“Let’s Go Brandon”

People don’t want to say “F–k”
When dealing with President Schmuck.
So they say “Let’s go, Brandon” instead
To a leader who’s nearly brain-dead.
They know that the subject’s a moron
More likely to doze off and snore on
Than govern our fifty great states
And make sure there’s food on our plates.
He’s addled and barely coherent,
And doesn’t know where the last year went.
His aides, in perpetual terror
Of what his next faux pas or error
Will be, causing mayhem and mess,
Keep him hidden away from the press.
And so we all say “Let’s go, Brandon…”
And hope there’s a rock that he’ll land on.
On Plymouth? you ask? Not at all.
We hope that he’ll tumble and fall
Right over the slippery edge
Of some lofty and jutting cliff’s ledge,
And go SPLAT from his head to his toes,
And then be washed off with a hose.



Joseph S. Salemi has published five books of poetry, and his poems, translations and scholarly articles have appeared in over one hundred publications world-wide.  He is the editor of the literary magazine Trinacria and writes for Expansive Poetry On-line. He teaches in the Department of Humanities at New York University and in the Department of Classical Languages at Hunter College.

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22 Responses

  1. Paul W Erlandson

    Mr. Salemi …

    While I don’t think it’s the President’s proper role to “make sure there’s food on our plates” … I do heartily agree with the other sentiments conveyed in your poem. Thanks.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      Well, what I was suggesting is that he could at least make sure that the food delivery system isn’t clogged and backed up, as it is now. But thanks for the kind comment.

    • Karlene Ghadianloo

      Hmm…do you live under a rock Paul? Or you just don’t care where your hard earned bucks go- giving you the benefit of the doubt you work, work hard and pay taxes- because it IS the President’s job to make damn sure the economy and everything else is working in OUR country- NOT just his and the other corrupt cronies running the situation right now.
      So, sure let’s just watch our jobs be sent overseas- probably China, watch American citizens be screwed out of much, lied to, and gas go to what- works for you- $12 bucks a gallon- because make no mistake, it does- it sure as HELL is that old, wrinkled, dumbass’ fault living wherever the hell he is living- fake WH setup? Ridiculous.
      There should be a new poetry contest- the intelligence of American citizens, because if the left had it’s way- our kids would NOT be taught basic education- then they probably will grow up and think gee… I don’t think it’s the President’s fault regarding economy, jobs, security etc. Ridiculous

      • Paul W Erlandson

        Karlene … I don’t think you need to resort to insults in an attempt to make your point. Anyhow, you completely misunderstood my point.

        OF COURSE it is Biden’s FAULT that the economy is the way it is … but that is because he thinks the economy is his job to “fix”, and it is NOT. He needs to get the hell out of the way, stop shutting down oil pipelines, stop handing out vaccine mandates, and let the free market be free. He doesn’t need to lift a finger. The market will handle it if he steps out of the way.

  2. Margaret Coats

    I happened to be listening when Sebastian Gorka explained how a crowd at a racetrack was chanting “F— Joe Biden” when some changed it to “Let’s go Brandon” as encouragement for a driver. Your entertaining expansion of the tale adds how the expression has become real code for a disgusted nation. Straightforward speech on sensitive topics has long been accused of being hostile “code,” but now that there is simple FCC-compliant code everyone understands, it infuriates those who tried to twist plain words about serious problems into the hostility they hoped to hear.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      The event was a NASCAR race, where the winning driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed live by a female reporter. In the background the chant “F–k Joe Biden!” was coming out as clear as a bell from the crowd. The obviously flustered and embarrassed reporter tried to cover it all up by saying “Listen — they’re saying ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’ to celebrate your win!”

      The absurdity and patent squeamishness of the reporter went viral, and produced a nationwide (and now international) meme for the lies and cover-ups of our corrupt Mainstream Media. Screaming “Let’s go, Brandon!” is now perfect shorthand for saying what you think of our fake, fraudulent, and dementia-addled Chief of State, and also for pointing out MSM’s compulsive desire to cover up what they don’t want to hear.

      Thousands of T-shirts, hats, and other garments with “Let’s Go, Brandon!” emblazoned on them have been sold in the short time this event took place, and I have even seen a Spanish “Vamonos, Brandon!” here in Brooklyn. Some of these shirts also carry the initials F.J.B., just in case anyone is in doubt as to what the meme is all about. A good and healthy hatred of Biden and his leftist administration is developing like a California wildfire. It’s giving off a lot of great light!

      Liberals are infuriated, of course — but what the hell can they do? Let ’em weep.

      • Margaret Coats

        Thanks for your even fuller explanation in prose. So one of the infuriated media actually started the thing herself! I’ve seen T-shirts, coffee cups, even yard signs. It was mystifying at first, but obviously high-spirited. Your poetic contribution rides the wave like a winning surfer.

