The Commander-in-Chief

How Biden sucks—I mean the man,
Who being wholly characterless
Will criticize Afghanistan
“Cowards”—when he can’t face the Press!



James Sale is a worldwide thought leader on motivation: he has had 4 books on the topic published by Routledge, and over 700 management consultants in 15 countries use his products. James is also a feature writer on culture for The Epoch Times. He has written poetry for over 50 years and has had 9 collections published. He won First Prize in the Society’s 2017 Competition and his next collection, The English Cantos Volume 1: HellWard is due shortly. For more on this, go to https://englishcantos.home.blog. He can be contacted at james@motivationalmaps.com.

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  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    Don’t be too hard on the jerk, James. After all, he’s suffering from senile dementia.

    We’ve had electoral cheats in the White House before: Rutherford B. Hayes and John F. Kennedy. But now, for the first time in American history, we have an electoral cheat who’s also mentally deficient sitting in the seat of George Washington.

    What a disgrace for our country.

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Great poetic observation, James. I feel much the same:

    Joe Biden is a mindless marionette,
    A brainless, gutless existential threat;
    A lying, dog-faced, pervy pony soldier –
    Yesterday all those who knew it told ya
    He’d sniff his way to murderous disaster;
    His puppeteers all wish he’d done it faster –
    Act one, scene one of doomed Afghanistan
    Is all part of the plot – the bigger plan.
    While we debate this conning codger’s health
    Vile demons pull Joe’s strings with heinous stealth.

    • Patricia Redfern

      Hello, Susan!
      Indeed someone is pulling his strings!
      Those mindless, witless, meanderings!
      His staff, in Satan’s clothes are dressed.
      Abandoning the innocent, in Afghanistan?
      Hardly, humanity at its very best!
      Am I the only one, who sheds tears this
      Morbid, tragic night?
      I pray, I am not, as we take the murderer to
      task with a bold fight!

      Appreciated your poem, Susan!

  3. Norma Okun

    The wall at the Mexican border
    That Trump wanted so badly
    The wall in Afghanistan
    A one built by Biden
    Who promised
    The Afghanistan people to teach them democracy
    After twenty years of combat
    He decided it was all over
    When people tried to escape the Taliban
    Going over the wall
    Climbing on top of the doors of a rising jumbo airplane
    He said, they just don’t matter
    They are all not American
    Don’t worry, listen he said
    I really mean it this time.

  4. C.B. Anderson

    Your distance from the scene has given you a clearer perspective than that of many Americans, James. Thanks, from one Anglophone to another.

  5. David Watt

    Well said James in few but true words.
    I’m pretty sure he isn’t ‘aware’, even though Blinken swerved and ducked to avoid confirming that diagnosis.

  6. James Sale

    Thank you all for your very kind comments and contributions – much appreciated. Sadly, I have only just today received in the UK an email from a religious ‘friend’ of mine passionately denouncing Trump and claiming that Biden is a good, spiritual man who should be given benefit of the doubt! One really does have to offload some ‘friends’ because how can you be friends with someone on another planet? I guess in the Woke-jargon of today, one needs to be ‘kind’!

    • Lannie David Brockstein

      James Sale,

      The iceberg that was soon to have sank the Titanic was also given the benefit of the doubt.

      As for your former friend having put forth the argument that Mr. Biden is “a good, spiritual man”…whether he is or not, isn’t that for G-d to judge, and not for any of us mortals to judge? If it is for us mortals to judge, what evidence is there that Mr. Biden is “a good, spiritual man”? What exactly is ethical about Mr. Biden being responsible for having indirectly provided the Taliban with more than $80 billion in state of the art military hardware, and exactly as Mr. Obama indirectly provided ISIS with enough military hardware to have conquered and enslaved much of Syria and Iraq?

      It might be that the Taliban in Afghanistan now has more advanced firepower than the Canadian military does in Canada. How was what Mr. Biden did not a blatant example of him having aided and abetted the enemy? How has that not emboldened Russia to annex northern Canada for its natural resources and newly forming shipping lanes, as it annexed the Crimea during the Obama administration?

      As for your having lost that friendship, I am sorry for your loss. I hope that someday, the two of you can somehow become friends again.

      From Lannie.

    • Patricia Redfern

      James! Truly, I know how you feel about “friends on another planet.” It’s a sad experience to discover our judgement was off. (I am referring to myself)..
      I sometimes assume people are “aware” beings!
      Then discover they have sawdust for brains and tin
      hearts!” At the moment, I come here to stay sane and remind myself there are sane human beings still about!
      I have a long list to “offload.” Not one….many


  7. Patricia Refern

    Oh, the chills, I get when he turns his back!
    Remind me of murderers in history.
    He would have been great on Hitler’s team!
    This makes me want to both cry and scream!

    Patricia Redfern

      • Patricia Redfern

        James,you made my day! I have close to 2,400 poems written. Maybe I should post some which are far better? Will take courage to do so! I so admire the writers here!
        Apologies, James, for not spelling my last name correctly. Above my comment!
        Again, your comment is the sunshine of this day, James!

    • Patricia Redfern

      Thank you James…I have submitted one, and starting to comment more. All of you are outstanding
      poets! And on the planet!


      • James Sale

        Great, Patricia – and let’s not forget Evan, the editor, who has a talent for spotting … talent!

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