Waking Up (Freedom Doesn’t Come in a Can)

A Protest Song Written and Performed by Jack DesBois

I was lying in my bed,
Waiting for the day to start,
Waiting for the sun to get me on my way,
And I waited, and I waited,
And while I lay and waited,
That old sun, he set upon another day.
And through the curtains I could swear I heard him say:

Freedom doesn’t come in a can.
Liberty won’t lead you by the hand.
No lecture series guarantees the key to living life.
There’s no magic pill to make you make a stand.
Freedom doesn’t come in a can.

There’s a songbird in a cage
Who I met the other day,
And she sang a song I never heard before.
It was mellow, it was sweet,
It turned my head, and it tapped my feet,
And I asked how she could sing when she can’t soar.
How could song so rich resound in one so poor?

She told me:
Freedom doesn’t come in a can.
Liberty won’t lead you by the hand.
No lecture series guarantees the key to living life.
There’s no magic pill to make you understand.
Freedom doesn’t come in a can.

There’s a fellow, don’t ask WHO,
Likes to tell us what to do:
Close your mind, and leave the thinking up to Doc.
He’s much smarter than you and me;
Listen to him, he’ll set you free.
You won’t even hear the clicking of the lock.
Well, I listened, but it’s my turn now to talk.

And I say:
Freedom doesn’t come in a can.
Liberty won’t lead you by the hand.
No lecture series guarantees the key to living life.
There’s no magic pill to make you make a stand amid the strife.
No, no one else will write you out the plan.
Freedom doesn’t come,
Freedom doesn’t come in a can.



Jack DesBois is a singer, actor, and storyteller. He gives annual Epiphany season performances of “The Western Star,” which he wrote in 2016. He self-published a chapbook of short poems in 2018. As a singer, Jack has had the good fortune to solo in several of the great works of Baroque Oratorio, including Handel’s Messiah (Bass) and Esther (Haman) and J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion (Jesus). Jack lives in Topsfield, Massachusetts. 

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91 Responses

  1. Paul Freeman

    Of course we’re free to believe one way or the other.

    I appreciate the song and the sentiment, Jack. You took me back to another era.

      • Mike Bryant

        Joe, if you’d like to follow the science, I have posted a few scientific facts below…

  2. James A. Tweedie

    Well said and well sung, Jack.

    And while I agree with the freedom to choose or not to choose I would like to urge everyone (at least those 50 years old and older) to choose to get the damn vaccine.

    Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, every hospital in Washington State and Oregon is filled to capacity with Covid patients who were not vaccinated. My small rural hospital at the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific coast, has had to life-flight Covid patients to as far away as Idaho, Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah, in order to find them a bed in a hospital that can treat them. I have one unvaccinated Covid friend who was yesterday life-flighted to a distant hospital for the second time in three weeks and near death for the second time. My local hospital has turned away and sent home heart attack and car accident victims with minor injuries because they no longer have the staff, beds, or ER resources to treat them. There is even serious discussion about the possibility of simply sending unvaccinated covid patients home to make room for people suffering from other emergency health concerns. Surgeries scheduled for people needing transplants, cancer surgeries and other medical procedures are being put on indefinite waiting lists. Some of these people will die because of this. And non-emergency surgical procedures, like my previously-scheduled knee and back surgeries, have been simply canceled.

    As many of you know, syndicated radio talk-show host Phil Valentine died of Covid complications two weeks ago. Last December he said he would not get vaccinated, estimating that the chances of him dying from it were less than 1%. He guessed wrong.

    I am not saying that children or young adults need to be vaccinated. I am simply urging those of you 50 years old and older to get the damn vaccine.

    Oregon has run out of space in their morgues–which are filled with the bodies of people who chose not to be vaccinated.

    Vaccinated people are not dying.

    The vaccine, imperfect though it may be, works.

    Even Trump says, “Get the damn vaccine.” And people booed him for saying it.

    If you want to “boo” me, too. Feel free.

    And, Jack, please forgive me for distracting from your posted song.

      • Joe Tessitore

        This is a must listen for everyone.
        I’m sending it around.
        Thanks for posting it, Mike.

      • Joe Tessitore

        On a personal note, Mike, a seventy-one year old vaccinated family member has started to get her periods again – one of the side effects that the doctor mentions.

      • James A. Tweedie

        Yes, there has been a recent increase in covid incidences in Gibralter among vaccinated people but no increase in deaths. The vaccination program began on January 10 in the middle of a sharp increase in Covid deaths. Since the vaccine program was completed–since February 27 there have been only four covid-related deaths in Gibralter mostly involving people with other health problems and the most recent being an elderly man who had not been vaccinated.


      • Mike Bryant

        Like I said above… why not listen to the inventor of the jab? Odd how deaths spike whenever vaccine are rolled out. The inventor explains what is happening.
        Aren’t vaccines supposed to stop people from getting the virus? We truly live in a whole new upside down world.

      • James A. Tweedie

        1. The covid vaccines do not prevent transmission but they do reduce symptoms.

        2. The most vulnerable people in any populations (including Israel) are elderly, who also have the highest rate of co-morbidity.

        3. Israeli research shows that the Phizer vaccine (which is the one I received) was 90% effective with the original Covid virus for which it was made but only 66% effective in preventing transmission with the Delta version.

        4. This means that the elderly, previously-vaccinated population with pre-existing health issues would be expected to be the most vulnerable to the Delta strain and most likely to suffer complications from it if they got it. This is what happened.

        5. It is in this population where the recent surge in Israel took place. It is believed that both the infection rate and mortality rate in this population would be significantly higher if such a high percentage of this older demographic had not been vaccinated.

