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The Victory of Donald J. Trump in the 2020 U.S. Election

by Erisbawdle Cue

You can’t make something be so, if the numbers are all wrong.
You can’t hide Waldo in a place where he does not belong.
You can’t explain by obfuscating and be understood.
You can’t use high-tech media to make a bad thing good.
You can’t shout louder to make science be just what you feel.
You can’t turn fiction into fact. You can’t make fake things real.
You can’t keep lying constantly to make a false claim true,
You can’t do all these things, and yet, a lot of people do.
One’s audience can be enormous, if one writes for fools.
You can’t deny reality; the Earth moves if it moves.



Where Hyenas Howl

by “Weird” Ace Blues

I saw the best minds of my generation were destroyed…
by fierce, demonic rats, with piercing eyes devoid of joy,
by ranting, famished jackals terrorizing city streets,
by bowel movements of disgusting cancel culture feats,
by vultures of corruption, FBI and CIA,
by rhinos running rampant over these divided states,
by techno-tyranrs, unleashed virus manufacturers,
by Wall-Street fat cats, vampire bank bats and their censorers,
by swarms of hawks and fireants in this hard land of rocks,
by worshippers of Moloch, where hyenas howl and stalk.



A True American: January 6, 2021

by Brice U. Lawseed

Within the U.S. Capitol, there still remains a debt.
O, don’t forget her—Ashli Babbitt—who was shot to death.
An Air Force veteran and California resident,
she had gone to D.C., protesting the fake President.
Who murdered her—that patriot—protesting the deceit,
the national enshrining of complete dishonesty?
O, don’t forget her, though the hateful bullet pierced her through,
a martyr for America, a martyr for the truth.
O, don’t forget her—Ashli Babbitt—who was shot to death—
for longing to be free and breathe free, she gave her last breath.



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18 Responses

  1. Norma Okun

    I feel your passion in the words for the truth is lost. Whatever the big wheels want will be. A head appeared in the 50 cent piece. A way to honor what you did to someone who went against the USA invading foreign lands to take the best produce their land can make. USA freedom and truth will someday be the same but not now because the same old lies and patterns the big wheels use to take power away from someone who does not do it their way. It matters not what the country voted for. It is them who will continue to be the powerful and almighty electing whoever bends to their commands.

    • BDW

      Ms. Okun brings up several points about some of the themes in these poems, not all of which I understand. Her optimistic thought “USA freedom and truth will someday be the same…” I cannot think will ever happen; but it is food for thought (produce?). Still it is not an easy transition from a semi-representative republic to an unbridled techno-tyranny, which AMLO, the President of Mexico, has labeled an “Inquisition”. The “big wheels” Ms. Okun refers to have ever been a feature of some of the worst aspects of American life, historically and at the present moment.

    • Norma Okun

      Journey Into Madness by Gordon Thomas published in 1988. It is an eye opener as to who “done it” “The true story of secret CIA mind control and medical abuse.” Which is happening right now with the vaccines and other medical related things.

      • BDW

        Ms. Okun is correct to draw connections between past CIA efforts at mind control, etc., as in works, like those of British writer Gordon Thomas, a cousin of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who handled some of the important topics of our time, from his work as a reporter for the Daily Express in the 1950s, as for example, reportage on the Suez Canal, and
        his well-known works on secret intelligence. For the second poem here, I went to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” (1956), to likewise draw attention to similarities in theme and slant. the direct madness here alluding to the Rockland insane asylum. Allen Ginsberg, who had to endure the wrath of the security ser-vices, in that sense, is an ideal writer to draw on at this particular moment in American history.

      • Norma Okun

        Hi BDW you are right on track. I was unfortunately associated with someone who wrote a book against communism in Guatemala. He was a CIA guy with nothing but lies and more lies. Including me being his daughter.

    • BDW

      I am not surprised that Mr. Tessitore, the author of “Breathe Free or Die” and not averse to controversy, could embrace even the third poem, “A True American: January 6, 2021”, when elsewhere on the Internet, a poetry editor, who had published poems and an essay of mine previously, told me, in no uncertain terms, to never submit a poem to him again (he who had earlier pressed me to “LinkIn” to his account).]

  2. Julian D. Woodruff

    There is no way Trump can legitimately be tied to the murderous events at the the Capitol on 1/6, and efforts to do so should be firmly refuted until and unless culpatory evidence emerges. By the same token, I have seen no such evidence connecting “President” Biden with these events, either. Have I missed something?

    • BDW

      I think Mr. Woodruff’s comments refer to the third tennos, but I don’t know, because he does not say as much. Nevertheless, Mr. Woodruff does seem to be an apologist for Biden and his family, whose practices Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, in his book “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite”, analyzed in excruciating detail. Yet, as Mr. Woodruff withholds final judgment on the Capitol insurrection, I, too, shall withhold final judgment as to how extensively Biden and his minions, from Antifa and BLM to the DC police, from high-tech propagandists to corrupt national agencies, were involved. I suspect it will be a long time, if ever, when we learn what really happened at the Capitol, and what were the actual numbers of the 2020 US election (since, as they stand they don’t even make mathematical sense).

