Dear President Biden

You act as if you were elected
To spend my great-grandchildren’s money.
By spending trillions you’ve infected
Each one of them with debt gone viral,
And I don’t think it’s wise or funny
To doom them to a downward spiral.

I know that endless spend-spend-spending
Will buy you votes for reelection;
But all of it will have an ending
(For siphoning off people’s cash is
A lot like natural selection)
When Wall Street, like the Dodo, crashes.

But you don’t care ‘cause you won’t be there
When my great-grand-kids vote to change things—
You’ll be long gone, with all your hot air.
As our economy decreases
I hope my grand-kids rearrange things
And help their kids pick up the pieces.



James A. Tweedie is a retired pastor living in Long Beach, Washington. He has written and published six novels, one collection of short stories, and three collections of poetry including Mostly Sonnets, all with Dunecrest Press. His poems have been published nationally and internationally in The Lyric, Poetry Salzburg (Austria) Review, California Quarterly, Asses of Parnassus, Lighten Up Online, Better than Starbucks, WestWard Quarterly, Society of Classical Poets, and The Chained Muse.

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11 Responses

  1. Joe Tessitore

    This is a simple and powerfully direct poem that will touch anyone deeply who, like its author, has eyes to see and a heart to feel.

  2. C.B. Anderson

    This has been going on for so long that you might say that deficit spending is an American tradition. The other part of the tragedy is that these massive social programs rarely if ever work the way they are supposed to — the unintended consequence are often the opposite of the programs are meant to do. You know as well as I do where the road paved with good intentions leads. Joe is right — some can see it and some cannot. It’s always been thus. Cash is/crashes is a nice touch. The worst of it is that Biden is not the architect of anything; he just scrawls his name on whatever his handlers put on his desk.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      The man’s a dementia-addled fool, too stupid or too corrupt to care what happens to the country whether now or in the long run. I doubt if he’s even aware that the election was rigged by the puppet-masters behind his campaign. He’s that unconscious.

  3. Margaret Coats

    Nicely done, James, with most of the rhyming words pertinent to the poem’s theme. As C. B. rightly remarks that deficit spending has become an American tradition, let’s recall the last President to put any taxpayer money toward paying down the national debt was Calvin Coolidge, in office from 1923 to 1929. Any more recent bunk about balancing the budget has just been creative accounting.

    • Joe Tessitore

      You get at what I fear is the root of the problem; since China owns so much of our national debt, does it not own us as well?

      • C.B. Anderson

        Joe, this has always been in the back of my mind, but the irony, Joe, is that China can not bear to see America fail, for otherwise they will never recover their investment. I’m no economist (thank God) but I think that something strange is going on here. I’m sure that the Biden administration is totally unaware. Does that surprise you?

  4. Joe Tessitore

    Our government sold our debt to the Communist Chinese and many of our politicians, from both sides of the aisle, have become wealthy in their dealings with the CCP.
    Mr. Wise recently reminded us that we did fund (and still do?) the Wuhan lab and may even have had a hand in its “gain-of-function” research, i.e. its weaponization.
    Something strange, indeed!

    • Joe Tessitore

      Another way to look at it – if I already own something, I can have no need to recover it.

  5. kishore babu anugu

    Its a clear-cut Picture of Politicians all over. In India, we have similar Governments at various Provinces. It reflects our anger too. Well said. A poem to be shared widely.


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