There’s beauty in the ordinary things
like challenges and joys each season brings,
the world of work and school, and kids at play
between sunrise and sunset every day.

There’s awe-inspiring glory to behold
as tapestry of moon and stars is rolled
across the sky, to gazers’ pure delight
between sunset and sunrise every night.

There’s beauty at the core of humankind,
called love, engendering our need to bind
ourselves in strong relationships, to be
the instruments of peace and unity.




Janice Canerdy is a retired high-school English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi. Her works have appeared in several publications, including Society of Classical Poets Journal (and online) Spirit Fire, Light, The Road Not Taken, Lyric, Parody, Bitterroot, Westward Quarterly, Lighten Up Online, Better Than Starbucks, Saturday Evening Post, Encore (journal of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies), The Mississippi Poetry Society Journal, Your Daily Poem, and LIVE (by Gospel Publishing House). Her first book, Expressions of Faith (Christian Faith Publishing), was published in December 2016.

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5 Responses

  1. Julian Woodruff

    Gracefully written and well observed, Ms Canerdy.
    I admire the complementarity of lines 1 and 8.

  2. Rod Walford

    Your verses relate a timeless truth Janice – and splendidly portrayed. I particularly loved your day-to-night inversion. Kind regards – Rod

  3. C.B. Anderson


    In one of my fouler moods I might have called this poem saccharine, but since the birth of my newest granddaughter this week I will simply call it sweet. I worry about the world in which she will grow up, and I wish the world contained more persons like you, who cannot help but express goodness, beauty, truth, faith, hope and charity. You have brought light into my life this night.


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