The Rape of Lady Liberty

In Memoriam: November 3, 2020

by Patrick Henry Redivivus

They did the awful deed within the dark—
Brute men with beastly hearts, as black as coal,
And blinded minds, like vicious dogs that bark
Then bite the hand that fills their feeding bowl.

They wrenched the blazing torch from her raised arm
And doused its flame in streams of blood that flowed
From distant fields, where men have suffered harm
For her dear sake—to whom due honor´s owed!

They tore the crown from off her head and tied
Her pleading hands behind her with a rope,
Then led her blindfold as she helpless cried
And taunted her to make her lose all hope.

They reached the dingy room they had prepared,
Then took her, tied her down, and closed the door;
Then each one had his way with her, and stared
Upon her battered face, so bruised and sore.

Each wore a mask, his face to hide, yet you
Could hear some whisper words in Mandarin;
And some wore judges’ robes to hide from view
The gross injustice of their grievous sin.

A few spoke softly in a Southern drawl;
A few wore badges; one, with firearm,
Stood like a sentry, keeping watch for all
And poised to warn them with a swift alarm.

Still others watched in dark rooms far away
Remotely, as voyeurs, on pay T.V.
And spoke obscenities too vile to say
While looking on the scene with lustful glee.

“She’s getting now what she deserves,” some said,
“She had it coming to her, the old bitch!—
For being racist, haughty,  too well fed,
Too powerful, too free, and filthy rich.

We’ll leave her stripped and naked as we steal
A nation from her warm, maternal care,
And make her sons to our dominion kneel
Beside their mother—beaten, bloodied, bare.”

Oh, mother, what injustice they have done
To one whose open arms have oft embraced
The fleeing orphan and the outcast son
Of shackled lands, by persecutors chased!

Why do they hate you so? Why so much spite
For one who in this world has done much good?
They want to rule the world; that’s why they fight
To banish freedom—if they only could.

They want to shape the world in their own mold,
To make it over, without truth or God,
To keep the masses in their stranglehold,
Enslaved to their own will by means of fraud.

But we, your sons who love you, will not stand
For this foul desecration; thus we vow
To vindicate your honor and demand
These rogues be brought to justice here and now!

We vow to fight that freedom may remain
Still standing with her shining light held high,
If blood must flow to wash away the stain
Of your disgrace, for your sake, we will die!



At the 2020 Bad-Actor Awards

“No amount of information will convince an ignoramus.” —Wic E. Ruse Blade

by Cawb Edius Reel

So many were involved, including left stream media.
It was their finest hour, the courts, and Wikipedia,
the Democratic op’ratives, who cheated, lied, cajoled,
who falsified the ballot counts they dumped and pigeon holed.

It was a moment one could be proud of the USA,
from high-tech oligarchs, to judges, Wall Street, CIA,
and all those going after Jesse Morgan: OGI,
harassing him and family, and, yes, the FBI.

There’s many we should thank, who did their dirty duty good,
from RINOs in the Swamp to CCP and Hollywood.
How could one thank them all—these prominent Americans—
who did their best to steal the votes and cover up the scam?



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7 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    Both poems touch upon the internal traitors who brought about this fraudulent “election.” But if we do sharpen our knives, the first targets should be those unspeakable RINO scum who stabbed Trump in the back, for the sole purpose of restoring a political situation where they could continue to be a privileged, rich, but permanently useless minority party. All the RINOs want is some power and privileges, while not having any responsibility for the collapse of this country, which they can always conveniently blame on the Democrats.

    • Cynthia Erlandson

      I agree with this insightful comment, and thank these writers for their poems and the truth in them.

  2. Julian D. Woodruff

    Cover-ups, or whatever they might be called, seem to be getting easier and easier, it seems. Why, anything one might wish could be done to … oh, DT, MP, MM, TC, CT, BdV et al. and, except for the cheering that would be missed, there’d be no problem, would there?

  3. Mike Bryant

    To Patrick Henry,
    This must NOT stand.
    Another patriot,
    Michael Douglas Bryant

  4. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Thank you very much to both poets for shining a torch on the evil bubbling beneath the tsunami of lies the media drenches us in every day. Very well done, indeed.

    “The Rape of Lady Liberty” is a tour de force of a poem that serves to shock anyone who’s been watching half-heartedly. It tells the world in no uncertain terms exactly what has happened to this free, welcoming and beautiful country. I say that as a proud, new citizen. We are on the brink of losing all America stands for and it’s words like yours, Patrick Henry Redivivus (great name), that will spur those sitting on the fence to leap off and wrest the last vestiges of freedom back!

  5. BDW

    As per Wic E. Ruse Blade:

    One of the most frustrating things about the poetry of Cawb Edius Reel (and others of his ilk) is that, as a spontaneous writer, one can never tell when he is done with his damn poem. In that regard, he is worse than Walt Whitman, especially in his later years. He’s always tweaking something (or needing to). Although in his spontapoetry he is like Shakespeare, it would be nice if the half-blind poet could triple check his work. There would be fewer typos for his editors to fix.

    Another bothersome thing about his poetry is the spontaneity itself, combined with his adamant usage of the tennos, dodeca, and other nontraditional poetic structures. I know for a fact that, at times, he envisions himself a kind of production artist in the manner of Postmodern painters, like Roy Liechtenstein, pumping out pieces, as if he were back on the factory floor, as he was, when he was in paper processing in his younger years. That kind of poetry is frequently excoriated by hermeticists, despite the influence of writers like Montale, and Ungaretti on his work. That sloppiness appears in works, like “The 2020 Bad-Actor Awards,” where he spoke to me of two “errors” he made: 1) “left stream media” should have been replaced by “muddy media” and “CCP” should have been replaced by “marxist mobs”.

    But now that I have bad-mouthed his practice and his errors, perhaps I should say what I like about this dodeca, other than the Twain-like tag. The writer actually takes on many powerful groups, and is less verbose about doing so than Allen Ginsberg in “Howl”; and I particularly like the last slant rhyme pair, leaving the poem with a neat discord. The setting is appropriate; and amongst all the agencies and cowardly bureaucrats, I like that the poem brings out a contrasting individual, who goes up against the mob. Overall, I can give this groundbreaking work by Cawb Edius Reel a solid D+.

  6. BDW

    In just ten lines, the poem “At the Bad Actor Award…” lists so much malfeasance; but certainly at the core of US corruption one must include the high tech tyrants.

    The Shadow Government
    by Esca Webuilder
    “We didn’t steal the election.”

    G-Mafiat has purchased judges, votes and offices,
    Republican and Democratic politicans—yes;
    Mark Zuckerburg would like to be the nation’s emperor.
    Bill Gates could be the nation’s doc, Jeff Bezos, treasurer.
    The puppet masters choose Joe Biden; he can be their Joe.
    All will be well here in this Goolag Archipelago.
    the best of all the possible worlds that could ever be.
    G-Mafiat by fiat, doublethinks…so…as do we.
    Oh, we can be so mindless here where slavery is free.
    and we can shred democracy for technotyranny.

    G-Mafiat stands for Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Apple, Twitter., major manipulators of the American public square, both openly and secretly.


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