!).

  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    I loved hearing it and I loved reading it – a wonderful tribute to a very brave, honest and fair American. Thank you, Mr. Stone.

  2. Carrie Franklin

    I didn’t believe a thousand words could be enough to describe the devotion and admiration the American people feel for this American Icon – but you, Mr. Stone did so – and – so eloquently. Thank you sir!

  3. Gary Kopp

    Rush is truly a national treasure. He’s been my guiding light since Gulf War I

  4. Joseph S. Salemi

    God bless Rush Limbaugh, and give him health and strength!

  5. Mike Bryant

    I’ve been listening to Rush as long as you have. You captured the legend perfectly and I really enjoyed hearing your recital as well. God Bless the USA, God bless Texas, God bless John Wayne, God bless Rush and God bless you too Mr. Stone!

  6. C.B. Anderson

    “Talent on loan from God” is not an idle boast. Though sometimes a bit bombastic, he is never short on substance, and “substance over symbolism” has always been his motto. I’ve listened to him since my (now grown-up) children were still in the cradle, and I don’t regret a moment of it. Some of you, or even most of you, must have noticed how he became a bit unglued when President Trump awarded him that Presidential Medal, while Darth Pelosi was gnashing her teeth. Go Rush!

    • Joe Tessitore

      … and tearing up the State of the Union, literally and figuratively.


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