        6. 20% of the Israel population (mostly younger adults 20-50) eligible to receive the vaccination have not received it.

        7. And yet—beginning last week and increasing into this week, the numbers of UNvaccinated persons testing positive for covid has surpassed that of vaccinated persons and these younger vaccinated persons are more likely to require advanced care.
        Clearly, the vaccine is not a miracle drug. But it is effective. It works. And it saves lives. Even in Israel with the recent spike in Covid cases.

        And even in Israel, it is the smaller number of unvaccinated who are currently suffering from it the most.

        The data is taken from an article published three days ago.

      • Mike Bryant

        And again… listen to the inventor of the Jab… the vaccines are NOT being used properly.
        The jab is only 39% effective overall. It is 88% effective against hospitalization and 91% effective against severe illness, according to the Israeli data. For a virus that has a 98.7% recovery rate and is easily and cheaply treated by other means which allow natural immunity.

    • Mike Bryant

      1. It’s a completely new type of vaccine. Webster’s had to change the definition of vaccine.
      2. Why are the companies, that stand to make billions, not held responsible for the destroyed lives attributed to this experiment?
      3. The CDC is still saying that the best “treatment” for those in early stages is to go home, quarantine and do nothing.
      4. People are NOT being informed about the risks of the vaccine, a violation of the Nuremberg Code.
      5. Americans have never been forced to take a flu shot… now we MUST take an experimental mRNA jab? This has happened before… our Armed Forces were forced, under threat of court martial, to take the Anthrax vaccine… many died and were disabled.
      Was it beta testing for this vaccine?
      6. Do we really still have freedom of choice?

      • James A. Tweedie

        I am aware of but am not arguing these points.

    • Mike Bryant

      “The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually. Congressman Dave Weldon has pointed out that the primary metric for success across the CDC is how many vaccines the agency sells and how successfully the agency expands its vaccine program—regardless of any negative effects on human health.”
      -Robert F Kennedy, Jr 2019
      In 2021 alone, Pfizer/BioNTech will score $15 billion to $30 billion for COVID-19 vaccine sales, while Moderna could rake in $18 billion to $20 billion and Johnson & Johnson $10 billion. -Seattle Times

      • James A. Tweedie

        I am not arguing these points, either. Whether is the oil industry, the Green energy industry, the cigarette industry, the drug industry . . . whatever industry you’d like to name, the answer is the same . . . follow the money.

        And as for the negative effects the vaccine is having on military personnel, please note that I prefaced my original comment by urging those 50 years old and older to be vaccinated. That would exclude nearly all of the military except senior officers. I do not urge vaccination on children or younger adults.

        Current data does not support this. It should be voluntary for that demographic (although soldiers more or less sign their lives away when they enlist–I’m not exactly sure what their options are or what legal rights are involved.

        I may change my mind on this if there were to be a sudden uptick in life-threatening covid infections among, say, young adults under 30 and children. But I haven’t seen that, yet.

      • Mike Bryant

        Even the elderly should be able to make their own choice. Mandates are reprehensible. The government must get out of the vaccine business and every company must be held accountable.
        A huge majority of Americans have almost no risk of death from Covid and yet our children are being required to get these experimental drugs. No vaccine has ever been approved without eight years of testing… this is STILL an experimental drug. Here is the inventor of the jab… you can read this one, and to be fair, he does believe that the elderly, those with co-morbidities and the obese should get the jab. I still say it must be their choice and they must be fully informed as required under the Nuremberg Code. Anyway this is a short article in which he says that our Covid strategy is deeply flawed.

      • Mike Bryant

        Also, James, where there is better reporting the problem is easier to see. The CDC is not reporting on the deaths and hospitalizations of the vaccinated…

        Headline… CDC under fire for decision to limit tracking of Covid-19 cases in vaccinated people

        But England does have some interesting results.

        Headline… England’s public health stats show hospitalization and death occur at higher rate among the vaccinated

        Why are we not allowed to know these numbers?

        We both know why… we are being scammed… the one unvaccinated individual that dies from the variant brought about by unbridled vaccinations is held up as the problem… it is a lie. Please stop helping the scammers spread that lie.

  3. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Great stuff, Jack! Thank you for the beauty of the music and the boldness of the spot-on message.

    In response to James Tweedy, I agree with the freedom to choose or not to choose. I would like to urge everyone, regardless of age, to thoroughly research the efficacy of the shots, and numerous deaths and side effects, from non-government-paid virologists who have no financial interest in Big Pharma. Do the damn research before getting the damn shot – make a damned informed decision – a decision that’s damn well right for you.

    • Mike Bryant

      This song/poem takes me right back to the protest folk music of my youth. That spirit has been diverted and perverted quite cleverly by our new authoritarian masters.

      • Mike Bryant

        Susan and I have seen the interview and heard his song. Susan is from England and we are huge fans. She posted that info on her Facebook page… shadowbanned, I’m sure… we mustn’t cut into the profits now…

    • James A. Tweedie

      I completely agree with you, Susan. You or Mike or anyone else can urge me or others not to receive the vaccine and I can urge people to receive it. I have no problem with that. I also agree that each person should make a “damned informed decision” that’s right for them.

      All I know is that the hospitals in my corner of the world are filled with people sick and dying who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

      Maybe that isn’t true in Texas. If not, I pray it stays that way!

