Fools sneered at his rightful place;
__“He isn’t our leader” they said.
They labeled his traits a disgrace.
__En masse, they demanded him dead.
They screamed that his term was treason
__And fought with a madman’s might—
____Will they blind my fair mind till resigned to false reason?
__They won’t! I have witnessed the light.

Fools muzzled dissenting views.
__They demonized thought and speech.
They hijacked the net and the news,
__Placed honesty out of reach;
Charged innocent folk with ills
__To keep their sick sin from sight—
____Will I ever be swayed and then played by these shills?
__I won’t! I have witnessed the light.

Fools used our color and race
__To dig the widest divide—
A brazen black and white case
__Of bigoted hearts they hide
‘Neath the guise of diversity
__Where my skin is deemed a blight—
____Will I roar for a war that condemns unity?
__I won’t! I have witnessed the light.

Fools spurned spangled stars and stripes.
__They trashed every thriving town;
Strangled the truth with sour gripes
__And tore history’s statues down.
They mangled the laws of the land
__And ignited the streets with their spite—
____Will they break me and make me accept what they’ve planned?
__They won’t! I have witnessed the light.

Fools stripped every voter of voice
__While cadavers spoke from cold graves.
They froze all freedom of choice
__With clans of conniving knaves.
Behind barred window and door
__Trickery hacked through the night—
____Will I buy jumps and slumps from dumped ballots galore?
__I won’t! I have witnessed the light.

I won’t praise this plunge from grace;
__This tyrannical display.
The fools can laugh in my face;
__The maniacal will pay.
Their souls will ache with their error
__When robbed of every right…
____When blindsided minds find they’re governed by terror—
__They will wish they had witnessed the light.



Susan Jarvis Bryant is a church secretary and poet whose homeland is Kent, England.  She is now an American citizen living on the coastal plains of Texas.  Susan has poetry published in the UK webzine, Lighten Up On Line, The Daily Mail, and Openings (anthologies of poems by Open University Poets).

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32 Responses

  1. Scharlie Meeuws

    Well Susan, that’s absolutely brilliant! I like rhythms and rhyme which gives your poem a high intensity level.
    You said it all in your dramatic stanzas, all that darkness, not only over the U S but the whole world. I’m hoping the light you saw is getting through…and hope too that there will no other Brutus in a plot against Caesar….
    Greetings from the UK

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Scharlie, thank you very much for your wonderful comment. I know from friends and family that things are pretty tough in the UK, and hope the future brings better and brighter things for all of us, and that I’m allowed in to visit all those I miss terribly… soon.

      • Mike Bryant

        “Don’t underestimate the power of truth. There’s nothing more powerful. Now in order to speak what you might regard as the truth, you have to let go of the outcome. You have to think, alright, I’m going to say what I think, stupid as I am, biased as I am, ignorant as I am, I’m going to state what I think as clearly as I can and I’m going to live with the consequences, no matter what they are. Now, the reason you think that, that’s an element of faith. The idea is that, nothing brings a better world into being than the stated truth. Now you might have to pay a price for that, but that’s fine. You’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and every thing you don’t do. You don’t get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison you’re going to take. That’s it. So, if you’re going to stand up for something, stand up for your truth. It’ll shape you because people will respond and object and tell you why your a fool and a biased moron, and why you’re ignorant. And then if you listen to them, you’ll be just that much less like that the next time you say something. And if you do that for 5 years, you’ll be so damn tough and articulate and able to communicate and withstand pressure that you won’t even recognize yourself, and then you’ll be a force to contend with.” – Jordan B. Peterson
        You, Susan, have been doing that for as long as I’ve known you. Don’t ever stop! You ROCK!

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Mike, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and belief in my abilities… you make my words and my life shine!

  2. Jeff Eardley

    Susan, I can feel your anger searing off the page with this one. We are a bit too concerned with our own political affairs at the moment but it feels like there is a dreadful pile of bad blood where you are. I hope you can keep on speaking from the heart, as ever.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Jeff, thank you for your comment. The anxiety has spilled out of me and onto the pages of SCP leaving me much calmer and enabling me to get the truth out there. Another reason to love this rare and wonderful platform is, it allows me to speak from my heart and in doing so, it has saved Mike’s ears from being chewed off. A huge plus. 🙂

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Joe, thank you very, very much. You have been writing some amazing stuff of late, so I am blessed to have a fine poet’s endorsement. Let’s hope all those who have woken up to the fact that their country is no longer theirs, will find their voices and start making a difference by, at the very least, acknowledging the truth.

      • Joe Tessitore

        I just saw that the video C.B. posted on your “New Year’s Revolution” has been taken down, presumably by the server.

        Gives “Remove Comment” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

  3. Pastor Neal Schroeder

    A picture is some times worth a thousand words or even more. Words forcefully expressed and well-written are also some times as sharp a weapon, or even sharper, than honed steel. Poetry, especially crafted well, with both meter and careful rhyme, is often more powerful, and always more memorable, than prose. Thank you for what you have written in defense of our nation, now also your own chosen nation. Evil likes darkness, does its dark deeds in darkness, seeks to draw blinded multitudes into its darkness. Goodness and truth love the light, enlighten many, opening blind eyes, inviting them to trust in, and to live in the light. May God save the USA and the rest of the world along with it!

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Pastor Neal Schroeder, your comment expresses the sentiment of my poem perfectly, and I thank you with all of my heart for your encouragement. Today, I felt my words were weak and futile… you have changed my mind. Thank you very much.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Thank you for your support, Jerilyn! It means a lot!

