May 12, 2021

The weakness of this president’s admin
Has put us in the mess that we are in.
The winds of war now howl all over the place
From Israel to UFOs in space.

The hombres cross the border with such ease.
The looters feel they may do what they please.
While Congress racks up debt with rampant gambles,
Our bankrupt country soon will be in shambles.

Police face new assaults most every day—
With no back up and even cuts to pay.
Our right to keep our guns is under attack,
By fiat, law and order are held back.

Religious freedom is no longer ours;
We face the hate of vast demonic powers.
The BLM who talk their racial trash
Are working hard to make our country crash.

Decline within our Western civilization
Is hastened by fake news throughout the nation.
Rise up, oh people! You have nothing to fear
Since if you don’t, well then our end is near!



LTC Roy E. Peterson is a writer, retired U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer, Foreign Area Officer, and Foreign Commercial Officer who currently resides in Texas.

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13 Responses

  1. Sally Cook

    Excellent overview of our current state. Watching this take place reflects what has happened countless times over the millenia, in spades.
    Why is it that we refuse to or are unable to learn?

    • Roy E. Peterson

      Excellent point, Sally! I think the answer is failure of our educational systems from grade school through university levels. We need classics, history, civics, American government as mandatory courses, as I understand in many cases they are no longer taught. The ones that do exist often are being replaced with counter-culture subjects.

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Roy, your poem is the song of reason and warning in an insane world. I only hope those on the path to ruin will listen, learn and change direction.

    • Roy E. Peterson

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your poem on Zoom today. I thank you and agree with your hopes. We can all contribute toward that end.

  3. C.B. Anderson

    You continue, Roy, though in a much different way, to serve your country and defend the Constitution from all enemies, and I am glad to stand beside you in this cause.

    • Roy E. Peterson

      I really appreciate your wonderful comments and am encouraged by the thought of you standing with me!

  4. Allegra Silberstein

    You have the right to your beliefs but it important to note that it is not the right to guns that many protest but right to have military style guns with massive killing power.
    Regarding religious freedom I think it is there for us if we are Christians unless we are a black chuch whose members are safe from the with guns.
    I know many agree with you and also feel it is important to share when our world view is different. I am grateful for the kindness and more peaceful words of president Biden.

    • Roy E. Peterson

      I am grateful we still have a forum open to the views we all hold and appreciate your agreement with sharing what each of us believes is important.

    • Margaret Coats

      Peace is the tranquility of order, which cannot be achieved when “by fiat, law and order are held back,” as Colonel Peterson well describes some current situations. Even far away from such misdirected orders, the atmosphere is changing, and bad actors are emboldened to test their limits, starting with vandalism and petty theft directed against homes, stores, and houses of worship. I am immensely grateful to police who continue to do their most vital jobs, and I can hardly blame the hundreds of them who have quit under fire. With defunded and demoralized police, individuals (including children, women, and seniors) must rely on themselves to protect life and property in an increasingly dangerous environment. This one-enlistment buck sergeant thanks the colonel for writing about a situation faced by all of us, whatever our views.


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