Light Side

an interpretation of the apology by the DarkSide ransomware hackers

Our motives are mercenary, and apolitical.
Putin puts in a good word; we’re good guys!
We’re taken aback that we hacked such a critical
line of supplies; it’s a nasty surprise.
Now branded as anarchists, worse, analytical
terrorists plotting a nation’s demise,
$5 mil will console us. We’d be hypocritical
If we refused our pecuniary prize.



Bethany Mootsey is a stay-at-home mom and foster mom living in Clearwater, Florida. She is a Covenant College graduate with publications in “Church Educator.”

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4 Responses

  1. Cynthia Erlandson

    This is an excellent sarcastic response to the situation, with clever and fun rhymes!

  2. C.B. Anderson

    This is a gem of compressed expression about our grievances against our Cyber-masters. Be careful! — Silicon Valley knows all about you.

  3. Paul Freeman

    Their thinking’s not circular, somewhat elliptical,
    they’re nice chaps, they’re bad chaps, that’s truth and that’s lies;
    hackers philosophical, they’re somewhat atypical,
    they’re doing us a favour as our cash say their bye, byes.

    Thanks for a light-hearted look with some amazing rhymes, Bethany. We’re obviously in the wrong business.

    • Bethany

      Though it’s not worth a dime,
      I’ll stick to writing rhyme
      Instead of cyber crime.
      Thanks, Paul, for your time!


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