  4. Margaret Coats

    “Will they blind my fair mind till resigned to false reason?”
    From a comment of your own earlier, we know what you went through recently, and you therefore express what many are feeling this Epiphany. Let’s witness the light gladly, and pray for it to spread–as well as doing whatever else we can.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you, Margaret. I appreciate your comment more than I can convey in words… and that is rare moment for a wordy person like me. With much gratitude.

  5. C.B. Anderson

    Well, I must ask: What can we do now? It appears that Evil has prevailed. And don’t tell me to make sure I vote. I tried that. Any other ideas?

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      C.B., at least half of us now know the swamp exists, we know who is in it and what they have done and intend to do, and many of them are “Republicans”. We must NEVER stop getting the word out there. We can stand up and challenge the education system. Stop buying from Amazon. Stop supporting Hollywood. Stop watching Cable TV. Close Twitter and Facebook accounts and champion the new populist platforms, and bank at our local credit union… not a globalist bank, as explained in the video you promoted by Catherine Austin Fitts. Choose news carefully and spread the truth. The most important thing is never, ever to accept the “new normal” – if we do, we’ll lose our souls and our purpose.

  6. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    C.B., to add, the whole point of my poem, is that poets might not be able to change any outcome of a fraudulent election, but they can highlight the truth. Knowledge is power. I have taken so much stick because I’ve spoken out – I’ll ask you a question. Should I have remained silent? Also, this was my first vote as an American citizen. I have lost all faith in the government, but not the people.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      … and, evil NEVER prevails if you look at the bigger picture and believe in a higher justice than the current government!

  7. Yael

    Brilliant poem Susan, bravo!
    I really like the format with the repeating last line, which runs as a unifying thread throughout the whole poem and then resolves into the climax of the ending statement.
    Knowing nothing about the technical aspects of poetry, I wonder if this format has a name and what is it?

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Yael, thank you so much! You have a fine eye for the musical aspect of poetry, and I am thrilled you’ve asked me about the form. I admire Rudyard Kipling and consider him a fine writer and a man who wrote with honesty and passion. I wanted to write in the same vein as him. Kipling’s “The Bell Buoy” inspired me. I didn’t adhere to his exact form, but he showed the me the way, and I am pleased it worked.

  8. Martin Rizley

    In these dark days in which the nation is entering, I believe the written word will continue to play a powerful role in shining the light of truth on the pernicious lies that jelly-spined politicians want us all to swallow like some hallucinogenic drug– a “happy pill” which they believe will transport the entire nation to some peaceful realm of alternative reality, far from the discordant voice of Donald Trump, where we can all rattle our chains together like tambourines while singing Kum-ba-yah under the watchful eye of Big Brother. These politicians, whose rhetoric turns reality on its head, would exhort us to “come together as one” with people who who would steal elections in order to put chains of political correctness on the hearts, minds and tongues of a free people, so that we think and speak and act only as THEY DECREE. It is not going to happen as long as people like yourself refuse to swallow the “happy pill” that would enable you to see the world upside down, as they do. Your poems call us all to keep thinking clearly and critically about the manipulative tactics used by the radical and ruthless left, so that we continue to judge matters based on truth and facts, not based on empty, vomititious rhetoric that turns reality upside down, spouted those whose cowardly hearts are driven by a sycophantic “peace at any price” mentality.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Martin, like you, I refuse to swallow their brand of “happy pill”. Your astute comment with its array of creative and spot on observations makes me want to grab my pen once more… the truth matters! Thank you for your support and your inspiration!

  9. David Watt

    Susan, I believe there will be many who come to wish they had witnessed the light. Thanks for shining your light so brightly.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      David, your words are a beam of sunshine on this dark day. Thank you!

  10. Joseph S. Salemi

    Susan, your poem speaks the truth loudly and forcefully. In our cancel-culture, this website (along with all conservative media) will be subject to vicious persecution and legal harassment once Biden and his V.P. bitch get into power.

    I feel deep pain and shame that you, a newly-minted American citizen, should have to see your basic constitutional freedoms curtailed so quickly.

    To everyone out there — get guns and ammunition as soon as possible. Those of us in the Northeastern states have no ability to do that, being legally disarmed and helpless. So most likely we will be the first victims of the coming persecutions.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Joe S., your words are a chilling wake-up call for all those who weren’t quite sure what the word “freedom” meant… they’ll soon know it when it’s gone. I’m listening to the duplicitous media with their constant fearmongering and predict that the inauguration of this CCP puppet of a president will not be open to the public… to hide the embarrassment of his lack of support, they’ll shut Washington D.C. down by any lying means necessary. They’re already ramping up the Covid fear, and now the fear of terrorism from patriots even though BLM and Antifa have been terrorizing our cities with impunity for a year. It’s all so heartbreakingly predictable for anyone who can see further than the vision of our new CCP mouthpiece – Supreme Leader Wun-Dum-Duc.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        … also, this is not a Left/Right, Democrat/Republican problem. It’s a global-ruling-class and the-rest-of-us-poor-sods problem.

  11. Russel Winick


    This is so true.
    Today Twitter cancelled Trump permanently. And Simon & Schuster cancelled Sen. Hawley’s upcoming book. But in a case from 1927, Justice Brandeis wrote:

    “If there be time to expose through discussion, the falsehoods and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”

    We are moving backwards.

    Great job, per your usual.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you very much for your considered and enlightening comment, Russel. The quote that I would choose for my poem is below, and it chills me to the bone. Let’s hope that living under the draconian rule of the new global order doesn’t make us all regret we didn’t listen to these warnings:

      A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud ~ George Orwell


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