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Thank you for your reply, James. I’m glad we’re on the same page on the freedom of choice front. The difference is I’m certainly not urging people not to have the jab. I’m urging them to make an informed decision based on all information, not just the ever changing information thrust in our face by the government and government employed “experts” with their money in the Big Pharma cash register. Sadly, most of this information is shut down or extremely difficult to research if you don’t have the time to make the effort. We’ve been given so many false hopes and told so many lies, I will admit to being wary of most information these days… even information given by our local medical center who seem to think its perfectly fine to use six month old babies in Covid-19 “vaccine” trials. It’s a sad, bad world we’re living in.

      • Jack DesBois

        One thing I’ve learned in the past year and a half is that making a “damned informed decision” involves having an awareness of where that information is coming from. Is it coming from government or Big Pharma organizations (including hospitals) with strangely suspect motives? Is it coming from news media funded by those government and Big Pharma organizations? I had to stop reading the Wall Street Journal.

        Another thing I’ve discovered, from media sources I trust and from my own and families’ experience, is that, if you’re looking for truth – reality – the PCR tests used to determine COVID-19 infection are meaningless. Meaningless. The test involves amplifying genetic information by orders of magnitude so high that the genetic information indicating COVID-19 infection can be found in the “background noise” of the test. I (and many others) have inferred from this outrageous fact that any data dependent on PCR tests is manufactured. All of a sudden, the world of case numbers, infection rates, vaccinated-versus-not-vaccinated case percentages, and so on, becomes very simple, in a way: Nobody really knows. And it also becomes even more complicated: What we are being told is what somebody, somewhere, wants us to be told. Different interested parties use the PCR “data” to make different points, but if what I’m interested in is reality, that’s all beside the point.

        One collection of data that, though skewed in many ways, does actually represent real events that happened and were recorded is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Insofar as I try to form opinions based on big data (which is not very far), VAERS is a starting place. Infection rates are not.

        That’s a small bit of the puzzle that has been coalescing in my understanding. But other people have to figure things out for themselves. That’s what the song is about. Figure things out for yourself, if you want to be free.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Jack, thank you very much for your observations, especially the inclusion of hospitals under the Big Pharma umbrella. Even hospital figures are untrustworthy… many of their staff’s wages depend upon the requirements of the powers that be. VAERS is a starting point for information… but, a lot of that information is altered and kept from public view. This statement is copied from the VAERS website:

        VAERS data available to the public include only the initial report data to VAERS. Updated data which contains data from medical records and corrections reported during follow up are used by the government for analysis. However, for numerous reasons including data consistency, these amended data are not available to the public.

        Even so, the amount of deaths and the nature of the injuries noted there are shocking.

        I am so glad your wonderful “Waking Up” protest song prompted this thread of discussion. It may encourage some to do a bit of extra research and to open eyes to the lies flying in every direction. With much appreciation.

  4. James A. Tweedie

    If I may be so bold as to agree with Susan and quote her closing words as my own (even though we might understand them somewhat differently!)

    (To Jack) I am so glad your wonderful “Waking Up” protest song prompted this thread of discussion. It may encourage some to do a bit of extra research and to open eyes to the lies flying in every direction. With much appreciation.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      James, just to clarify, I am on the same side as you in that I want the best for humankind – I pray for everyone’s health and happiness and hope we can all move forward in achieving that. In order to do that, ALL scientific papers should be brought to the table, the profit motive must removed from all government entities, and the people should decide from ALL the information given to them, which direction they wish to move in.

      I object to you saying I am urging people NOT to get the jab. Far from it. I am urging people to seek information from EVERY source before making that decision. The fact that information has been shut down and skewed is my concern. It violates human rights and may well turn out to be the crime of the era with a massive body count as a result. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

      • James A. Tweedie

        Susan, I never said you did urge or were urging people not to be vaccinated.

        This might seem to be grammatically nit-picking but I intentionally tried to avoid implying or suggesting that very thing by saying you (or Mike or anyone else) “can” do that–meaning you have the freedom to do it “if” you chose to do that (which I did not say you had done) just as I “can” choose a different approach “if” I would chose to do that (which I, in fact, did).

        I apologize if my intent was not expressed more clearly.

      • Mike Bryant

        Please stop the nitpicking, then, and call for sanity and a strategy that WILL work. Listen to the inventor of the infernal jab.
        Susan has never urged anyone to NOT have the jab… so Your nitpicking is, at the least, untruthful…

  5. Margaret Coats

    Thanks, Jack, for motivation to figure things out, and for helpful information from you and others. Enjoyed your song!

  6. Paul Freeman

    Nicely put, James.

    To make an informed choice, wading through what ‘experts’ and ‘armchair experts’ have to say is exhausting.

    Meanwhile, as I’ve said before, I have a scar from a smallpox vaccination – my kids don’t.

    • Mike Bryant

      Smallpox death rate per 100,000 = 30,000

      Covid Death Rate per 100,000=860
      “Results 23 studies were identified with usable data to enter into calculations. Seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.1% to 47%. Infection fatality rates ranged from 0.02% to 0.86% (median 0.26%) and corrected values ranged from 0.02% to 0.78% (median 0.25%). Among people <70 years old, infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 0.26% with median of 0.05% (corrected, 0.00-0.23% with median of 0.04%). Most studies were done in pandemic epicenters and the few studies done in locations with more modest death burden also suggested lower infection fatality rates.”

      Remember, smallpox, 30,000 died per 100,000 that were infected, Covid, 860 deaths per 100,000, mostly elderly, the obese and those with co-morbidities, for this we must lose our freedoms?
      Please tell me you are joking... or better yet have not done your research.
      By the way... any guesses about who is keeping the smallpox virus alive? I wonder if gain of function research is being done on it too...

