Olympus, thou majestic crag, whose bright
And jagged spire, aloft the dazzling air
Only the winds and snows and eagles dare
To brush with crystal tip or feather light
Arise from thy dull slumber! Hurl thy might
Down upon earth with old old power! Prepare
The thunderbolt of judgment. Now! Now ere
We make of Eden Hell’s perpetual night…

Thou canst not move. O Gods, Ye art more dead
Than all the Lorelei along the Rhine,
And Beauty with her pale companion’s fled
While none proclaim the glory that was thine.
Would that we had one oracle divine!
We had one yet we’ve slain the Truth in dread.

copyright 2009, Anissa Nedzel Gage




Anissa Nedzel Gage (also known as Purrsanthema online) is a poet, as well as a fine artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. Her portraiture follows in the tradition of her grandfather: Boris Luban, a well-known portrait artist in Russia and America.

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  1. C.B. Anderson

    Some nice phrases here, but I can’t figure out what this poem is about. Better punctuation and/or syntax might have helped. If I grasp your meaning, then I think you need some punctuation (a period?) after “light” in line 4. The various promising parts do not cohere in any obvious way. This isn’t to say that a poem must be obvious, but poems should be written to be read, not deciphered.


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