      • Karlene Ghadianloo

        Damnit, I have gotten sucked into this thread. Hmm… yeah, if anyone notices- most don’t, the left, whiners, corrupt politicians, woke whiners etc. are all quiet good at spewing their hate, BS, garbage, go verbally bellicose in zero time the second they don’t hear what they want, and fake news, people like that female trying to sugar coat it because she clearly didn’t share that man’s view on the crappy “president” couldn’t handle hearing it. She sucks. It will be the woke’s own weakness that will be their downfall- they can dish it out, but they sure as HELL can NOT take it. As a writer- I don’t follow the rules, as a poet- I write what I want. You like it- enjoy. You don’t- your choice- here’s a quote for a mask- Hey Governor- Kiss MY MASK! you get the point. This left agenda is NOT for Americans or America- WHO in their right mind WEAKENS their own nation and people at every juncture while looking the country in the eye and lying and saying they care and want the best for us- BS! You can’t run a country when China owns your balls from corrupt business deals, including STUPID “paintings” being sold to I guess, any IDIOT who wants one- um… just so they know, elephants can literally paint you a better painting, sign it- and it looks better and in my book is PRICELESS! Liberals are pussies- that simple. DemoCRAPS are greedy, corrupt and selling out America and Americans to the highest bidders- didn’t happen under Trump’s watch- how are all you voters for basement biden loving him now- pay attention and get smart people, especially with your children’s education. You get taught math,science- and NOT fake quack fauci’s, ENGLISH- it is this nations language- NOT stupid blm crap, crt- racist crap to teach anyone hate or their color is wrong is BS. I am white- I am damn proud to be white. I am an American- damn proud to be an American- NO ONE will toss that BS down my throat or anywhere else, but they can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Karlene, I feel your anger too. And our only hope in this country is for more and more people to get GODDAMNED ANGRY, and who are just as ready to strike back at the left-liberal scum who now tyrannize us.

        Mild-mannered conservatism WILL NOT SAVE US! RINO Republican deal-makers are of NO USE TO US! Piety-spouters from pulpits WILL DO NOTHING FOR US! We need a European-American populace that is fiercely embittered and ready to kill. There’s no longer any leeway for making friends and having friendly conversations.

        I only wish more people were as red-pilled as you and I are.

  3. C.B. Anderson

    Forget the hose, Joseph. Just let the sea gulls do their work. Whatever’s left after that will eventually trickle down to the crabs.

      • C.B. Anderson

        I didn’t know that, Mike, but I do now. You must be naming the final arbiter of decay.

      • Mike Bryant

        Right you are, C. B.

        Prochlorococcus Marinus is:

        The eater of all edible that falls into the sea…
        The massive, tiny, life that’s larger than humanity…
        The end-all, be-all, freely floating, eating entity,
        That makes the earth just perfect for the likes of you and me.

        So… I’ve written this poem for… IT? Not sure what pronoun that Prochlorococcus prefers…

        Prochlorococcus Marinus

        Prochlorococcus marinus,
        They live in the oceans between us.
        They’re life’s greatest mass,
        And yet they’re so crass,
        They turn up their nose when they’ve seen us.

  4. Mike Bryant

    I love this timely poem. It is an indictment of our illegitimate resident, however, it is more a total annihilation of our bought and paid for, deepstate, media.

    • C.B. Anderson

      You are correct on all counts, Mike. When JSS preaches to the choir, the choir stands up and takes notice.

  5. Evan Mantyk

    Thank you for the poem, Mr. Salemi. There are many ways to pick apart Joe Biden, but for me it goes back to the clear evidence that he was bought by the Chinese Communist Party. While he is singing the anti-CCP tune now, it is only half-hearted and because he has no choice. I was reminded of this by this whirlwind of a video “Come On Man!” The Ballad of Sleepy Joe passed to me by my wonderful aunt:

    • Patricia Redfern

      Evan! What a video. Of course, he has Chinese Connections. Fake News hides all Biden’s lies. America buys it?? Reminds me, far too much of Hitler and Goebbels. How do we get truth to people, before we are the United States of China?

  6. Joseph S. Salemi

    Evan, that video was hysterically funny. Me and my wife were in stitches of laughter as we watched it! Thank you for linking it!

    The fact that a corrupt, stupid, vicious, and mentally deficient piece of excrement like Biden can be our leader is at first glance baffling. But then I remember that the entire Roman Empire was at times ruled by monsters like Nero, Caligula, Domitian, and Heliogabalus. What fools we mortals be!

  7. Patricia Redfern

    Joseph! What a poetical masterpiece about the idiotic, Moron in Chief! “I cannot bear his “whisperings” into the microphones. With squinty beady eyes. I just think he is brain dead. And his wife? A goon, pushing him forward. Shame on her. I do not watch him anymore. Mor the sell out GOP’s who back him. Thank you for an excellent contribution. The video was a great addition!

  8. Joseph S. Salemi

    Many thanks, Patricia. I want to fight against the political nightmare that envelops us, and poetry is my only way to do so.

    • Patricia Redfern

      I do the same! Perhaps a poem might awaken a potential Maoist glaring into Biden’s empty cerebellum. Gadzooks_ he is poison to our planet!


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