    • James A. Tweedie

      1. I am not commenting on Oregon’s covid regulations.

      2. I agree that the current mortality rate pales before that of Smallpox or any number of flu epidemics.

      3. I share your concern about what research may be taking place with gain of function with smallpox or any other deadly viruses. As far as I am concerned this should be seriously construed as equivalent to the creation of biological weapons.

      4. I could also quibble with some of these statistics (John Hopkins, for example, calculates a 1.7% mortality rate for Covid-positive cases) but that isn’t my point.

      What I show below are the statistics that I care about, and I take them from Oregon, minutes away from where I live:


      • Overall, there were 12,541 total cases of COVID-19 reported
      during the month of July and 81% of these occurred in
      unvaccinated people.

      • Of the 55 COVID-19-associated deaths reported in July, 91%
      were among people who were unvaccinated.

      This is why I have said, “Get the vaccine.”

      (Note: The totals of people affected by Covid and who have died from it in August have skyrocketed. I do not have the totals yet but the high percentage of unvaccinated cases and deaths seems to be about the same.)


      Oregon statistics from the outset of the pandemic show that 48% of Covid-related deaths have been from people 80-years-old and older and that 94% of covid-related deaths have been with people 50-years old and up.

      This is why I have added the caveat, “Get the vaccine if you are 50 years old or older.”

      (Note: However, in the past two months the highest rate of infection and hospitalization in Oregon has been among those aged 30-50, the vast majority of whom have not been vaccinated)

      Mike, Even if I granted you everything you have said (and I do not disagree with a great deal of it) it wouldn’t change my mind or lead me to retract my recommendation for those 50 and older to get vaccinated.

      That is my only point and I have shared my reasons for making it.

      All the best.

      • Mike Bryant

        Oregon… BLM… ANTIFA… OREGON… Yes… of course trust Oregon…

      • Mike Bryant

        But, James, everyone knows that Ivermectin works better and more safely than any of the so-called vaccines. God will judge those who are calling for those mRNA jabs over a cheaper, safer and far more effective treatment. Please don’t insult my intelligence. Oregon and Washington and D.C. should immediately stop the vaccines.

      • Mike Bryant

        James… hot off the presses… Epoch Times
        Ohio Judge Orders Hospital to Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin
        BY LI HAI August 31, 2021 Updated: August 31, 2021

        A Butler County judge in Ohio has ordered a hospital to administer Ivermectin to a ventilated COVID-19 patient, granting an emergency relief filed by the patient’s wife.

        Butler County Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard ruled last week that West Chester Hospital, part of the University of Cincinnati’s health network UC Health, must “immediately administer Ivermectin” to patient Jeffrey Smith following his doctor’s prescription of 30 mg of Ivermectin for 21 days, the Ohio Capital Journal reported.

        Smith, 51, is a Verizon Wireless engineer in Butler County. According to the lawsuit (pdf) filed by his wife Julie Smith, Smith tested positive for COVID-19 on July 9, and he was admitted to West Chester Hospital on July 15. On the same day, he was moved to an intensive care unit (ICU).

      • Mike Bryant

        Why are our hospitals and doctors killing our friends, families and neighbors? Do you even care?

  7. Norma Pain

    “When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind,” C.S. Lewis

  8. Joe Tessitore

    I have been running the numbers since the beginning of this, because I believe that statistics is the foundation of any scientific study.
    In a nation of 100 million people, 1 million deaths equals 1%.
    In a nation of 330 million people – which is the smallest population estimate I have found for the United States – I million deaths equals three tenths of one percent, which, by any stretch of the imagination, is statistically insignificant.

    And so I conclude that this is all a big lie.

    • Mike Bryant

      Yup, Joe, this is what Susan and I and many, many epidemiologists, including Nobel Prize winning epidemiologists have been saying for at least a year. Even the tiny numbers that you mention could be reduced by 90% IF those who are profiting from the vaccines and remdesivol cared even one iota. When India used Ivermectin the case numbers and deaths plunged. But we are only chaff in the harvest of billions for Big Pharma, WHO, Fauci, many senators, congressmen governors doctors and… maybe all those who hold stock with any or all of the above. God help those who are, wittingly, or unwittingly, making the murder of His children easier for the above interested parties.

      • James A. Tweedie

        By the way, I am not arguing against Ivermectin (or hydroxychloroquine, &/co for that matter) and the fact that people have to file lawsuits against hospitals who refuse to administer a Doctor’s order for it to be administrated to a patient who they have already given up hope for recovery seems criminal to me–

        As do the arguments against it by Dr. Fauci who says it is dangerous IF it is overdosed or if the animal formula is used by humans. HA! The same could be said about aspirin, or any other medical compound but we don’t ban them.

        And I agree with Joe and you that the number of people who die from Covid are statistically small, miniscule and insignificant from a macro-population point of view and in no way compare to other “real” epidemics we have faced in the past. On the other hand, at least some of the 55 unvaccinated people who died in Oregon last month might well still be alive and the thousands of unvaccinated people filling up our nation’s hospital beds and ICUs at the moment would probably not be there if they had been vaccinated.

        And if you or someone in your family happens to be one of them, the insignificance of the statistic may not seem insignificant at all.

      • Mike Bryant

        And… even though you know they are lying to you about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, even though you know that the hospitals are ignoring the doctor’s prescriptions at the peril of the patients, even though you agree with most of the evidence I’ve presented… still… you trust the numbers they are giving you… are you really that trusting?

