Till rolling seas cease heaving high,
The starry nights stop passing by,
The universe is wrapped in flame,
And there is no one left to blame.
__Until then? … You’re my loved one.

Till sun no longer makes a day,
And earth will never get a ray,
The quiet coldness of the earth
Bespeaks a lonely universe.
__Until then? … I’m still not done.

Though worlds may die and silent be,
We still have an eternity
To be together, on and on.
The words like death and dying gone.
__Until then? … We’ve just begun.



Roy E. Peterson is a writer and former U.S. military army intelligence officer who currently resides in Texas. 

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11 Responses

  1. Margaret Coats

    Love persistent through gloomy apocalypse–until the veil is lifted in the final stanza, and unsuspected potential revealed. Succinct and well done, Roy.

  2. Panagiota Romios

    Roy~ such touching sentiments in exquisite form and style. I feel as you have so aptly written;
    ” we’ve only just begun…”
    Happy Valentine’s Day?

  3. Yael

    That’s beautiful and romantic. I especially like that you got the blame game out of the way right in the first stanza. The length is really good too, great job!

    • Roy E Peterson

      I am thankful for your noticing the important things. Sometimes I just have to stop writing more verses and realize what I have is that which I wished to communicate already.

  4. C.B. Anderson

    This poem, Roy, to me sounded almost like a hymn, and the multiversal refrain at the end of each stanza was a very nice touch. This is the “other side” of military intelligence.

    • Roy E Peterson

      I had to smile at your comment about military intelligence. Thank you for your wonderful evaluation. I always appreciate reading your thoughts and poetry.

  5. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Roy, whoever said romance was dead hadn’t had the pleasure of reading your poem. I agree with C.B. on the refrain front. Thank you very much for this Valentine’s Day treat.

    • Roy E Peterson

      Bless you for your kind words and encouragement. I appreciated your Valentine’s Day contribution, as well! Your poems are always well thought out and superbly well written.

  6. Bethany Mootsey

    This is a beautiful poem! I especially like the line “the quiet coldness of the earth.”


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