Among the many flowers in the vase,
‘Tis I—the flower with the pretty face,
Full humor, sound stamen, and skill in fun—
Who is to say to you, Michele, “Well done.”
As so the master charged.  Yet we who fade,
Who soon, like him, shall die, know we were made
To lend a blossom brief; but you, ah, you,
By art give life to Beauty ever new.



Michael Curtis is an architect, sculptor, painter, historian, and poet, has for more than 40 years contributed to the revival of the classical arts. He has taught and lectured at universities, colleges, and museums, including The Institute of Classical Architecture, The National Gallery of Art, et cetera; his pictures and statues are housed in over four hundred private and public collections, including The Library of Congress, The Supreme Court, et alibi; his verse has been published in over twenty journals; his work in the visual arts can be found at TheClassicalArtist.com, and his literary work can be found at TheStudioBooks.com.

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