The Artist

Intuitive journey, subconscious creations
refuse to diffuse while the muse makes the choice
to infuse mystic magic with personal voice
giving birth to original manifestations.

Works will cement while fermenting with feeling
revealing a meaning unique to each eye.
“No one knows why,” says the strange passer-by,
but upon contemplation the answer is healing.

Centripetal forces draw strength from within
showing structure and balance, a solid foundation,
knowledge and wisdom acquired over years.

Centrifugal force pulls from end to beginning,
talent and influence building formations
that seek inspiration and reach beyond fears.



The Biker

Face to the wind, feet to the pedals,
handlebars, brakes; the gearshift changes
as lubricous chains on titanium metal
fly by on the highway and scenes rearrange.

They race as they chase to the place that will take some
as far on the route to the great destiny.
Short paths and long ones for novice and strong ones
creating the challenge to breaking them free.

Breathless and ageless, adrenaline surges
through sinuous tendons and muscular limbs.
While tread pounds the pavement, the thought process purges
to concentrate solely on spokes and the rims.

Sprint to the finish, a sign of arrival,
exhausted in triumph, beyond mere survival.



Shari Jo LeKane lives in St. Louis, Missouri, writes poetry, prose and articles, and specializes in literary criticism, creative writing, Spanish Language and culture, business and community development, educational and leadership development, non-profit matters, disability, elderly care and advocacy. She has a B.A. in English, Spanish, an M.A. in Spanish from Saint Louis University in Madrid and St. Louis, and additional certifications. She teaches Spanish at an HBCU in St. Louis, Missouri, and Creative Writing and Poetry. Shari’s poetry has been published in literary magazines worldwide.

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6 Responses

  1. Paul Freeman

    A ninety-two word sonnet! That on its own implies some complexity.

    There was also some complex internal rhyming going on which occasionally gave the reader the feeling of rapping.

    Thanks for the reads, Sari. I enjoyed them both.

  2. Norma Pain

    I loved both of these poems Shari but being a cyclist myself, I really enjoyed The Biker. Thank you.


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