In Astrophysics, I’m ranked “One,”
and Greek and Latin I find fun.
All serve me well at Crossword “Times,”
with each day’s matrix solved by nine.

Most free verse, though?
Puzzles abstruse;
Augean tasks for “us obtuse.”
It’s glossy verse too recherché
for even Hercules to slay!

But many Eds—women and men—
have deemed  rhymed verse beyond the ken.
Said style they shun for fear of harm
to psyche, brain, tongue, ear, eye, arm.

Well, I could spend my Nobel Purse
and buy “The Code to Glossy Verse,”
but oh, how better spent the time
with Homer, Poe, and Silverstein!



Tonia Kalouria, a former Spanish teacher and “soap” actress, is now a poet in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Her most recent—and rhyming—poems appear in Literary Veganism and Fox Hollow Stories, and two anthologies: “Quoth the Raven” and “Poems from the Lockdown.”

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13 Responses

  1. Sally Cook

    Dear Tonia –
    You sound like a very sensible person; wide ranging in both vocabulary and thought. I would like to see more of your work.
    Please, join us here at SCP.

      • C.B. Anderson

        Red wine has more health benefits, but whatever floats your boat is fine.

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