  9. Joe Tessitore

    Dear James,

    If I or someone in my family dies from this virus, it does not subtract in the slightest from its insignificance.
    I suggest to you that “not one more death” is every bit as demonic as is the big lie and those perpetrating it.

    If you already haven’t, I very strongly suggest that you watch the video of the inventor of mRNA.

  10. Joe Tessitore

    A further thought, James.
    How is it that the Germ Gestapo’s weapon of choice can be “Follow the Science”, but that the most basic science can be declared off-limits?

    • James A. Tweedie

      Joe, the answer to your question is: Because, like global warming/green energy advocates, the media, Hollywood, major league sports, and international conglomerates like Nike, Facebook, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Disneyland (to name a few) they have traded objectivity and ideological neutrality under the pressure of left-wing ideologists (being “woke” and “politically correct”) and by those on whom they are financially dependent–the PRC in particular.

      How would you answer your question?

      • Joe Tessitore

        Pretty much the same way, and to raise again the specter of the Big Lie.

  11. Lannie David Brockstein

    Jack DesBois, congratulations on having your “A Vaccine Mandate Protest Song” published by The Society of Classical Poets! It is my opinion that what I call the “Proof of Poetry” is to be found in the singing of a poem’s words, for it is only prose that is limited to being read or recited.

    We can say, “I love the music of your poem!” without the poet having provided us with an audio or video recording that clearly demonstrates what the melodies of his words actually sound like and as composed and sung by the poet himself. But then again, we can also say that the emperor is wearing new clothes.

  12. Lannie David Brockstein

    It is a scientific fact in an alternate universe that each time a person was vaccinated or had a booster shot, they became less and less human in the process, and more and more of a chimera, as their autoimmune system was genetically modified more and more with genes from non-human primates.

    In that alternate universe, that was how the Planet of the Vaccinated, I mean the Planet of the Apes, came to be. It wasn’t apes who evolved or were genetically modified with human genes. It was vaccinated humans who were genetically modified with ape genes.

    In that alternate universe, the astronaut George Taylor heroically said, “Get your stinking vaccines and booster shots off me, you damned dirty ape!”

  13. Lannie David Brockstein

    I wrote a letter to Health Canada, imploring them to teach Canadians how to prevent the Covid-19 virus from dangerously thickening their mucus, by choosing to eat more mucus-thinning ingredients than mucus-thickening ingredients with each and every meal.

    Health Canada replied there is no scientific proof that certain foods can thin or thicken mucus.

    Meanwhile in reality, it is completely self-evident to the vast majority of humans that whenever they eat a very spicy food, that always causes their nose to run. That always melts their mucus so they can much more easily expel it, along with any Covid-19 virus particles in their mucus, thereby helping them to prevent any Covid-19 virus infection they might have from progressing from their sinuses, to their throat, and then dangerously to their lungs.

    Furthermore, it is also completely self-evident to the vast majority of humans that whenever they consume a large serving of any milk product it always thickens their mucus.

    It begs the question: How many of those at a long-term care home who later passed away from the Covid-19 virus, consumed a carton of milk, along with little to no mucus-thinning ingredients, as their last meal?

    There are many websites that list which are the “foods that thin mucus” and the “foods that thicken mucus”.

    By modifying each of my magic recipes so they always contain more mucus-thinning ingredients than mucus-thickening ingredients, that has made my magic recipes to be even more delicious and nutritious than before. For example, when I make my magic macaroni and cheese recipe, it now includes organic cayenne pepper, organic curry powder, and organic basil.

    I do not say this as licenced medical advice, only as superstitious folklore: Whether a person is vaccinated or not, they can probably benefit from modifying their own recipes whereby each and every meal they consume does include more mucus-thinning ingredients than mucus-thickening ingredients.

    Furthermore, if a person is having difficulty breathing or swallowing from their mucus having become thick, they can probably also benefit from turning their bathroom into a steam room, by means of them running only the hot water tap of their shower, that they may sit there to breathe in the hot steamy air for twenty minutes or more.

    Of course, these methods are blasphemous, according to the Church of Climate Change. They are nothing more than superstitious folklore.

    • Lannie David Brockstein

      Mike, what is wise about anybody promoting the use of Big Pharma’s Ivermectin product as opposed to Big Pharma’s so-called Covid-19 vaccine product?

      It is proponents of the pharmaceutical industry’s “Germ Theory” who use vaccines or other drugs, such as Ivemectin, in a vain attempt to eradicate the ever-mutating Covid-19 virus, whereas it is proponents of the nutraceutical industry’s “Terrain Theory” who use the natural foods and natural medicines that G-d created, and which provide detoxification, probiotics, and nutrition that unburdens and strengthens the autoimmune system, in order to live in harmony with the environment that now includes the Covid-19 virus.

      According to the Terrain Theory, like the approach of Peace Through Strength as practiced by President Trump and many of history’s other world leaders worth their salt, in regards to the microscopic battlefield, when a person’s autoimmune system is strong from being properly nourished, and when their body is regularly detoxed from environmental pollutants (that are mostly produced by Big Pharma), and when their microbiome is properly populated with probiotic microorganisms, pathogenic microorganisms do not dare to attack that person, and if they do, all that results in is the person having gained a natural immunity to that pathogenic microorganism.

      Is the effect of the hostile takeover of society by the fascism of Big Pharma the cause of the so-called pandemic having started in a Big Pharma laboratory? If so, how is that problem to be solved by using Ivermectin that is manufactured by Big Pharma?

