Supreme Farewell

As every king and peasant must,
A justice stands before the Just.
We bid farewell to Sister Ruth,
Who trembles now before the Truth.



Joe Tessitore is a retired New York City resident and poet.

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13 Responses

  1. james sale

    Beautifully put – that last line gives me the shivers. Even the title is brilliant. Sometimes less is more – this is very excellent!

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Joe, your hard-hitting words have been used sparingly and cleverly to make a powerful impact. This reader is reeling from their effect.

  3. C.B. Anderson

    Jesus, Joe! You never let up. I just hope that Trump nominates a worthy (and less liberal) successor.

    • Joe Tessitore


      It’s the fight of our lives, is it not?
      To let up is to die.
      At the very least, let us each, with smiles on our faces, take a few of them with us.

      • C.B. Anderson

        Joe T.,

        May God smile upon you, and may your good minutes turn into hours, and may your bad ones be swept under the rug.

  4. Joe Tessitore

    Thank you all very much.

    A nod to my brilliant young friend Emily, who commented “Now she’ll know the Truth”, on hearing of Ms. Ginsburg’s death.


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