Dear Edgar,
__We’re sorry our response
has taken so much time,
but it grieves and pains to tell you that
you’ve missed our paradigm.
__While past works were droll and erudite
—nay, frighteningly “sublime!”—
we just couldn’t help but notice, Ed,
Alas! This thing shows rhyme!



Tonia Kalouria, a former Spanish teacher and “soap” actress, is now a poet in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Her most recent — and rhyming — poems appear in Literary Veganism and Fox Hollow Stories, and two anthologies: “Quoth the Raven” and “Poems from the Lockdown.”

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14 Responses

    • Tonia Kalouria

      I couldn’t be happier that you chose “clever” to describe my
      Poe poem, Nevermore!
      Thanks so much!

  1. Dave Whippman

    Clever poem. True as well. I once heard someone dismiss a certain poet this: “You won’t believe it, but his stuff actually rhymes!”

    • Tonia Kalouria

      Love your validation of what the “Never Rhymers” have been able to achieve. It’s up to us to rectify this wrong-headed nonsense.

    • Tonia Kalouria

      Thank you, Louise! I’m so glad you like it. We could all use a bit of levity about now, eh?

    • Tonia Kalouria

      Dear C.B.,
      You betcha! Knuckle down, yes. Knuckle under — NEVER!
      Thanks for noting the humor and aptness!

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Highly amusing… and extremely encouraging to all those rebellious rhymers out there.

    • Tonia Kalouria

      Dear Susan,
      Thank you: So happy that you found my Poe poem amusing and perhaps even encouraging to others on the Great Rhyming Quest.


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