      If the Covid-19 virus was intelligently designed or genetically modified in a laboratory, and whether as a bioweapon or to be used in the production of a vaccine against the possibility of another SARS outbreak, and whether that laboratory was in Raleigh, North Carolina or Wuhan, China, it was a Big Pharma laboratory.

      Is there one major story line in “the news” that doesn’t ultimately have Big Pharma as its main villain on Earth?

      How many times do you suppose a person can use Ivermectin before the Covid-19 virus (and as it did regarding the so-called Covid-19 vaccines) eventually mutates into a variant that can defeat Ivermectin, too? Meanwhile, microorganisms cannot adapt to any natural food and natural medicine because their so-called “active ingredient” is not isolated from their so-called “inactive ingredients”, and thus they are too complex for microorganisms to adapt to.

      The speaker in my “The Populace Invisible” poem that was published by The Society, mentions how important it is for everybody to eat with the probiotics population of their microbiome in mind. It is a Terrain Theory poem, and perhaps the first of its kind to be published by The Society.


      The Terrain Theory says, “Stop eating food products from supermarkets and restaurants whose ingredients are laced with Big Pharma’s health-demoting antibiotics, steroids, hormones, vaccines, pesticides, and artificial preservatives, or that are genetically modified to produce those drugs or chemicals, and stop eating fermented foods that have been pasteurized and thus are dead foods!”

      It also says,

      “Start eating raw, organic, whole, sprouted, and pastured food ingredients that are as G-d made them, and start eating fermented foods that are not pasteurized and thus are living foods!”


      “Every kitchen table should not only have whole salt and organic pepper shakers, it should also have a bottle of liquid organic vitamin D3, too!”

      In Judaism and Christianity, wine and bread are holy foods, but only when the wine is organic, as well as living and thus probiotic (rather than its having been pasteurized to death), and when the bread is prebiotic from its grain being organic, whole, and sprouted (rather than refined and thus devoid of nutrients).

      I put forth the argument that one of the best ways for any person to peacefully protest against the fascism of Big Pharma’s hostile takeover of society, is by means of him strategically eating his way out of the so-called pandemic.

      In relation to any person who has a properly nourished autoimmune system, and who regularly detoxes their body from environmental pollutants, and who, on a microscopic level, is defended by the probiotics population of their microbiome, it doesn’t matter what bioweapons or accidentally lab-leaked pathogenic microorganisms have been released into the environment, because those bioweapons or lab-leaked pathogenic microorganisms will not attack that person, anymore than a bully will attack a person who it sees can properly defend himself against being bullied. This in practice is, on a microscopic level, no different than the U.S.A.’s 2nd Amendment that recognizes the legal right to self-defence. Nobody is dependent on a doctor to buy natural foods and natural medicines. Everybody is free to grow their own organic garlic and other medicinal herbs.

      The Ivermectin versus vaccines debate is a win-win for Big Pharma, no matter who wins that debate, because each of those drugs are manufactured by Satan, I mean by Big Pharma.

      If it is unethical to use a so-called Covid-19 vaccine that was developed by means of Big Pharma using aborted fetal cells, how is it ethical to use Ivermectin that was developed by means of Big Pharma having performed horrific medical experiments when testing that drug on animals who have the same level of intelligence and sentience as that of a human toddler? If it was not the evil Dr. Fauci himself who tortured to death those animals to “scientifically prove” that Ivermectin is safe for humans, then it was another evil Big Pharma doctor or researcher.

      Meanwhile, nutraceutical medicines (in conjunction with a truly health-promoting diet that includes probiotic foods, and regular detoxification from environmental pollutants) are too complex for pathogenic microorganisms to adapt against thus forming new variants, and are therefore safer, more effective, less expensive, and moral because they are not developed using aborted fetus cells or tested on human toddlers, I mean, on animals.

      The Terrain Theory approach to medicine is blasphemous to the Climate Change People. I am not a licenced doctor, and everything mentioned in this reply is nothing more than superstitious folklore.

      • Mike Bryant

        Lannie… you must do more research on Ivermectin. Big pharma HAS done one or two things right.

      • Jack DesBois

        Lannie, thank you! I completely agree with you, though the “Terrain theory” term is new to me. I’m glad I now have it in my vocabulary – and I look forward to trying my hand at a Terrain Theory poem.

        I’m more familiar with the ideas you’ve presented under the names of Environmental Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine.

        Environmental Medicine: Our environment (the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the electromagnetic energy that constantly bathes us) affects our health, and good health is best sought by improving our environment (e.g. eating well) and detoxifying from environmental toxins (e.g. human-engineered spike proteins).

        Orthomolecular Medicine: “Right Molecule” medicine; giving the body adequate amounts of molecules native to the body, which the body needs to maintain and repair itself. This is in stark contrast to Pharmaceutical medicine, which involves introducing nonnative, man-made molecules into the body, which solve one problem and cause several others, creating the need for other nonnative molecules to solve those problems and cause yet others. You can see how this model results in the Big-Pharma and Big-Ag industries that dominate Western economies.

        My sister published an essay on the history of Orthomolecular medicine, if you’re interested: https://www.i3h2c.org/articles.php

        Mike, I appreciate your enthusiasm for Ivermectin, and I agree that the evidence points to its being an effective drug against COVID-19 and a much better alternative to mRNA injections. But I’d be willing to bet there are problems it causes – or “side-effects,” as the doctors like to call them. Why settle for the lesser of two evils when you can choose good? Orthomolecular regimens, taken responsibly, tend to have side-benefits (i.e. they promote general wellness) rather than side-effects.

