On voting day, we hope the nation’s
__red—a bright vermilion.
Let’s count the reasons to choose Trump.
__There are a half a zillion!

Trump speaks his mind, with filters down.
__He’s not a politician.
A businessman, he gets things done.
__His plans come to fruition.

His policies on taxes, trade,
__and regulations nourish
the growth of our economy,
__so jobs and income flourish.

He does not want a nanny state,
__with squalor and dependence.
He knows a steady job means having
__freedom and resplendence.

When marches morph to asymmetric
__warfare, that is when
Trump offers to call out the Guard
__to give us peace again.

He does not sympathize with those
__who riot or who loot,
or with the local DAs who
__refuse to prosecute.

Trump executes with staunch resolve
__our laws on immigration.
A country that is borderless
__will cease to be a nation.

His judges will apply the law,
__as it in fact is written.
They’re not judicial activists
__with whom the left is smitten.

For parents facing failing schools,
__Trump listens to their voices.
He advocates for vouchers so
__that parents will have choices.

He signed a law so ex-cons can
__refashion from the embers
their place in our society
__and be productive members.

His policy on energy
__yields power day and night.
He is therefore, if truth be told,
__the Candidate of Light.

His leadership has kindled a
__free market innovation:
a new vaccine in several months—
__a warp speed operation!

Trump battles for gun owner’s rights,
__which makes progressives bitter.
He favors unrestricted speech,
__especially on Twitter!

His buildup of our fighting force
__is something to applaud,
since weakness can result in
__ultimatums from abroad.

He’s loathe to launch a foreign war,
__since it might never cease.
He’s skillful at diplomacy
__and mediating peace.

For politicians, there’s disdain.
__For leaders, there’s a thirst.
Trump cares for all Americans
__and dares to put us first.

He rankles special interests that
__are anchored and entrenched.
That’s why they cry “Resist! Resist!”
__with fists and molars clenched.

Assertions that the news is fair
__crack up the Mona Lisa.
Trump shows the news is slanted like
__the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

He’s tough as nails, not frayed and frail.
__He’s managed to survive
the kamikaze media,
__the hatred of the hive.

Trump says let’s dump the Marxist theory
__foisted on our youth,
and base our votes on values and
__experience and truth.

He’s loyal to his faithful fans,
__the basket of deplorables.
He welcomes all who join his team,
__and sees them as adorables.

Repudiate the Trojan Horse
__and leftists lodged within.
Let’s organize, get out the vote,
__and earn ourselves a win!

Copyright © 2020 by Mark F. Stone. All rights reserved.



Mark F. Stone grew up near Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Brandeis University and Stanford Law School, he worked as an attorney for the United States Air Force for 33 years. He served 11 years as an active duty Air Force JAG attorney. He then served 22 years as an Air Force civilian attorney (while serving part time in the Air Force Reserves as a JAG attorney).  He began writing poems in 2005, as a way to woo his bride-to-be into wedlock.  He recently retired, giving him time to focus on poetry. He lives in central Ohio.

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31 Responses

  1. Sally Cook

    Couldn’t be better !
    Is their a newspaper such as the Epoch Times who will print it?

    • Mark F. Stone

      Sally, Thank you. Mike Bryant was kind enough to put a link to the poem in the October 23 edition of whatfinger.com, a news aggregator website. But the Epoch Times is also a good idea.

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    A tremendous Trumpian poem that will go down bigly! I love it and only wish I’d written it! Bravo, Mr. Stone!

    • Mark F. Stone

      Susan, I love the word “bigly.” Thank you for the kind words. And feel free to call me “Mark.” Mark

  3. Norma Okun

    I am glad that you put our President Trump
    On rhyme. He does deserve the praise
    I had no choice but voted for him
    I could not see myself having another choice.
    Thanks for the vigor and honesty in your lines,
    they do show rump and joy.

    • Mark F. Stone

      Norma, Yes, vigor and honesty were what I was striving for. Thank you for comment. Mark

  4. Mike Bryant

    Mark, I just watched the debate and Trump has more than lived up to your beautiful words. Thanks for this amazing poem.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Trump clearly came out on top… but where was the foreign policy discussion? They keep going over the same topics. I imagine that this is because Trump has done so well on foreign policy that the left-leaning debate commission has steered away from it. It’s an unfortunate precedent. Foreign policy is really what a president is for!

  5. Jeff Kemper

    Imagine how bad the poll numbers would be without the censorial media! And the candidate of character? C’mon!

  6. Sarban Bhattacharya

    Incisive and logical! Trump 2020! We want to see the biased polls thwarted on the day of election, as it was the case four years ago. Fingers crossed for a ubiquitous red wave across America.

  7. Cathy Dreyer

    ‘He’s a businessman – he’s going to get things sorted’

    I could throw my tea in your face,
    or take my clothes off and dance
    naked in the rain, while you choke
    on having known all along
    that there was something wrong
    about me.

