Governor Mussolini

Fifteen thousand souls,
Killed by the stroke of his pen,
For whom no bell tolls.



Covid Chronicles

I saw a naked face today—
It nearly took my breath away!
I knew the girl and so I asked
“How is it, Dear, that you’re unmasked?”.

“I’m on the phone, as you can see,
So Batflu germs won’t bother me.
Anthony Fauci says it’s true—
I got the memo, didn’t you?”

“Sweetheart, that simply makes no sense!
You’re standing there with no defense!
Protect yourself, I’m begging please!
The friend you’re talking to might sneeze!”



Joe Tessitore is a retired New York City resident and poet.

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32 Responses

  1. C.B. Anderson

    The first poem, even the title, was spot on. Forget Corona virus; from now on it’s Cuomo virus.

    The second poem was damn funny, and I loved the metrical substitution used to enable “Anthony Fauci.” That guy is definitely a coriamb if I ever saw one.

  2. Cynthia Erlandson

    I especially like the line, “For whom no bell tolls,” reminding us that we aren’t even allowed to honor these government-abused people with a decent funeral service.

    • Joe Tessitore

      I’m afraid that there is much that we are no longer allowed to do and that more is coming.
      I know that our Faith will see us through.

  3. Sally Cook

    Joe –

    Keep on — I love it !

    With Mr. Cuomo
    Major Domo
    And Fauci’s rules
    Made up for fools,
    The world’s gone mad —
    I find it sad.

    • Paul Freeman

      Dr Fauci doesn’t ‘make up’ rules. He advises based on the best scientific knowledge at the time. The fools are surely those who take the word of someone who suggests injecting bleach or sticking UV light bulbs where the sun don’t shine as pandemic cures.

      • Joe Tessitore


        He’s already admitted to lying twice to us. Is there some kind of trick to know when he’s telling the truth?

        Believe what you will about President Trump, he dropped bombs on no one.

      • Mike Bryant

        Yes, Fauci does make up rules. He also funded the Wuhan lab to increase the virulence of the Covid virus. Trump was talking about a well-known procedure used in medicine that his advisors mentioned to him. Too bad that the vast unwashed are so easily led by their noses, perhaps because their noses are wedged so tightly up the backsides of the elite. The idea of using household disinfectants was never mentioned by Trump but was attributed to him by the slanderers that want to remain the lackeys of Xi Jinping.
        I suppose there must be some kind of comfort in believing every lie that the globalist oligarchs promote.
        Thank God, I suppose, that under resident Biden “science” reigns supreme. What a laugh.

      • Paul Freeman

        I watched the live broadcast of then-President Trump saying these things and was left cringing, as was his resident expert at the time.

      • Mike Bryant

        I watched it too. I understood exactly what he was saying and so did the people that had just briefed him. Only someone completely ignorant of the facts, the scramble for treatments at the time, would still turn it upside down. If anything, Trump was unwise to let the ignorant in on what was going on. Of course, if he had kept the information to himself, he would now be criticized for that. It is boringly predictable.

      • Cynthia Erlandson

        Thank you, Mike. That is a good article.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Fauci is a pathetic little liar. He basks in the celebrity he gets from those who worship his every pronouncement. If Fauci had his way, this Wuhan Flu hysteria would go on forever, and he could keep on mugging for the cameras.

      • C.B. Anderson

        Horsefeathers, Paul. If you examine the record you will find that Grouchy Fauci has reversed his position on many occasions, and not according to science (whatever he thinks that is) but according to what he deems to be the flavor of the day. If you can’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to see it.

      • Paul Freeman

        I read the Newsmax article, Mike. Dr Peter Michalos is an eye doctor who appears on a radio show and throws out details on experimental therapies. The UV study mentioned is at the pre-clinical stage, so therefore has not been used on patients, though patents have been applied for.

        I listened to the radio show recording mentioned by Newsmax, and what Dr Michalos says is different to the Newsmax quote. He actually says: “Some of the new treatments that President Trump was, I think, trying to say, they’re actually not fiction.” The ‘I think’ was removed by Newsmax. They also fail to mention that in the same radio broadcast Dr Michalos debunks hydroxychloroquine.

        Dr Peter Michalos is a strong advocate of face mask wearing, social-distancing, hand-washing and getting vaccinated. Those who are not contributing towards nationwide herd immunity, he labels as ‘selfish’ in the broadcast below.


      • Mike Bryant

        Paul, the doctor also said, “If you cannot explain it, better to not talk about it, but what he (Trump) was saying actually does have a scientific basis.”
        That backs up everything I’m saying. It’s not fiction. It has been and is still being twisted to make Trump appear to be an idiot. He is not.

