Stealth Warfare

in the voice of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Admire. Our virus circulates.
__Our muddy money’s hand washed.
Our fingers whisk jobs from your plates.
__Our clenched fists keep you kiboshed.

Our narratives are globalised,
__our brief affairs beguiling.
Old Sun Tzu’s art is systemised,
__we always rise up, smiling.

Our strength began with helpfulness,
__like your Atlantic Charter
Whose principles our schemes suppress
__yet still we play the martyr.

Till now our bent development
__has met with scant resistance.
Your nice intentions we prevent
__through social(ism’s) distance.

You’ve never seen the likes of us,
__inscrutable as charcoal.
We’re succubus and incubus,
__the world slides down our sinkhole.

How many of you know the score?
__This Party is the virus.
We blust about, we’re insecure
__and want you to admire us.

Admire our perspicacity,
__our clever stealth, our cunning.
Admire the cess pit certainty—
__the world we will be running—

Admire our slobbed audacity,
__a fourth reich with more daring,
A would-be, sin-deep dynasty,
__a vast reign of despairing—

For next we’ll mount the seats of God,
__Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus—
While Evil blackens grass and sod,
__with you on knees to please us.



Damian Robin is a writer and editor living in the United Kingdom.

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      • Damian Robin

        Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time of celebration from 3,000 years ago. However, things being as they are . . . this poem lifts off . . .

But, may there be many moon cakes,

  1. Damian Robin

    Some background
    China’s ‘Stealth War’ Exposed by General Robert Spalding
    Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP (co-founder of the Society of Classical Poets)
    China’s Silent Takeover While America’s Elite Slept
    Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding full interview with Patrick Bet-David
    Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept – ‘Look Inside’ (stealthily) on Amazon

  2. Jeff Eardley

    Damian, as a fellow Englishman, let me tell you how much I enjoyed this. I love the word “kiboshed” which I haven’t heard for years, but there is another word that goes with “charcoal,” begins with “a,” and describes most of our cabinet ministers.
    You have summed up, with great gusto, what most of us are thinking in this wonderfully flowing piece.

    • Damian Robin

      Thank you, fellow Englishman, for your kind comments. There is an interesting short history of Kibosh —
      : something that serves as a check or stop —usually used in the phrase put the kibosh on

      The Mysterious Origins of Kibosh
      Kibosh has been a part of our language for almost two centuries, but its origin baffles etymologists. It was prominent enough in lower-class London speech to attract the attention of Charles Dickens, who used it in 1836 in an early sketch, but little else is certain. Claims were once made that it was Yiddish, despite the absence of a plausible Yiddish source. Another hypothesis points to Gaelic caidhp bháis—pronounced similarly to, and meaning, “coif of death”—explained as headgear a judge put on when pronouncing a death sentence, or as a covering pulled over the face of a corpse when a coffin was closed. But evidence for any metaphorical use of this phrase in Irish is lacking, and kibosh is not recorded as spoken in Ireland until decades after Dickens’ use.

      • Jeff Eardley

        Damian, what a great and mysterious word and thank you for your most informative explanation. I will certainly be using it a lot more now, particularly relating to Covid, which has “kiboshed” everything.

  3. Damian Robin

    If there were a thumbs up icon to use here, I’d use it under your reply.

      • Damian Robin

        Hi Jeff, perhaps I was being too much of a knee jerk or a thumb jerk to your positive response “I will certainly be using it a lot more now, particularly relating to Covid, which has “kiboshed” everything.”

        It’s not the virus that is doing the kiboshing, it’s still the CCP. The virus does a lot of the Party’s work but it is the CCP that still will not share information about how, where, why, what, and when it got out. Such information could literally help to save the world but the Party has no intention of doing that.

        It is also the CCP that began buying up Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) just before they admitted to having the outbreak. Then they gave or sold it to countries, allies, who trusted the Party or were in its thrall, and who had to make public declarations of gratitude for being allowed to have the stock.

        Although many see through the scams now and do not buy them, the Party still sanctions the selling of inferior PPE and ventilators.

        This is what is going on now. It is a thing of the past to talk about how the Party let the virus spread by not restricting travel outside China when there were lockdowns inside China. What might have been an epidemic was allowed to become a pandemic.

        People, including Trump, have called and do call the virus The China Virus. It is more accurate to call it The CCP Virus as the CCP has massive control over China and millions of Chinese have no truck with the Party and had no knowledge of the manipulations of the virus by the Party.

        The effects of the virus could be substantially limited if the Party told the truth. A simple and human way to be. But the Party generally, and with how it has dealt with the virus and the pandemic, does not care enough about people and life to be called human.

        This is the truth as I see it, Jeff. I hope it is true as you say that what the poem above expressed is what most of us are thinking. But a lot f people don’t want to see the Party like it is or cannot distinguish between the Party and China, a deliberate ploy of the CCP.

        General Spalding, who wrote “Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept”, and is interviewed in the videos above, said at the beginning of one of his talks that we have to see the CCP as it is, not how we would want it to be. The CCP is letting down its guard more and arrogantly doesn’t care what is known about it. As long as what is known is not clear and unmanipulatable truth, it can carry on as before. The sheer evil of the beast is hard for us as human beings to understand.

  4. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Damian, your hard-hitting, cleverly crafted poem slams home its must-hear message with aplomb. The insidious, sibilant hiss of “cess pit certainty”, “succubus and incubus”, and especially “on knees to please us”, is indeed chilling. The scheming serpent is slithering through every admirably wrought line of “Stealth Warfare” and I applaud the slimy transparency. Knowing one’s enemy is essential in these turbulent times of duplicity. Well done and thank you!

  5. C.B. Anderson


    Thanks for some very sound and telling ideas, and for some great rhymes. Watch out! They may be coming after you.

    • Damian Robin

      Thanks, CBA. Great to have acknowledgement from a stylish and solid poet.

      They have no doubt known about me for over a decade. But I am small fry and they are greedy, always wanting to eat what’s bigger than their head!

  6. Damian Robin

    September saw the publication of a 600 page French publication ‘Les Operations D’Influence Chinoises -Un Moment Machiavellien’ [‘China’s Influence Operations – A Machiavellian Moment’] by the Dean of the French Military Academy School of Strategy Studies and an intelligence and Chinese expert. It was not covered in mainstream press.

    China’s 3 warfare strategies 1 Public opinion, to shape the minds of people 2 Psychological, to target enemies moral, make war not worth fighting 3 Legal, to inhibit ability of enemies to attack


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