Fallen Leaves

You can’t stop leaves from falling in the autumn of their lives,
And you can’t stop bees returning to the safety of their hives,
And you cannot stop deception as it flows from your T.V.,
Or the garbage mainstream media spews out incessantly.

You can’t help the reporter who can barely spell or write,
Who is full of stupid questions and who can’t tell rude from right,
Or the loaded politician lacking any form of candour,
Or the advertising moguls with their twisted propaganda.

So we all become frustrated with the bullshit and the dross
And the helpline operators who don’t really give a toss;
Misguidance and deception are the order of the day;
Now the woke brigade are rising adding folly to the fray.

No you can’t stop leaves from falling in the autumn of their lives,
And you can’t stop bees returning to the safety of their hives
And you cannot save the Jumblies in their sieve upon the sea,*
As they spin around and wallow, they are drowning helplessly.


*reference to a poem by Edward Lear



Rod Walford is an Englishman living in Auckland, New Zealand and has been writing poetry for some 25 years. He is a semi-retired diesel fuel injection engineer. He has self-published several books of rhyming poetry including “Timeless,” “Real Poetry for Real Women (written by a man),” and “One Hour before the Dawn.” Access his website here: www.rodwalfordpoetry.com

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14 Responses

    • Rod Walford

      Thank you too Lawrence – sad to have to write about such things but poets are commentators and everyone is entitled to my opinion!

  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Your poem is a sad sign of the times, Rod. The poetic build up to the Jumblies reference serves to enhance the message. The message for me is that no matter what history, our friends, or the truth tells those who refuse to believe they’re in a fight for their lives, they will still refuse to believe they’re in a fight for their lives. The sensible among us are thinking, what on earth will it take?… the sad thing is, the sensible among us know.

    I love the image of the constancy of leaves and bees, and I also love your deft rhyming of candour/propaganda. Thank you, Rod.

    • Rod Walford

      Thank you Susan – your feedback is always encouraging and much appreciated. I happened to be sitting in our Conservatory one afternoon watching the autumn leaves falling from our Japanese Cherry tree and my thoughts drifted ….then a Bee flew past and I reached for Notebook on my phone and about 20 mins later – Voila! It might not be world class but it was fun – and truthful. Kind regards – Rod.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Rod, the end result speaks the truth beautifully. I appreciate you telling me the origin of this poem. The writing process always fascinates me, and I have written many a poem in the same way you have… the dart of a dragonfly, the dip of a swallow, the zip of a hummingbird… and, Voila! In no time at all, a poem. I wish you many more fun-filled hours with nature and words – I, for one, most certainly benefit.

  2. Jeff Kemper

    Nicely done, Rod! I can’t help thinking, beyond all possibility, that a prominent “progressive” will emerge as a David Horowitz figure. But, of course, he would be minimalized as was Horowitz. It’s happening to Leo Terrell already. And that inevitability is just what your poem aptly expresses.

    • Rod Walford

      Thank you Jeff ! I can only hope you are right on your first point but I fear you would also be right on your second. It may be that common sense may rise like Lazarus one day and be restored but I’m not holding my breath. The word “progressive”, once taken to mean “forward looking” seems to have been well and truly hijacked by the so-called “woke” sector and now encompasses so many negatives that I cringe when I hear it !

  3. C.B. Anderson

    Nice work, Rod. I especially liked the “you can’t” anaphora.

  4. Sally Cook

    Dear Rod –
    To be frank, while I don’t care for the 19th century aura about some of your vocabulary, on the whole there is a staunch individuality in the whole of it which I admire. After reading your leaf poem I immediately went to your website and was not disappointed. I will be waiting in anticipation of anything you post from now on. Thank you !

    • Rod Walford

      Thank you Sally ……yes I confess I am a bit “old school” but I do my best. Fact is I believe the older semantics to be far more eloquent and expressive than the modern lingo which is probably why I tend to use it. Glad you weren’t disappointed with my website……warm regards…Rod


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