    • Cynthia Erlandson

      I agree with you, Sally. Fauci’s rules certainly are made for fools. He’s changed his mind so many times that the explanation must be — or at least must include — that his commands are politically influenced. I’m sure that he and his ilk are laughing at us for following their rules, and are certainly not following them themselves. I don’t believe that any of these antisocial-distancing / mask type of “rules” have been passed into laws by legislatures, or that leftists care at all about that, which is both sad and scary. Nor do I believe that our government’s system of separation of powers is taught by very many public school teachers any more. These people like Fauci, and certain governors, surely do care only about their own power, and not about us. It’s hard to understand why so many people are gullible enough to assume they have only our best interests at heart. I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking me about…. but regarding feminism, I think we agree, as well. Perhaps some feminists still think it’s about women’s rights; but if that is the case, they should be loudly protesting against taking athletics and women’s restrooms away from them.

      • Sally Cook

        Agreed ! No one teaches logic anymore. We are living in a fantasy, but worse than that, one that gets further made up and revised as we go.
        Meritocracy is close to dead; adherence to an agenda is what life is becoming. Those who set the agenda are the ones with the best planned changes and restrictions. And they are everywhere; in sports, literature (if you can call reporting by that name); the arts. I believe it started with changes to the definition of the word “man”, which, beyond the obvious, had a secondary meaning of “man, the human being.” That has been wiped out in favor of “person.” A man had principles; so did a woman, each strong in an individual way. To me, a “person” is beholden to a system of artificiality. Now it has reached the point where there is almost nothing one can say that won’t offend someone else. So we are set to quibbling over details.

  4. Joseph S. Salemi

    This little scumbag Andrew Cuomo has murdered more people than a Mafia don.

    Now it turns out he’s a sexual predator. And all of a sudden the feminists are angry.

      • Sally Cook

        Yes, Cynthia, but thoughtful women are well aware of feminism’s goals, which don’t include me, or you.
        If not lies, what then. I wonder, is it that Mr. Fauci does “make up?” Political slanting of a disease? Self-aggrandizement? I see our
        God-given and constitutional rights trampled every day by a politicalized and seemingly hypnotized bureaucratic
        segment of our leaders.
        To be controlled by such people, whose first goal is power — is this what we really advocate? I think not. I think all we really want is for our government to
        follow its own rules.
        What say you, Cynthia?

    • C.B. Anderson

      Regarding Andrew Cuomo’s recent troubles, Joseph: it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Perhaps the only truth Bill Clinton ever uttered was in the taped phone call between him and Jennifer Flowers. That’s where he agreed that Mario Cuomo seemed like a mafioso.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Andrew Cuomo is a perfect Michael Corleone — arrogant, vindictive, power-hungry, and murderous. He even has an incompetent little schmuck for a brother, the talentless Chris Cuomo, who is a perfect Fredo Corleone.

        Andrew Cuomo got furious when President Trump pointed this out.

  5. David Watt

    Well done Joe for two spot-on poems.

    Dr Fauci, do you know,
    That his story changes so?
    What was true before is false.
    He leads us on a COVID waltz.

  6. Joe Tessitore


    As I knew that there was a connection between your two poems, I know that Faith will see us through.

    I have been in the darkest black hole and I fall back into it on the most regrettable basis, but I have seen the Light, and it is beyond hope.

    • Sally Cook

      Joe –
      Perception is a necessary part of poetry. You have hit the nail smack on its head.

      • Joe Tessitore

        Thank you, Sally, but certainly through no “fault” of my own.

  7. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Joe, I love your in-your-face honesty through poetry… a medium we could all learn from on this unique site. I don’t usually put a poem of mine in a comment, but I really hope you appreciate this one:

    The Pox Fox

    This silver-furred yogi of how to stay fit,
    This bespectacled guru of health,
    Is a growly voiced sage of nefarious wit;
    A hoodwinking master of stealth.
    This flip-flopping, truth-chopping, sly hypocrite;
    This barefaced disgrace; demon prince of batshit,
    Is rolling in ill-gotten wealth.

    This fork-tongued ace fudger of figures and facts
    Who wove the apocalypse thread,
    Has backtracked on data and hacked with an axe
    Stale old omens for new ones instead.
    This push-the-gloom doomster of grind-them-down sin
    Is fleecing the country by selling his spin
    To buyers of this brand of dread.

    This weaselly wizard of mealy-mouthed care,
    This bender of useful-tool rules,
    Defends years of breathing in mask-musty air
    In his mask-less charade to masked fools.
    As the gagged sag on couches, evermore slouchy,
    All maudlin and paunchy and evermore grouchy,
    The Pox Fox is gloating with ghouls.

    Joe, let’s stand together and get the word out… always poetically!

    • Joe Tessitore


      It’s a wonderful poem, Susan, and we really can’t stop.
      I doubt that we could live with ourselves if we did.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Our conscience calls – a spot on observation, my truth-spreader in poetry. Onward and upward, my friend! Never stop!

      • Joe Tessitore

        And when it’s my living room, you are always welcome to post your poetry.
        You bless it when you do.

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