So Simple

Lies are told to Balkanize,
To disenfranchise, federalize,
To bloat the vote. An anecdote,
A narrative, a false footnote
To cast their spell on sheepish folk,
Who swell with pride because they’re woke
And on the side of all the wise,
Those guys and gals that burglarize.
They rob the workers. Yes, the makers
Always lose out to those takers.
Public servants all get rich
By throwing idiots in the ditch.
They propagandize, chastise, scold
The youth and euthanize the old.
The caring souls are stigmatized,
The bold and savvy, atomized.
They take the gold, they make the rules
And leave the scruples to the fools.

__Don’t wonder why the world cries,
Or why the nations are so poorly led.
__It is the consequence of lies
Like, “God is dead” and “We are monkey-bred.”
__It shouldn’t be a big surprise,
We’ve seen it coming incrementally.
__Most people never realize
That nothing happens accidentally.



The Sniffles

The fact is viruses do not get worse.
Each generation is less virulent.
The Wuhan flu was tailored for the purse
Of hateful statesmen and the arrogant.

Omicron, it’s child, is very weak.
It doesn’t kill, it’s strange and it is old.
It’s time for Pharma’s next new deadly tweak
Before it’s just another common cold.



Mike Bryant is a poet and retired plumber living on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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23 Responses

  1. Brian Yapko

    Mike, both of these are wonderfully entertaining even as they offer a venomous, eye-opening bite of reality. I’m not a fan of hip-hop music but the first 18 lines of your “So Simple” would be overwhelming (in a good way) if it were actually performed out loud with rigorous rhythm, maybe a little percussion background because it has such great pulsing momentum. Then the music comes to a dead stop as you recite the cold, hard truths of the second stanza. A performance to consider perhaps some time? As to both poems, thank you for pointing out how much of policy and public opinion is being formed based on falsehoods.

    • Mike Bryant

      Well, Brian, you’ve got me thinkin’… do you think I might have a future in the Rap World??? Maybe you could come up with a rap handle for me. Thanks.

      • Brian Yapko

        Mike, don’t create an irresistible challenge for me! L’il Frost, William Word-Sword, Shake, the Spear, Alexander Pop, Ten-E-Son or — my personal favorite — Sonnet Boom. Take your pick.

      • Mike Bryant

        Hmmmm, love ‘em all, Brian. I wonder if you could put ‘em all together?

  2. Cynthia Erlandson

    I agree with Brian, and I love the many internal rhymes, and especially all of the -ize and -ized ones!

    • Mike Bryant

      Thanks Cynthia… I hate to admit this, but I have a sneaking feeling that the “ize” have it on rhymezone.com… the most rhymes that is. I also know the rhymes aren’t perfect unless the stressed syllable also rhymes…

  3. Margaret Coats

    Mike, you have it right in both poems. I like “So Simple” for the combination of fast and slow portions. And it’s a little strange to see that the bold and savvy are “atomized,” which could mean “blown to bits” or “separated from one another and rendered ineffective.” A lot of that has happened, especially if we think of all the intelligent people who look to lies as their main source of information. So much important knowledge on controversial topics is immediately censored, and when it necessarily comes out, an adapted lie is ready.

    Where I live, we’ve had “Sniffles” of the mu variant and the lambda variant for many weeks, without any publicity. Now this omicron comes along, and we get it within a few days. Still, the powers that be are so busy with a time line for vaccine mandates, that they haven’t come up with any response!

    • Mike Bryant

      I really appreciate your support, Margaret. I wonder if lambda and mu were tests for the nation-wide rollout of the next scariant. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  4. C.B. Anderson

    You wear your heart on your sleeve, Mike, which is probably where it belongs. Could you have been any more blunt about the idiots who think they rule us? Perhaps, but I doubt Evan would have published it. You walk the line, man.

    • Mike Bryant

      That has often been my downfall, C.B. I cannot tell you how many times my big mouth has put me in a bad position. If I could do it all again I’d probably do it all again. Thanks.

  5. Sally Cook

    Mike, marvelous work. I often think that you and Susan are so fortunate to have each other to discuss poetic things with. It’s the Brownings all over again !

    • Mike Bryant

      Sally, we do talk poetry all the time. I’ve got to say that the inspiration, the tips, the instruction and the freedom available at SCP from Evan and all the amazing poets here has been invaluable. Thanks for all that you bring, Sally.
      As for the Brownings… you’re half right.

  6. Norma Okun

    Lies and truth one could not be without the other. The lies or the ugly like rats and white clouds. Part of all that is and lies and truth will be one against the other. As time will be without the lies because the kindness of the Lord bestows us with a glow. Thanks for the poems

  7. Julian D. Woodruff

    I share your faith in big Pharma, and in the politicians behind those crooks and their investors. A colossal and seemingly permanent sham.

    • Mike Bryant

      They’ve held the reins for fifty years (at least) I never thought that medicine would be turned against the free. Susan had it all sussed eleven years ago. She even figured out the global warming scam before I did… but just barely.

      The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. – H. L. Mencken

      • D.G. Rowe

        Aye, we can trace the begins of Medical corruption, its capture, and mutation by unscrupulous parasites, hence the path it’s carved open for these parasites to what we have manifesting today ( just a matter of waiting patiently for technology to catch up with their ideas), to the drawing up and implementation of the Flexner Report.

        On a side note, Mr Bryant, on the subject of technonoly and the seeming inexorable march of its debasement of the human spirit I urge you to read “Industrial Society and Its Future” written by Ted Kaczynski, despite what he drove himself to commit, his treatise on the psychological sickness of modern Industrial Tech society is prophetic to the last inch. He goes right for the jugular in the opening paragraphs, you’ll see what I mean.

        Here is a link to it on Archive.org, its an extended 35000 word Essay, read objectively, it will, for want of a better turn of phrase, “blow your mind” at how utterly correct this man’s critique is.


        Oh, and pal, cheers for the ditties, roguish as per.

  8. Patricia Redfern

    Mike..Both were brilliant to me? Thank you.
    I like poetry more than comments.
    Your poetry is dazzling.

  9. Tamara Beryl Latham

    Mike, you have a special talent for writing poetry. I was tremendously
    impressed with “So Simple,” especially since I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for twenty years as a Research and Development chemist.

    I must admit, there was a change in the last couple of decades. The emphasis shifted to money (profit) rather than compounds that were beneficial
    treatments for the various diseases. We can clearly see this in the TV advertisements for drugs where the side effects so drastically outweigh the benefits. Any scientist that speaks out against big pharma is targeted, so silence becomes the lingo of choice, especially if one wants to keep his or her job.

    Yet, “greed” is not only rampant in pharmaceuticals, it is seen in every industry around the globe. Years ago a 25% profit was sufficient for a company’s growth, but now even 400% is too little. You’ve captured all of the above in your excellent poem, “So Simple.”

    The second poem, “The Sniffles” speaks volumes to truth. For some reason it reminds me of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s statement indicating if we take the vaccine we will be required to get booster after booster after booster. Her facebook video is cause for alarm, but now she is targeted by those who have a different global agenda.

    The salient feature of your poetry, aside from enjambment, is your word sequence. Great job! 🙂


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