    I could remind you that he wants to
    “date” his daughter, describes her as
    “very voluptuous”, his voice thickening
    there. I don’t think I dare

    call on your sense of justice, or solidarity,
    in case you don’t have either,
    and I am left with the rustle of your skirts
    as you pull them to one side.

    • Mark F. Stone

      Cathy, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the Presidential election. But I thank you for commenting. Mark

  8. C.B. Anderson

    You adduce many telling reasons to support Trump, but the real clincher has to be: Consider the alternative.

    Nice rhymes, Mark!

  9. Cynthia Erlandson

    All true — Trump should take this out on the campaign trail with him! Clever phrases (like “asymmetric truth”; “the Trojan Horse and leftists lodged within”) and rhymes (like Mona Lisa/ Pisa; bitter/ Twitter.)

  10. james sale

    Love it, Mark – another total gem of a poem from you, and really funny. Love the rhymes and rhythm. I can’t compete with your structure, but let’s not forget one other reason to vote Trump, though of course as a Brit I can’t:

    We know great Trump supports the Brits;
    But Biden treats us just like sh*ts.

    • C.B. Anderson

      For many reasons and on many levels, I always hope to see a strong Anglo-American accord. If the ancestral should look after the descendant, then should not the descendant look after the ancestor? About Scotland, then: Though I’m not strongly in favor of separatism, a natural form of it already exists. If Scotch whisky were something that could be made in England, then Scotland would not be nearly the the vital part of the United Kingdom that it is. Always remember, the British flag is as much the St. Andrew’s Cross as it is St. George’s Cross.

    • Mark F. Stone

      James, I’m glad you appreciate the humor. That was one of my objectives. Thank you for commenting. Mark

  11. Martin Rizley

    Very well done, with a good marching rhythm, clever rhymes, and a pinch of humor to keep spirits high and put a little cheer into this rancorous election season. All it needs is a little John Philip Sousa music playing in the background, and off we go, marching to the polls!

    And for all you liberals out there who fear we´re in 1930´s Germany again, I can assure you that most Trump supporters are not about to click their heels together and give a “Sieg Heil” salute to Der Fuhrer Trump! They understand that you do not worship an ex-reality show star and successful businessmen turned president. You re-elect him because his policies are incomparably better than those of his rival– but worship him? A mere man, a flawed human being, as we all are? Never!

    • C.B. Anderson

      You’ve got it exactly right, Martin. If only all human beings were as thoughtful as you and had the sense not to forfeit their moral identity. Don’t speak to those poor people on the Left; they can’t hear you.

    • Mark F. Stone

      Martin, Yes, John Philip Sousa music is a great idea. I’m pleased that you like the poem. Mark

  12. Elizabeth

    I don’t understand how any true Christian support Trump. He is a man with no morals, he only cares about himself. He lost the election because Americans have had enough of his rhetoric. He lost the election by over 5 million votes.

    • James Cleverly

      Well said Elizabeth. Most people on this site are blind to the obvious failings in this man/child in the White House.

      • The Society

        James, your last comment was deleted. Take into consideration that this space is to be treated as the poet’s home. Would, what might reasonably be considered by the other side to be your wild imaginings, seem couth enough to let stand? Stick to the facts and have some humility. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. If you would like to submit your own poem, you are welcome to do so.
        -Evan Mantyk

    • Evan Mantyk

      Dear Elizabeth (suspiciously no last name? it is the standard to include one in these comments.),

      There are clearly different operative definitions of “true Christian” at play here. I think many would cite President Trump’s support for the Pro-Life movement as a trademark sign of a “true Christian.” Of course, people are free to disagree. You seem on thin ground here.

      Additionally, President Trump has stood up to the Chinese Communist Party, which persecutes Christians, Buddhists, and people of many other faiths (not to mention human rights lawyers, democracy advocates, bloggers etc). The current Pope Francis has been complicit, even recognizing bishops appointed by the Communist Party. Again, who is the true Christian here? The other side in the election is also clearly on the trajectory of being complicit. Pretender-elect Biden has been bought by Wall Street very likely to repair ties with the Chinese Communist Party: https://www.theepochtimes.com/beijing-and-wall-street-could-deepen-ties-under-biden-presidency_3573144.html

      Meanwhile the evidence of voter fraud is mounting. Given the scale, President Trump likely did win the election in a landslide, as he claims. The numbers you state are erroneous. Have a look at the plain facts on the ground and you will see that the American public has indeed been deceived on a frightening scale.

      And if you do reply, please do share with us your name. Your disingenuous persona only adds to the disingenuousness that has characterized the depiction of this election in public discourse. Such underhandedness seems to imply a general strategy: if you can’t win with the truth and common sense, then bulldoze the opposition with the “righteousness” of your cause, suspending basic decency in the process. And of course “righteousness” here I use very loosely, as it is only in the sense of modern values that see some form of twisted justice in the government tearing down others purely for their views and beliefs (basically fascism under the guise of progressivism and liberalism).

  13. James Cleverly

    Free speech was the first casualty in Hitlers Germany. The warnings are there for everyone today.


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