Shooting Star

Upon the early fall of night
my eyes behold a shooting star,
electric streak in twilight sea,
now here alive, then gone you are.

What beauty brings this lustrous light
well driven by some cosmic czar
whose alien powers surely be
from planets we believe afar.

To capture such a fleeting sight
and save it in a mason jar
so that it could not ever flee
and hold my wish in reservoir!

Oh, incandescent beam so bright
who burns amidst the midnight mar
and disappears without a plea
then leaves no single star on par!




What chilly breeze creates a shudder,
crimson leaves begin to flutter
down, down like butterflies
’till barren branches reach the skies
and herald lonely autumn cries
amidst decaying clutter,

then winter wends its weary way
on through the festive holidays
around, round the endless nights
in search of precious southern light
to end the dreary frozen plight
each minute gone astray,

such time has come for spring rebirth
to reconcile with Mother Earth
now found, found beneath the snow
new greenery and things that grow
are setting lovers’ hearts aglow
enlivening with mirth,

still followed by the marching drum
of summer’s folly in the sun
abound, bound by gardens lush
with endless harvests in a rush
and starlit nights by full moon’s blush.
The seasons have their run.



Shari Jo LeKane lives in St. Louis, Missouri, writes poetry, prose and articles, and specializes in literary criticism, creative writing, Spanish Language and culture, business and community development, educational and leadership development, non-profit matters, disability, elderly care and advocacy. She has a B.A. in English, Spanish, an M.A. in Spanish from Saint Louis University in Madrid and St. Louis, and additional certifications. She teaches Spanish at an HBCU in St. Louis, Missouri, and Creative Writing and Poetry. Shari’s poetry has been published in literary magazines worldwide. She considers herself a modern formalist, addressing contemporary issues in poetic verse with a stylized language.

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7 Responses

    • Julian D. Woodruff

      A really distinctive thing here, I think, is this: if neither poem rhymed or was clearly metrical, it could still never be mistaken for prose. The vocabulary, as Mr. Sale notices in one detail, is poetic. I guess prose can contain such language, but maybe not in such concentration as here.

  1. Terry L. Norton

    I enjoyed both poems, especially the repetition in each stanza of “Seasons” and how its use captures the cyclic nature of your subject.

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Shari Jo, these poems are a wonderful antidote to our toxic times. I love the imaginative imagery used to create that linguistic silver lining of escapism I need. Thank you very much!

  3. Satyananda Sarangi

    Greetings for the day!

    The poetic essence of the above poems make them distinct – a blend of nature and human emotions. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Best wishes

  4. Shari LeKane

    Greetings to all with gratitude for your responses and reciprocated well wishes in these challenging times. May the creative spark continue.


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