It Matters Not

On Sunday, June 21st, three men were stabbed to death while sitting in Forbury Park in Reading, England.

by Susan Jarvis Bryant

On Sunday in a leafy English park,
A knife slashed in the gleam of evening fun,
Till emerald sprawls of lawn were stained and dark
with deeds by one whose soul had come undone:
A raging reprobate released from jail.
A terrorist who didn’t serve his time.
A killer on a homicidal trail
To revel in an evil, bloody crime.
Where are the wringing hands and keening pleas
Of protest at the slaughter of these men?
Where are the banners and the bended knees
For three who’ll never breathe Earth’s air again?

It matters not the shade of someone’s skin
When calling out the savagery of sin.



Dumb and Dumber

by Joe Tessitore

I am a thug of no renown.
I smash and burn and knock things down.
And here you come to kiss my ass,
Hoping that II’ll give you a pass.
You may be dumber still than me—
I hold the brick, you take the knee.



Send Us a Leader!

by Michael Charles Maibach

All of us,
Those with souls,
Ask one thing—
In life, my role?

Why this place?
Why this time?
Why that bell
For me does chime?

It’s only me,
One mere man.
The hill is steep,
So many ran…

Ran for cover—
There they wait.
Asking each—
“Is it too late?”

Is it too late
For our dear Land?
Now too late
For it to stand?

“Send a leader!”
People cry.
“Let him stand—
To him we’ll fly!”

“Where is Lincoln
In our new need?
Return him now
With his true Creed.

Reach from heaven—
Heal our hearts,
Light the way—
We’ll do our parts.

“For score, seven”
“Malice, none,”
Uncivil War
Must now be won!



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13 Responses

  1. Leo Zoutewelle

    Joe, although I’ve had about enough of terror-inspired “poetry”, I thought the clever biting sarcasm of “Dumb and Dumber” was marvelous! Thank you,

    • Joe Tessitore

      Thank you, Leo.
      You’re tired of reading them, and rest assured that I’m tired of writing them.
      How wonderful would it be to get back to rhyme, rhythm, and rapture!?!?

      I do still think that there are points to be made, and I only submit something if I think that it does.

      It’s a blessing to have our Editor-in-chief overseeing all.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, Leo. Well done, Joe!

  2. Julian D. Woodruff

    Ms. Bryant’s sonnet deserves praise, too–for its bite, its anger, its eloquence, and its civility.
    But Mr. Tessitore makes his point, too. The non- response of Catholic bishops to desecration of Columbus statues etc is like an invitation for thugs to start heaving rocks at stained glass windows–for a start .

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you very much for your astute comments, Julian. I am saddened by current events and I do realise the bigger picture. It’s very hard to get through to those who cannot see history repeating itself. I am pleased you’ve seen exactly what I’ve tried to achieve with my words. Thanks again.

  3. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Mr. Maibach, for me, your poem speaks to the heart of everyone who wants peace on earth and wonders what they can do to assist in achieving it in these turbulent times. Again, for me, standing up and speaking the truth goes a long way to opening eyes that may have been closed by propaganda. We are privileged to have a poetry site (thank you, SCP) that allows us to connect with all in words that are constantly shut down in this time of universal deceit.

  4. Martin Rizley

    Really powerful poetic statements to mark these tragic days in which we are living. I appreciate the thought that has gone into each of them, and the closing couplets of each poem drive home in a refreshingly clear manner the truth of what is really happening before our eyes–truth you will never hear from politically correct media pundits, compromised politicians, and sadly, many preachers!

  5. Mike Bryant

    All three are powerful and well written, and Martin is absolutely correct that the closing couplet of each poem, put together as one, makes a very nice summation.

  6. Joseph S. Salemi

    Have you all heard the latest? Some stupid bitch named Tracy Reeve in Yorkshire has started a campaign to force the removal of all public images of St,Michael the Archangel triumphing over a supine Satan. According to her, it’s “racist” because it depicts a white man crushing the neck of a black figure. The removal would also be mandatory from all church windows, and from the badge of any order of knighthood that makes use of this image.

    What is utterly beyond belief is that a number of public figures in the brain-dead British establishment are already cringing and collapsing in the face of this demand.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      It’s sheer madness. The idiocy isn’t confined to Britain. In America, Shaun King, a staunch BLM activist, is calling for anything resembling “white Jesus” to be expunged from the public square. And, just for good measure, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, or MLPD, recently installed a statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin in the city of Gelsenkirchen. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of the Western World. I hope and pray we have time to overcome this.

    • Mike Bryant

      Joe S,
      Your comment made me curious so I looked it up. It seems the forces of darkness are in ascendancy. You posted this yesterday, and this morning James Tweedie’s beautiful sonnet about Michael appears. I believe that God is also at work here.

      • The Society

        For what it is worth, Mr. Tweedie’s post was scheduled some weeks ago, so indeed, the timing was providential.

  7. David Paul Behrens

    I’m getting sick and tired of this planet.
    Here’s another way of looking at it:


    Is violence part of our DNA?
    It must be, as it will not go away.
    It’s just the way it is, sorry to say.
    We see violence each and every day.
    No matter how hard we hope and pray,
    It looks like violence is here to stay.


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