And when the time, oh Father, comes
To cross this life’s tempestuous seas,
Grant that my faith should not succumb,
Hold in the end still true to thee.

Let not the waves of doubt overflow,
Let not my skeptic mind then shake,
Let not the tempest through me blow,
And help me still to keep the faith.

Remind me, God, that I’m a child
And in your hands forever more,
Tempestuous seas will soon be mild
And I shall reach that promised shore.

Then in your arms I’ll finally rest
Safely upon your gentle breast.



Rohini Sunderam is author of Corpoetry – Desert Flower – Five Lives One Day in Bahrain published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing. She is a Canadian of Indian origin, and a semi-retired advertising copywriter. Find out more about her on her blog or on Amazon

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21 Responses

      • anjan muhury

        You are able to artfully express the core of any human’s mind. That of knowing that life is an adventure to be faced with your doubts, yet always returning to the belief that all will be well. The theater chosen is as natural as the flow of life…
        Absolutely so human, so real and what a test of ourselves….

    • Rohini S

      Thank you, David
      Your acknowledgement means a lot, as I enjoy reading all your poems featured by the SCP.

  1. Margaret Coats

    A beautiful meditation, with the two parts of it beautifully linked by the direct address “Father” in the first line, and the acknowledgment of being a child in line 9. Very nicely done!

    • Rohini Sunderam

      Thank you, Margaret
      You know that must have been the poetic drive, if I recall the ‘child’ just flowed naturally. Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. Jagdeep Jagad

    Dear Rohini , very moving with its simple sentiments. I do consider you a classical poet.


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