You’re glad you’ve nabbed
The Covid jab
That’s newly fabbed
In some large lab
Created by
The jaundiced eye,
The sneaky, sly,
Big corporate guy.
The slimy thug,
Our taxes sent
To make the bug
More virulent.
He’s in with Xi,
Our enemy,
And Xi can see
Our liberty
Is in his way,
So he will pay
Those who obey,
Those who betray.
They fiddle with,
Diddle with,
Your mind and life
They twiddle with,
Your country they
Have piddled with.
They’re glad you’ve nabbed
The Covid jab.
…But why are you?



Mike Bryant is a poet and retired plumber living on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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31 Responses

    • Peter Hartley

      Mike – excellent and very clever to be able to find such good rhymes for such short lines. Even twiddle/ piddled, nabbed/jab are OK in three-word lines and piddled you could get away with almost anywhere.

      • Mike Bryant

        Peter… if I could write like you do, I’d throw my poems away. Enjoying your book.

  1. sally cook

    Hi, Mike –\
    Well, you’ve done it again,
    You counted to ten,
    Let loose on them. Then

    The needles let fly —
    But you are the guy
    Who doesn’t ask why
    When germs go awry
    And needles let fly

    Goes straight to the heart
    Of the innermost part
    Of what everyone’s thinking —
    Why is Denmark stinking?

      • Sally Cook

        Go right ahead,l but I want to see the results !

  2. Margaret Coats

    Mike, the real point is indeed, “Why are you?” I know one man in his eighties who says he never won anything in his life, but felt he had the megamillions lottery when he managed to make a confirmed computer appointment to be injected. More recently, with the jab less attractive in itself, there were free doughnuts, and now a week’s worth of groceries as bribe.

    • Mike Bryant

      Margaret the whole world has gone mad. I have never had a flu shot in my life. Isn’t it odd that in all those years no one ever condemned me for my choice?
      The church my wife works for was about to send out a letter requiring all the unvaccinated members and staff to wear masks. Susan had the battle of her life over that one.

      • Sandi Christie

        Mike, I have never had a flu shot either. So many of the patients we gave them to would tell us it gave them the flu, although we would tell them that was not possible with a killed virus vaccine. Others would get the flu anyway, as no vaccine can prevent every strain of influenza. I like your poem; I am fond of the short 4 syllable line poems.

        Your wife will appreciate this. I signed up to volunteer for Hospice prior to the first lock down. I sat through three 8-hour days of “training” to hold someone’s hand while they are dying, or to assist with household help. When I finished this training, the country went into lock down, and there was no more volunteering. I have just found out that they are now letting volunteers work again but—you guessed it, only if they are vaccinated. No “you can wear a mask” options. No “we will ask the patient and family if they are okay with you being unvaccinated”. There is a shortage of volunteers, why would they not utilize the ones they have if the family approves it and wants the help? I feel for Susan and her battle, and I hope she wins it, but this is not a battle I am going to fight to volunteer my help.

      • Mike Bryant

        We are in a bad spot, Sandi. First we had to be masked. Then vaccinated. With the critical race theory gaining ground, you will not be able to do anything if you are white. This is already happening. A certain organization in Texas has recently fired three members of staff and replaced them with individuals of the the proper color. This is happening now. Thanks for your comment and your uncommon common sense.

  3. Jeff Eardley

    Lovely to read Mike and very, very clever.
    I enjoyed this very much.

  4. Carol C

    This is great! You certainly said a lot using a very concise form. I live in California and heard recently that our great governor is comparing those who choose not to be vaccinated to drunk drivers. Imagine that! It did inspire me to write a little something, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here.

    Pinch Poke, I’m Not Pfizer Woke

    In the eyes of lots of liberals
    I’m committing a horrible crime.
    If they had their way with me,
    they’d say that it is time

    that I roll up my sleeve
    so they’ll no longer grieve
    in my lack of participation
    of lending my arm to the jab of Big Pharm
    and the COVID vaccination.

    Governor Newsom
    insists that I’m gruesome,
    upon my refusal, he’s railed.
    He’s unhinged and hot
    cause I won’t take the shot
    “worse than a drunk driver” I’m hailed.

    He wants me to know
    that I’m lower than low.
    In his eyes I’m a slithering snake.
    I’m causing great danger to family and stranger
    because Rona vax I won’t take.

    Well please pardon me,
    but I do not agree with gene therapy experimental,
    with reactions adverse
    that can bring one a curse
    which can certainly be detrimental.

    I won’t join the folk
    that are taking the poke
    to procure so called safe community.
    You may find this odd
    but I still trust in God
    and the natural body’s immunity.


  5. Paul Freeman

    I got my jab because covid is a magnitude more deadly and damaging than flu according to what I’ve read, seen and believe. I also still have a small scar on my arm from a smallpox jab back in the 70s. My kids don’t have such a scar.

    That said, we’re here to agree or disagree, and your poem’s a well constructed argument, Mike.

    The threat of China to world order I noted in Africa back in the 90’s, and it makes me furious that big pharma always seems to ditch the greater good they profess to aspire to, for profit, especially, it seems, in the US.

