At midnight, Don was not asleep.
And so, he rose to eat and tweet.
He ate McD’s; he felt relaxed.
He walked around, and then he spat.
On Fox, he watched a Democrat
who launched a partisan attack.
The Dem said, “Donald is a blight.”
So Don prepared a missile strike.
The POTUS did not start this fight,
yet he will not ignore a slight.
The Christ said, “Turn the other cheek.”
But Donald Trump is never meek.
He cursed the Democrat on Fox,
and thought, “He’s dumber than an ox!”,
then tweeted this for Dems to read.
It went around the world with speed.
His enemies were filled with rage
like tigers poked inside a cage.
At dawn, they launched an all-out onslaught.
At Don, they fired their Twitter buckshot.
Big Don felt like a cat on crack.
He ate a snack, then hit right back.
Each day he fights the Twitter war
to be the Prez till ‘24.
The man enjoys an online brawl,
even more than building a wall.
But sage advice from long-dead knights:
“Leaders, unite more than you fight.”
Twitter is Donald’s Taser gun,
yet certain battles can’t be won.
Too often Don enters the fray.
Sometimes it’s best to walk away.



Christopher Lindsay is the author of Letters from a Madman, and The Donkey King and Other Stories. Available on Amazon Kindle. His play, Vanna Helsing, was performed by the New Vintage Theatre in 2020. His website is:   

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  1. Sally Cook

    Think of it – a President who can do everything,

    including inspire poetry !!


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