      • Julian D. Woodruff

        I certainly don’t wish to appear an apologist for Biden. As a total fraud, he deserved no one’s vote.
        Unfortunately, I must concur with Mr. Wise in the matter of when the public is likely to know the truth about the federal election, the Georgia run-off, and other controversies almost beyond numbering. What IS clear is the resistance to laying things bare and at least making an effort to restore public trust.

    • BDW

      Ms. Stock’s terse comment was on the first tennos. Strangely, at least to me, I had no working title in mind as I wrote the piece. In fact, I was actually thinking about logic and philosophy. The title was almost an afterthought; but, as in the creative, disjointed titles one frequently finds in the poetry of Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), it worked as a point of departure, from which to contemplate the ideas contained therein. The great, pessimistic anti-Hegelian/anti-Marxist Schopenhauer served as an ideal foil to madding crowds, groupthink, and mob gangs, while the great Italian scientist Galileo is one of those individuals who marked momentous points in history when the powers that be force people to accept a lie those in the know know is not true.

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    After the illegal inauguration of this fake “President” Biden, things are going to get MUCH, MUCH WORSE for all of us. The Liberal-Left will be in total control of government and banking-financial institutions, not to mention print and broadcast media, and vast stretches of the state legislatures. If you think that little scumbag Obama was bad, just wait for what’s in store for us now.

    I will never refer to Biden as any thing other than “The Resident.” He may reside in the White House and exercise power illegitimately, but he has no moral authority whatsoever. In any case, he won’t be there long. His obvious dementia will worsen, and he’ll be deposed in favor of that evil bitch Harris.

    Congratulations, America! You’ve become a dipshit banana republic, with stolen elections, muzzled news, and unabashed tyranny.

    • Norma Okun

      I think you have given proper names to new to become “the resident and evil bitch Harris”
      I like to see “the evening go down” as my permanent residence and the sun coming up. That won’t be going away for as long as trees give out oxygen. Thankfully those two along with the ones that put them in office will only be there temporarily like Obama.

      • Norma Okun

        I like to say that I hope that America will be well represented by the new leaders. I think swearing is in bad taste and calling people names. I regret looking back at what I wrote quoting that kind of language.

    • BDW

      Mr. Salemi is right about the take over of the “Liberal-Left” of government, banking, media, and many state legislatures. I never knew how bad Obama and Biden were until Donald J. Trump came on the scene, uncovering so much corruption of the Swamp; and now the illegitimate Resident with “obvious dementia” will be in the White House, and, as Mr. Salemi prophetically states, could well “be deposed”. America is fast becoming a “banana republic, with stolen elections, muzzled news, and unabashed tyranny”. With his Menkenesque flair, in poetry and prose, Mr. Salemi is rightfully considered one of the better polemicists of New Millennial American literature.

  4. Norma Okun

    Why Would There Be Such Worry?
    The new to be administration has plotted from
    The first time they heard the name Trump to stampede
    All that he stood for.
    They have gun down all he wanted and have been against everything
    He proposed and had one intention and one only
    To smear his reputation, to bring him down as they have
    In the past brought their own kind to an early death
    Their own kind a democrat, who did not follow what they
    Wanted. It is the same ones that wanted Johnson and the Vietnam War
    They are all there electing who they want to bend to their mind’s requests

    Why would they need all the United States armed forces?
    Even only a couple were dead set against them?
    They know half of America is up to their tricks.

    I am not a party to neither of them
    The administration to me is political and
    Not about what is good for people
    It is only our egos.
    The bigger the ego
    The more it demands
    Someone says close shop
    Wear a mask
    Stay home.
    How about thinking first
    How are they going to support themselves if the income comes directly from their work?
    Who cares they say they are communists who want to be fed and do no work
    We work to give you nothing and hope you do not get anything.
    We use your taxes to tell you what to do, and we know better than you what we do with your money.
    We have you fooled into thinking every penny in income taxes goes to our good,
    Because they know better than you.
    You are just a nothing, your money is important to us.
    Keep it going and we will spend every dime in our defense because it is looking
    Like our plot to elect who we want is getting opposition.
    We send the black lives matters to make the subject of our injustice go away.
    We wanted you to think you are the ones being unjust to the blacks.
    You people are the ones who got your business destroyed because you were not
    Kind to the black. They only came to Washington to bring down the statues because these people who were born a long time ago did not know that black lives matter.
    Get ready for the big inauguration of January 20. 2021 that has to be protected because no one wants Biden but with enough police they will have it done.
    © 2021 by Norma Okun

    • BDW

      I do concur with Ms. Okun’s tone of the taking control of the government—that is, the Insurrection of January 6th, a memorable date that shall go down in history. But who exactly are the perpetrators and their accomplices?


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