    My grandfather was one of the first to benefit from insulin, and as far as I know the Canadian discoverer of insulin donated his discovery to mankind. And yet…

    • Mike Bryant

      I agree with you about big pharma. It isn’t a USA thing though. They are part of the global clique. Follow the money. The real problem is that the globalist authoritarians have largely succeeded in dividing the people along thousands of fronts. You mentioned belief… too many have bought the lie that they are working for our benefit. When we have lost the last shred of our freedoms, maybe we can just keep believing.

    • Mike Bryant

      Evan, here is another worrying report from countries that are experiencing bad problems from the experimental vaccines. Israel, the main guinea pig country, has shown which way this vaccine debacle is heading.
      At Susan’s place of work they wanted to segregate the vaccinated and the unvaccinated until they saw the latest CDC “Guidance” which states that the unvaccinated must also wear the mask indoors. Even though Texas is NOT mandating masks, the church leaders want everyone in masks again.
      This is what passes for “science” today.
      It wasn’t a pandemic… it was an IQ test.

      • D.G. Rowe

        “It wasn’t a pandemic… it was an IQ test.” As about a concise as to what is going on as any other statement I’ve read. I would add also, an obedience test.

        Patrick M. Wood has been doing brilliant research for the last 30 years on the Technocratic State being imposed upon us. I recommend his work. Here: https://www.technocracy.news/author/patrickwood/

        Also, despite his actions, and those that suffered, Ted Kaczynski was irrefutably correct in his “Industrial Society and its Future”.

  6. Brian Yapko

    Mike, this is a really fun and clever poem on an infuriating subject. I have no doubt about how this disease originated in the first place and the extent to which Beijing stands to gain from the chaos they’ve unleashed on the rest of us. Never a dull subject.

    Since you’re one of the last people I’d call “woke” there’s a delicious irony (intended?) in your choice of poetic structure which recalls Gwendolyn Brooks, the proto-woke poet who wrote “We Real Cool.”

    Thanks for an enjoyable read!

    • Mike Bryant

      Brian, thanks for your studied comment. I ain’t woke because I was never asleep! As for irony… I’m afraid that it always escapes me. As I said before, those words just woke me up. Thanks, again.

    • D.G. Rowe

      Don’t get drawn into the “Wuhan Lab Leak” business, it is a red herring.

      Here is an interview held by Dr Reiner Fuellmich with Dr David Martin regards the Patents existing pre 2019 for every part of Sars-Cov-2. It is not novel, it is nothing new, there is no extraneous novel pandemic. Watch this interview.


      • Evan Mantyk

        Thank you for sharing it, D.G. Rowe. Dr. Fuellmich has put together a compelling case here as well: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/
        Taking his and Dr. Martin’s discoveries as facts doesn’t change that the Chinese Communist Party was engineering bioweapons, has no regard for human life, and employs people incompetent enough to indeed leak something that could cause global devastation. The CCP is part of the problem, undoubtedly. Now, is the CCP a useful idiot for the cabal of global elites? That’s possible, just as the CCP has idiotically been dedicated to Marxist ideology from the West.

      • D.G. Rowe

        And thank-you, Mr Mantyk, for the link.

        Yes, I agree with your general position.

        An interesting thing to note regarding your suggestion of China being a paper foe of the west, I think is correct.
        This Idea of confrontational national and inter-national politic, in todays world, is now only a veneer for the purpose of keeping the masses going round in circles.
        The agenda is clearly One World Technocratic Universalism, the abolition of all National, Tribal, Linguistical, Familial, Spiritual, Religious, Political, Cultural structures; the institution of a reduced world populace that is Androgynous, Nameless, Thoughtless, Sexless, Artless, Speechless ect.

        Again, Patrick M. Wood is the man for this information, Antony C. Sutton also, whom he worked with from the 70’s investigating the Tri-lateral Commission, and its purpose of establishing a Technocratic One World State.

        An interesting thing to note, is that in the 70’s the unknown Zbigniew Brezinski, after the release of his book Between Two Ages: America in the Technetronic Age he was recruited out of Columbia U ( where the Technocracy as a method was created ) by David Rockefeller to be the man to front and face the Tri-Lateral, he was also the man sent to China to bring them into the fold, to teach them Technocratic Systems of people management.

        It seems from Patrick’s research that China is the model, as in, it is Communism that lays the foundations to then introduce the Technocratic Society they so desire, it is Marxist theology, especially, in the West, Cultural Marxist theology that is plowing the sod to plant the seeds of this anti-human madness.

        I highly recommend two interviews he did with James Delingpole ( the only high profile Conservative Journo in England left that is worth any salt ). You’ll find both of them on YT or Odysee. He very neatly lays it all out, from the thirties up till now.

        An interesting side-note… John Magufuli, the previous President of Tanzania that openly, and rightly, called nonsense on this pandemic and what the so called world organisations wanted done, he refused to obey, he conveniently died and was replaced with “the first female president of Tanzania”, Samia Hussan, a Tri-Lateral incumbent. Any-how, I digress.

        All the best.

  7. David Watt

    Mike, your poem is cleverly written, and highly entertaining.
    The subject, unlike your poem, is far from funny.
    The media pressure to ‘take the jab’ builds to a higher level each day here.
    We have had to mask up when travelling a short distance interstate, and then have no such requirement upon returning. It all makes little sense.

    • Mike Bryant

      Thanks, David. Imagine the level of cooperation the government would receive if their pronouncements really did make sense. Of course, if it made sense they would not have to force compliance. And force is what it’s really all about.


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