dedicated to all those braving injustice in Hong Kong with nobility of spirit

Muffled voices, anguished cries,
Trampled freedom, published lies,
Flouted treaties, threatened fates,
Outlawed protests, closed debates;
Unveiled changes to the Law,
Breaking backs with final straw,
Taking rights to speak and pray
From the people every day.

Peaceful protests carry on,
Crying out from dusk till dawn:
“Liberate—make Hong Kong free,
Beacon of democracy!”

Risking losing life and limb,
“Seek justice” their battle hymn;
Citing promised guarantees
Of free press and liberties.

Increased stakes make them stand tall,
Heeding patriotic call.
Braving brutal police force,
Backed by threats meant to coerce.
Modern Thomas Jeffersons,
Truly our Forefathers’ sons,
Showing courage beyond words—
Righteous, bearing moral swords.



A General Counsel by day and a poet by night, Doug’s inspirational poetry has been published in numerous, diverse literary publications throughout the United States, The Caribbean and Australia.  He resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and eleven-year-old identical twin sons.

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5 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    “Righteous” people bearing “moral swords” won’t make a bloody bit of difference if the CCP sends in soldiers to crush the Hong Kong protests.

    Hong Kong was doomed when the cowardly British pulled out, and left the place to the mercies of the Red Chinese colossus.

    Promises, guarantees, and treaties mean nothing in the harsh world of power-politics. The only thing that counts is military force, and the unhesitating willingness to use it.

  2. Margaret Coats

    The Hong Kong resistance shows a noble spirit, indeed. We can hardly liberate them, but we can maintain and spread awareness of them–and we can vote in our own elections for the party and candidates of constitutional freedoms. This just may diminish the will of their oppressors to use greater force against them.

  3. Peter Hartley

    Carries a very strong message and this poem flows magnificently. Would “seek justice IS their battle hymn” sound very slightly better? I’m happy to be overruled because it is all VG anyway

  4. Cindy Erlandson

    Thank you. This reminds me to pray for these people in Hong Kong and their freedom from tyranny.


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