by Russel Winick

“Amen and Awoman” the Congressman said,
The Leftists all thought it was great.
What more woke insanity now lies ahead?
That young females “womanstruate”?



by C.B. Anderson

No longer will our children learn in school
A history that’s free from outright lies
And glib distortions that are meant to fool

The undeveloped minds and cloud the eyes
Of those with futures hanging in the balance,
But only Leftist creed in thin disguise

Designed to stifle the emerging talents
Of budding youth.  Nor will it be deemed civil
To speak one’s mind or ever make allowance

For those who do, unless they’re spewing drivel
Composed by those who’ve ruthlessly deflowered
Our nation, placed all conscience on a swivel,

And brought about the Era of the Coward.
No less a measure than immense upheaval
Can counter what the technocrats empowered,

And any country overcome by Evil,
Where lawlessness and rank corruption rule,
Most likely is a land beyond retrieval.



Democratic Newspeak

by Eric Awesud Ble

Across the land, free speech is banned, by despots in control.
Dictating Democratic autocrats are on a roll.
The Democrats, in their pursuit of inclusivity,
banned terms, like mother, father, brother, sister, she or he
In their committees. Democrats will not allow such terms
as uncle, aunt, grand-daughter or grand-son; they must be spurned.
The U.S. House of Representatives will stop such trash
thanks to the gender ideology of Democrats.
One must avoid such words as man or woman, husband, wife.
Perhaps the Democrats would also like to banish life.



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5 Responses

  1. C.B. Anderson

    I thank you, Russel, for exposing the utter stupidity and ignorance of certain persons who supposedly represent us in Congress. Unfortunately, most Libtards will take their ill-conceived eructations as Gospel.

    And you, Bruce, have hit the nail on the head. I only wonder where we go from here.

  2. Cynthia Erlandson

    All three of these make excellent points, in good meter and rhyme. Russel, thanks for the laugh-out-loud. We surely need humor to help our sanity these days. C.B., you’ve expressed the dread I feel for the future of young children whenever I see them now. And I admire your terza rima! (I’ve never had the courage to try that form yet.) And Eric, you’ve compressed into a few lines an example of the theft of language in which the left has been engaged for so long, but has been accelerating with dizzying speed this year.

    • Russel Winick

      Thanks C.B. and Cynthia. I now often think back to when I participated in my college’s student government in the mid-late ‘70’s. There were (many) liberals and (several) conservatives, but we all listened to each other, were respectful towards each other, and after arguing we got a beer together (or, in my case, water). I fear those days may be gone forever. Last week feels like the second coming of Fort Sumpter.

    • C.B. Anderson

      Terza rima isn’t all that challenging, Cynthia. One needs only to choose words for line endings that have a sufficient number of good rhymes. For this poem I had assembled thematic triplets ahead of time and then went from there. How to end a terza rima poem is another issue one needs to address. There are at least three ways to do it. 1.) In this poem I picked up the A lines in the first stanza with a rhyme in the B line of the last stanza (2 + 1 = 3); 2.) the last stanza can be a couplet that rhymes with the B line of the preceding stanza (most common); or 3.) the last stanza can be a quatrain, as in my poem “Twice”, like this:

      to utter speechlessness — she was the knife
      first pierced his heart! She was the sober dove
      whose olive-branch brought order to his life.

      To find his place, to firmly fall in love,
      was blessedness that came without a price,
      but left him bowed — he thanked the God above
      that he had been allowed to do it twice.

  3. Christophet Flint

    Mr. Anderdon —

    I assume my longer praise of your work and insight has been appropriately censored to protect SCP. I understand but regret the need for such control. I can only hope it is sent to you privately. Your wotk is a masterful lament of extraordinary import.


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