Making Asses

A meditation on pop star Demi Lovato’s expounding on her newfound sexuality in an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast (28 March 2021).

Are pop stars making asses of themselves
By flitting all about like little elves,
Elucidating little nothings like
A youngster on a Santa-given bike
Enjoying being free without a care?                       
Do their assertions carry aught but air
When they avow their fresh morality
With feral findings from the murky sea
Of their own perforated intellect?
The bar is low. What more can one expect?
Said she who tap-danced with the devil, “I’m
So fluid now. I was, like, all the time
So closeted. But now, whatever moves
Is welcomed.  I’m not one who disapproves
Of sex with boys and girls and anything
Between. Pansexual! I’ll have a fling
With L-G-B-T-Q-I-A. No myth!
You got that right. That’s what I’m going with,
The Alphabetic Mafia—carefree
In my, like, sexual fluidity!”
Are pop stars making asses of our kids?
Are they the demi-gods who close the lids
On God’s good grace, go farther than too far?
Is this the food that nourishes a star?
But tragicomic victims, she, and they,
And we, of that primeval evil Day
We all spurned Eden’s Park for Devil’s Den.
The Snake is out and laughing once again
As evermore. No doubt, the ship is wrecked.
The bar is low. What more could we expect?



Jeff Kemper has been a biology teacher, biblical studies instructor, editor, and painting contractor. He lives in York County, Pennsylvania. 

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5 Responses

  1. Yael

    Nice! I love how a classical poetry framework makes the everyday political and social commentary rant so much more palatable. I don’t even know who Demi L. is and I don’t listen to Joe Rogan, but how something is being said evidently makes all the difference. Thank you for educating me. I’m learning every day.

  2. Joseph S. Salemi

    Lovato only proves that you can be a total psychological and emotional trainwreck and still become a rich celebrity, as long as you spout the right politically correct platitudes, and posture as a “victim.”

    • Paul Freeman

      Demi Lovato became famous as a singer, but branched out into celebrity-ism once the hits dried up.

  3. C.B. Anderson

    Good work, Jeff. You hit all the key points and show show-biz for what it really is. The myth/with rhyme in the second stanza is superb. For one thing, it forces us to face how we feel about voiced consonants and their unvoiced counterparts.

  4. David Watt

    Jeff, I think you have the vocabulary of Demi Lovato down pat in the second stanza. The word “like” is like compulsory these days, preferably more than once per sentence. Your poem is like, very nicely done.


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