A kangaroo visiting from Australia beholds the kangaroo court attempting to impeach President Trump for the second time and, taking the current kangaroo judge’s momentary absence as an opportunity, dresses up as judge and addresses the court.

Folk took my name in vain
When they joined in the refrain
“Destroy that man who’s been unseated.”
“Punish him,” was what they bleated
Hyenas in a frenzy, they,
Seeking revenge the Party way.

Perhaps the charge of insurrection
Helped achieve a new direction
Whilst denying the election
To the man of odd complexion.
He knows that you prefer correction
To your state of disaffection.

We find ourselves now in a world
Where flags of hatred fly unfurled
Where right is wrong and left, bereft,
Engages in electoral theft.
(Your child’s not safe with such as these;
They’ll kiss the devil, on their knees.)

The “progressive” judge is out today.
I’m in his place—but not his pay.
I am a Roo of a different shade.
I trust you’ve not your minds up made.
(That’s Kangarese—not of their tribe;
My kind of Roo you cannot bribe.)

Inside my pouch is what I’ll judge—
Hard evidence that will not budge.
Prepare yourselves for a big surprise;
This pouch is full of political lies.
There’s only guilt that lies within
In furry shade as black as sin.

My paw goes in right to the hilt
And wraps around the slimy guilt.
It’s slippery but shows the con
Through trails of dirty crumpled yuan.
Oh goodness me! I move too slowly.
Look here it is a Biden Joe-y!



Jan Darling is a New Zealander who has worked in Auckland, Wellington, London, Barcelona, New York and Sydney at copywriting and marketing strategy.  She has spent her leisure time over sixty years writing poetry and short stories. Now retired, she lives in pastoral New South Wales with her husband Arturo. 

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16 Responses

  1. C.B. Anderson

    Great fun, Jan. You managed to connect some down-under references with the grave situation up here. It’s a wonder that all of you haven’t already fallen, head first, into outer space. Or maybe you have.

    • Mo

      Thank you for recognizing truth, despite the lamestream monopoly on worldwide media outlets. I appreciate your honest perspective.
      Sometimes I feel the whole world has been brainwashed.

      • Jan Darling

        The brainwashing is still in the progress, Mo. Our only hope is that the few cancel-culturists and assorted ragbags actually in possession of one accidentally change channels or pick up the wrong newspaper.

    • Jan Darling

      Thank you CB – I began by using some references that would not have been understood up there on the topside without the guiding hand of Evan. While writing it I discovered this curious downsideup fact: the term kangaroo court originated in Texas!

      • C.B. Anderson

        Then God bless Texas, S.J. Bryant and anyone else who lives there.

      • Mike Bryant

        Thanks for the blessing C.B.
        I need all the blessings I can get.

      • Mike Bryant

        Jan Darling, thanks for keeping the flags of truth, and especially Texas, flying proudly. I love the sentiment, the kangaroos, Australia and your beautiful Poetry.

  2. Paul Freeman

    If the election was rigged, or stolen, or whatever, wouldn’t that be the first time in history that an incumbent government, anywhere in the world, has lost a national election to an out-of-power opposition party by such means? Otherwise, as the former President’s, former lawyer, Sidney Powell, is now admitting, they made it all up and no ‘reasonable’ person would believe such outlandish claims.

    Perhaps the kangaroo has not heard of this alternative tROOth?

  3. David Watt

    A great idea for a poem Jan, and a point well made.
    It’s noticeable that the media now conveniently turn their heads away from stories they would have jumped at before. Truth becomes inconvenient when it doesn’t suit the narrative.

    • Jan Darling

      Yes, David – an accurate comment about our downsideup commentators here, too. It is discouraging to think that there’s an entire generation of young journalists who are being schooled in “comment” not in journalism, which if I recall was an unvarnished report of the day’s events published in a central place for all to read.

  4. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Jan, we are sisters in poetry and philosophy. In this age of division, I feel ever closer to most of my fellow poets at SCP… you are top notch! I also admire the fact that even though you don’t reside in America, you see the bigger picture. Thank you!

  5. Jan Darling

    Thank you Susan. You made me blush! If I had half of your talent, I would be overburdened with gifts.


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