What if I do compare you to a rose
Or summer’s day or beauty like the night,
Or drone of how I’d sit and drink a coke
With you instead of viewing every sight
This world can give?—the seven wonders are
No wonder without you. Or should I count
The ways I love you deeply, freely, far
Above the stars, beyond the utmost bound
Of mortal hearts? And would you be content
To sleep on beds of roses, some remote
And sunny glade our home, with heaven bent
Above in envy of the love we hold?
Frankly, my dear, that’s all too much for me,
So instead I’ll just text you 1-4-3.



Jake Murel is a PhD Candidate in Boston, MA. His poetry has previously appeared in The Lyric and Better Than Starbucks, among other poetry journals.

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  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Jake, the sonnet is one of my favorite forms and you have made me grin with your unique and modern take on an age-old form. The closing couplet is a smiling triumph. Thank you!


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