Sonnet 1 (In Theory, Real)

Are dreams confined to stars or stars to dreams?
Both full of mysteries and seldom clear,
Restrained, yet free to dance in vivid streams
Of consciousness, of life and fire and fear,
For isn’t that how all these are perceived?
Compelling to the science of our hearts,
But so far-fetched, too strange to be believed,
Too vast to comprehend and, yes, in part,
Quite frightening, unknown and unexplored.
Still we traverse the pathways of life’s game,
Our stars, our dreams, just guides that go ignored,
For aren’t they controlled and used the same:
__Rough seas of light, ideas to study, feel;
__Just kindling for our thoughts, in theory, real?



Hannah Yee is a 9th grader homeschooled in Massachusetts. 

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10 Responses

  1. Cynthia Erlandson

    Hannah, this is amazing work — profound in thought, as well as beautifully constructed! “…free to dance in vivid streams / Of consciousness, / Of life and fire and fear… “ — among many other lines and phrases — is exquisite! I would love to see more of your poems!

    • Sally Cook

      Hannah, at your age I was just beginning to write poetry. My mother said that if I kept on that way I would come to a bad end. I didn’t listen to her;
      but kept on
      I have never been sorry. Don’t you be, eitherl
      You are thoughtful, literate, and sensitive, and you have a head start. Use it 1

  2. Sultana Raza

    I’ll echo Cynthia Erlandosn’s comment that your poem is deep and lovely at the same time. It would be interesting to read more poems of a similar nature.

  3. Margaret Coats

    Starstruck concept for a beautiful sonnet–to realize that stars and dreams are comparable. Dreams are difficult to describe, or even remember, but so are stars, faraway phenomena to be examined scientifically with telescopes–and much more so if they represent our destiny, as in astrology or in our desires to be like persons we admire. A fascinating idea well presented!

  4. James A. Tweedie

    Hannah, You have done marvelously well in framing your thoughts within the limits imposed by the poetic form. I suspect that this is not your first attempt at a sonnet! Nor, I hope, will it be your last! As other have already expressed, I, too, look forward to seeing more of your efforts in the future.

    Welcome to the SCP!

    • Carl Kinsy

      Is it Sonnet I because it’s your first, the first in a series, or are you just imitating Shakespeare? Great job.

  5. Julian D. Woodruff

    Indeed a stellar sonnet, and it seems
    We have in Hannah Yee a star who dreams.

  6. Paul Freeman

    A profound sonnet indeed.

    Thanks for a well-constructed, thought provoking read.

  7. Jack DesBois

    Thank you for sharing, Hannah. You have what comes across as a natural touch for iambic pentameter and rhyme. Some people have that, and some don’t; you’re gifted to be among the former, so please keep using and sharing your gift.

    You’ve also channeled your skill into the articulation of a deep idea. Perhaps a little too deep for the confines of the sonnet; I’m left wanting more clarity about what point exactly you’re trying to make. But where clarity is a bit lacking, your thoughts have an open-ness about them that invites me, the reader, to ponder stars and dreams as I fancy, wandering beyond the boundaries of your poem – which is a wonderful freedom for a poem to be able to bestow.

    I’m glad to find another Bay Stater here on SCP! I can’t resist the opportunity to share with you and your family the educational enrichment service my Massachusetts-based siblings and I have developed: https://www.desboistutoring.org/ …you may enjoy our “Inspirations” page…

  8. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    What a superb and admirably crafted sonnet. It reminds me of a documentary I viewed recently on the Star of Bethlehem. There is more to stars and dreams that meets the eye… and your poem says that, beautifully, Hannah.


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