It feels like a galaxy far, far away,
__But it’s just the US of A
Where a woman is canned, her prospective gigs banned,
__For refusing to mutely obey.

Speech marshals have spoken, patrollers of space;
__Even actors must act to save face.
Five affairs? No one cares. DUI? Don’t be shy
__But for science deniers, no place.

Don’t dare to compare or you’ll look like a quack,
__“There’s no way we could go down that track!”
Yet each ending starts small, like commending the fall
__Of one star as the Empire strikes back.



Bethany Mootsey is a stay-at-home mom and foster mom living in Clearwater, Florida. She is a Covenant College graduate with publications in “Church Educator.”

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13 Responses

  1. Joe Tessitore

    Right on, Bethany!

    My only suggestion would be quotes for “science deniers”, since leftists have now appropriated “science” as well.

    • Bethany Mootsey

      Thanks, Joe! I was going for subtlety, but it’s a good suggestion. 🙂

  2. James Sale

    Very enjoyable poem; what is of course so ironical – though Disney doesn’t understand irony – about this situation is that Gina in the Star Wars films is supposed to represent a strong, independent-minded woman – but guess what? As soon as she acts strongly and independently – which is to say, has an opinion – they shut her down. So much for Hollywood commitment to values.

    • Bethany Mootsey

      Yes, that is exactly the irony! Strength and independence can only be expressed within their parameters. “Hollywood commitment to values…” That could be a whole other poem, couldn’t it?! Thanks for reading!

  3. Sally Cook

    Dear Bethany –
    The entire question of a woman losing work because of her opinions is irrelevant; it is that we are all
    losing our God-given right to speak out! I’m sure it won’t be long, if it has not already happened, before those bureaucrats eager to show their stuff will be monitoring all poets and essayists for Incorrect” opinion
    Dear Bethany —
    Welcome! What can we all do? Read the poetry of others and learn from it. Make our own work the best it can be. Speak out against today’s craziness. I think you would enjoy the work of Susan Jarvis Bryant on this site, and find in it a myriad of ways in which to write similarly, in your own developing style. Keep on keeping on!

    • Bethany Mootsey

      Thanks for your comments, Sally. Freedom of speech is such a tricky issue. While they may have had a legal right to fire her, I would argue they did not have a moral right to do so. Like you said, we can keep on reading, writing, learning from others, and using our voices to do what we can, not just regarding political issues but in all aspects of life that we care about.

  4. Peter Hartley

    Bethany – Good points in your little poem, strongly put, and I do like the unusual alternating trimeter and tetrameter rhythm which you maintain very well.

  5. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Bethany, hats off to Gina Carano and to you – the accomplished poet who has highlighted the hypocrisy of the entire debacle in a polished and engaging way. Very well done, indeed!

  6. Margaret Coats

    The Star Wars diction in the poem makes it distinctive and appropriate to Gina as cosmic representative of everyone who is “canceled” and punished for using her right to free speech. I recall an episode in Star Trek where the trekkers discovered descendants of Americans supposedly lost in space during the early years of space exploration. These people had the flag and the pledge of allegiance, but had garbled the words into meaningless ritual. Looks like we do not need to search the galaxy for an analogy.

  7. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Bethany, not only do I love your poem, with all its wordplay and wonder, I commend your standing up for those who are trodden down and cancelled with your strong poetic voice of justice. Never stop fighting your literary fight. I’m with you all the way!


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