        Three members of my family successfully managed moderate cases of COVID-19 with Orthomolecular regimens that included Vitamin C, D, Zinc and quercetin, among other Orthomolecular substances.

        In Eden, I imagine, Adam and Eve got all the molecules they needed from their food – and this was perhaps possible up until the rise of the modern food industry. North American soil is depleted in nutrients now, though, and in order to move toward good health I have had to supplement my diet with Orthomolecular supplements.

        The trouble with these non-mainstream approaches to health management – EM, OM, Terrain Theory – is that they actually require engagement with healing. Personal responsibility. The mainstream, Pharmaceutical medical model involves ceding responsibility to the doctors, the experts. You don’t have to think about your health; that’s what you pay your doctor for, through your taxes and insurance premiums. It’s so easy.

        Too bad it doesn’t work. But in order to achieve healing that works, you need to pay attention to life. You need to observe and respond rationally to the way your environment affects you. You (or someone in your family) need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Depending on your health needs, you might need to spend a lot of money on therapies your insurance won’t cover. And you still need to pay taxes and insurance premiums for a medical system you don’t use anymore.

        But again, all that engaging with life has a pretty neat side-benefit: You start living.

        Thank you again for your post, Lannie.

      • Mike Bryant

        Jack, I’m taking vitamin C, D, Zinc and quercetin as a prophylactic. Ivermectin is a naturally occurring health aid just as they are. That is why I urged Lannie to see the history of it. The video is here:


        It is worth a look.

        Also, the ivermectin is effective in all stages of Covid. Quercetin and hydroxychloroquine, which act similarly, are best in only the earliest stages of the infection.

        Here is another great article about what is really happening:


      • Jack DesBois

        Mike, here’s an excerpt from the article on Ivermectin you posted:

        “The bacterium in the culture was a new species, and was baptised Streptomyces avermictilis. The active component, named avermectin, was chemically modified to increase its activity and its safety. The new compound, called ivermectin, was commercialised as a product for animal health in 1981 and soon became a top-selling veterinary drug in the world.”

        Chemically modified to increase its activity and its safety… According to this, Ivermectin is not a naturally occurring substance. I’m no expert, but I believe it is fairly common practice for a drug company to take a naturally occurring substance (or even a substance native to the body), alter the molecular structure a bit to make the substance patentable, make a claim that the alteration makes the substance better in some way, and ignore the fact that the tiny details of a substance’s chemical structure actually do matter to the human body in ways scientists don’t understand, and that the smallest molecular changes away from the substance’s naturally occurring structure can have far-reaching unintended consequences in our bodies.

        I’m not advocating a blanket ban on pharmaceuticals; synthetic drugs have saved my life more than once. But the medical philosophy that saved me was the same philosophy that allowed those life-threatening situations to arise in the first place. It’s a hubristic disrespect for life, for God’s creation. God knows what He is doing, far better than we do.

      • Mike Bryant

        Too bad we can’t hire bacteria wranglers to round some of ‘em of up… maybe serve them in yogurt?

  14. Margaret Coats

    Jack, Mike, and Lannie, thank you all for this excellent discussion. For more than 12 years, I’ve been trying to develop superimmunity especially with diet, but there has been a lot to learn here, and I’m grateful for everything all of you have said.

  15. Mike Bryant

    “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”
    Paul Ehrlich in The Population Bomb. Paul Ehrlich is a member of the Club of Rome.

    “I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today”
    “We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox.”
    Dave Foreman, Co-founder of Earth First! and member of the Club of Rome.

    “World population needs to be decreased by 50%”
    Henry Kissinger, , Former National Security Advisor, Former Secretary of State, chairman of Kissinger Associates, member of the Club of Rome.

    “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
    Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union, member of the Club of Rome

    “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
    Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major UN donor, member of the Club of Rome.

    In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.
    Jacques Cousteau, French naval officer and explorer. Member of the Club of Rome.

    “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, member of the Club of Rome.

    • Lannie David Brockstein


      Big Pharma’s products appear to be good in the short-term; however, in regards to the treatment and prevention of chronic illness, they are worse than useless in the long-term.

      The same way that the overuse or long-term use of antibiotics has caused some strains of microorganisms to mutate into so-called “superbugs” that are antibiotic resistant, the overuse or long-term use of Ivermectin will probably cause the Covid-19 virus to mutate into variants that are resistant to Ivermectin—and the same way that the Covid-19 virus has already mutated into variants that are resistant to the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, and as “after three decades of intensive use, Ivermectin resistance is now quite widespread.”: http://talks.cam.ac.uk/talk/index/56852

      Regarding Ivermectin, as you probably already know, Dr. Fauci performed horrific medical experiments on dogs whereby he subjected them to parasitic insects. Guess what Ivermectin is generally used for? To treat viral infection from parasitic insects. It is possible that Dr. Fauci used Ivermectin as part of his horrible medical experiments on dogs.

      If he didn’t, then as all Big Pharma drugs are tested on animals who have the same level of intelligence and sentience as that of a human toddler, it was other Big Pharma doctors or researchers who tested Ivermectin on dogs or other animals they infected with a virus from a parasitic insect, in order to “scientifically prove” that Ivermectin is effective against viral infection from parasitic insects.

      None of the natural foods and natural medicines that G-d created are tested on animals. They are cruelty-free. Pathogenic microorganisms cannot adapt to them, because in not having their so-called “inactive ingredients” isolated from their “active ingredient”, they are too complex for any microorganism to become resistant to merely by mutating a few of its genes.

      Regarding the use of zinc, from what I have read, it should always be used with copper, so that the zinc supplementation does not deplete the person’s copper level. There are many zinc supplements which include copper for that reason.

      I hope for you to consider researching natural alternatives to Ivermectin, and doing additional research on zinc if you did not already know about zinc in relation to copper, and to consult with a licenced naturopathic doctor before possibly using any natural alternatives to Ivermectin.

      • Mike Bryant

        I agree with much of what you’ve said, but there are several protocols that work quite well for treating Covid. Ivermectin is generally used along with Zinc, an antibiotic and vitamins D and C. There are other effective treatments. If they had all been used instead of blacklisted, the death rate of the infected could have been reduced even further below the measly .2% that it stands at now… alas, our betters would rather sell billions of bucks worth of the jab… I believe that Pfizer’s sales are around thirty-five billion so far this year, you’d think that would be enough, but when you have to pay off politicians, doctors hospitals and countless other intermediaries… well, thirty-five billion just doesn’t go far enough. In fact, even at 100% vaxxed, they won’t have enough booty… thus the boosters and Pfizer’s new plan to sell a daily tablet. If everything works out ok for our medical tyrants, they can completely clean us out and send us slouching along into permanent serfdom. That’s the plan anyway.

  16. BDW

    The song “Waking Up” by Mr. DesBois neatly fits in the poignant “mellow…sweet” genre of the American Folk Revival; I’m thinking mainly of the early 1960s. Mr. Bryant acutely notes that spirit has been diverted and perverted, unlike Mr. DesBois’ plain, lucid lyrics. I likewise enjoyed the clarity of Ms. DesBois’ essay on orthomolecular medicine. Although I was interested in listening to Mr. Clapton’s music and interview; I appreciate Mr. DesBois’ song more, more even than the songs of “The Western Star”, though I found parts of “Mary’s Lullaby” on the edge of a deeper significance. I think one can be impressed with Mr. DesBois’ epic attempt, even if one lodges it near Mr. Brown’s, Ms. Cameron’s, Mr. Glayshur’s, Ms. Hall’s, Mr. Sale’s, Mr. Turner’s, et. al.

    As an aside, despite all of their flaws, my favourite American epic remains that by Joel Barlow—“The Columbiad”, with John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, still holding as the best epic in English. It is their heroic undertakings that most impress me, and, then, the magnificent artistry of the latter. Is it any wonder that the author of “The Prelude” wrote:

    “Milton! thou should’st be living at this hour:
    England hath need of thee: she is a fen
    Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen,
    Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,
    Have forfeited their ancient English dower
    Of inward happiness. We are selfish men;
    Oh! raise us up, return to us again;
    And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power.
    Thy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart:
    Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea,
    Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,
    So didst thou travel on life’s common way,
    In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart
    The lowliest duties on herself did lay.”

    • Jack DesBois

      BDW, thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad you appreciated “Waking Up,” and “The Western Star,” too.

      I’ve never read Barlow, and only a small bit of Milton. Thank you for mentioning them; I look forward to reading them. My primary inspiration for “The Western Star” was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (especially his “Tales of a Wayside Inn”), and to a lesser extent the Fagles translations of Homer.

  17. Mike Bryant

    COVID cases are plummeting in India thanks to new rules that promote Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to its massive population. The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government informed on Friday. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.”
    This state has an estimated population of 241 million people in 2021 and has the highest population in India. This is almost two-thirds of the United States population in 2021 and yet it is now a COVID-19 free nation.

    Hindustan Times reported on this big development:

    Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while the positivity rate came down to less than 0.01 per cent. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7 per cent. As per the state’s health bulletin, Uttar Pradesh reported only 11 new Covid-19 cases and zero deaths in the last 24 hours.

  18. Mike Bryant

    Last August, the government of UP issued a notification to have Ivermectin (12 mg) tablets. The Dialogue reported:

    “The government notification reads, “Doctors are advising to take ivermectin 12 mg to contain the impact of pandemic. This medicine is quite effective in protecting from covid-19. Therefore, we appeal each and every citizen to have this tablet.”

    The notification then goes on to explain the dosage: For positive patients isolated at home (one tablet per day for three days and for primary and secondary contacts (one tablet each on the first and 7th day).”
    Both Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have seen an incredible drop in COVID-19 cases because they use Ivermectin early and preventatively. Whereas Kerala, a tiny state located in southern India that is over-dependent on vaccines and less dependent on Ivermectin, has been reporting a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. Keep in mind that Uttar Pradesh has eight times larger population than Kerala.

    More information on Kerala’s COVID- 19 cases on The Desert Review:

    “While Kerala included Ivermectin in their state’s guideline in April, they restricted it’s use to only in Class B – severe cases or those with associated disease, making its use much less than if mild cases were allowed. This meant it was reserved as a late treatment if used at all.

    Finally, Kerala abandoned Ivermectin use altogether on August 5, 2021.

    Juan Chamie, the Cambridge-based data analyst who has provided graphical insight and published on COVID, provided his answer to why Kerala’s COVID cases have spun out of control.

    “My main current explanation is the lack of early treatment. Kerala’s COVID protocol from April 2021 included Ivermectin, but not as an early treatment. As a result, only a small group qualified, those in Category B patients having high-risk factors. The new protocol from August 5 is even worse. They removed Ivermectin (completely).”

    Despite a widespread attempt by the media and WHO to convince the world that India has dropped Ivermectin by citing the DGHS, the ICMR and AIIMS have not changed their position, and Ivermectin remains in the India National Protocol.”
    Of course, the WHO, pharmaceutical companies, fake news media, and Fauci are not happy with this big development. New York Times will have a meltdown with this news.


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